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This herbal tea formula opens your airways and helps you fight against a nasty flu and an itchy cough, sore throat, bad breath, flu and tightness, 100% organic tea without theine...

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This herbal tea formula opens your airways and helps you fight against a nasty flu and an itchy cough, sore throat, bad breath, flu and tightness, 100% organic tea without theine 50gr.

Time for a RESET! Our De-Stress Breathing freely program will ensure to give your airways space for a fresh free breath.

This tea is super soothing for a sore throat. You will feel fitter and your immune system will be strengthened again in no time!

Caught a cold?
Didn't sleep all night because you were coughing?
Are your airways completely blocked?
Does it hurt while swallowing?

Breathe freely de-stress program.

  • At least 3 cups of tea per day.
  • Soothes your throat and opens your airways.
  • Improves your vitality and immune system.
  • Improves bad breath.
  • Helps you recover from a flu faster.
  • Healthier night's sleep.
  • Made for real results.
  • 100% natural cleansing formula.

The combination of this herbal tea formula consists of deliciously our refreshing eucalyptus, cichorei root, licorice, sage, elderflower and tulsi.

Eucalyptus has an expectorant effect and therefore has a positive effect on the airways. The fresh and cool herb has a healing and purifying effect.

Liquorice soothes a ticklish cough and stuck mucus. Has anti-inflammatory drugs. Relieve menstrual pain, stomach cramps, breast tenderness, nausea, heartburn and flatulence.

Sage has a calming and purifying effect on the lungs. It provides a fresh breath. It improves digestion and prevents belching. It has a relaxing and soothing effect, contains natural antioxidants and ensures that your liver can do its work even better. Sage also has a beneficial effect on your memory and balances your fat profile.

Tulsi is known to fight your physical and psychological stress. It improves your memory and your cognitive functions. It has a protective effect against industrial chemicals and various pesticides and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Chicory root:
Chicory root improves nutrient absorption, food digestion and better bowel movements. It processes abundance of waste and stimulates your liver and kidneys.

Elderflower is anti-inflammatory, moisture-wicking and expectorant. It helps cough up mucus. This floral sweet fruity herb also helps to prevent flu and makes you recover faster during an annoying flu.

Why would you prefer herbal tea?

Theine (= caffeine) is a substance that naturally occurs in tea. We are so used to these substances that we sometimes do not realize that they have a very bad effect on our condition. We have been told for years that caffeine makes us alert, increases our ability to concentrate and improves our response time. However, it only keeps us awake. The boost we feel from caffeine is because caffeine counteracts the effect against a substance in our brain, adenosine. This substance normally helps to slow down the reactions in your body. Caffeine puts your body in an accelerated mode, as it were. So instead of feeling well rested, you end up feeling rushed and restless.

How do I use De-Stress tea?

You will receive a pack of 50 grams of loose tea.

The advice is to start every day (14 days long) with a cup in the morning. The first cup is designed to make you mindful, to take away the worries. It is new day, a new beginning with positive thoughts.

Preferably if possible during a particularly quiet healthy breakfast and / or for a morning walk and / or for meditation.

Your 2nd cup is for lunch, try to enjoy each cup calm and relaxed, our body digests food best when your body is relaxed.

Your 3rd cup before dinner is your food digested better and faster.

You can drink the tea as much as you want, but for the program at least 3 cups a day is required and it’s very important to drink enough water during your De-Stress program! Of course the tea has a delicious taste, but to be able to fully reset and cleanse your body, these 14 days are essential for the program.

We strongly advise against using caffeine during this program.

Use to a lesser extent if you are or want to become pregnant or for people with high blood pressure. Maximum 2 cups per day.

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