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    Top 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers in 2021

    No matter your decor taste, there’s a stylish essential oil diffuser to match any home or office space. Get ready to enjoy your favourite aromatic smells!


    How to choose an essential oil diffuser

    Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or office space - you deserve the best essential oil diffuser. However, with so many diffusers available, which one should you choose?


    Essential oil diffusers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. Consider the room's overall aesthetic and choose a diffuser that suits your style and fits perfectly with its surroundings. Most diffusers come with a built-in timer and LED lights to release the right amount of oil that suits your mood.


    The duration of smell produced by an essential oil diffuser depends on the size of the water tank. For a longer-lasting mist to add humidity back in a dry room, choose a diffuser with 250ml or more. One thing to keep in mind is that the smell is most intense for the first 30 minutes to an hour. You may need to top up the water tank with essential oil to maintain a consistent scent in your office or room.


    Your essential oil diffuser should be easy-to-clean. Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are best because all the parts are self-contained in the diffuser. All you have to do is rinse out the tank and use a soft cloth, cotton swab, or sponge to wipe it clean.

    Best Essential Oil Diffusers

    Nimbus 2.0

    Smellacloud’s best essential oil diffuser

    The Nimbus 2.0 is a vase-like essential oil diffuser, produces a calming mist, 7 LED colours, costs less, and lasts for 2 to 8 hours.

    The Nimbus 2.0 is so easy to set up. Simply unbox it, plug it in, fill it with water, add essential oil, and turn it on. The medium-sized tank produces a relaxing mist for up to 8 hours that goes on and off every 3-minute. Enjoy 7 vibrant LED colours that dance with the mist or choose a single colour to match your mood. It comes in light and dark faux wood as well as granite green and pastel purple.

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    nimbus 2 diffusor
    unity diffusor

    Unity Diffuser

    Elegance infused with beauty

    Make your home a happy place with this stunning faux wood diffuser with long-lasting, mood-elevating mist.

    The Unity Diffuser has the biggest water capacity with 400ml for you to enjoy up to 6 hours of stress-reducing mist. Praised for its aesthetic design, it’s no surprise why Unity is our most popular essential oil diffuser. Its light or dark faux-wood body instantly adds aesthetic and beauty to the interior design of your home. For the perfect nighttime routine, pair this diffuser with the gentle scents of lavender or bergamot for a deeper, more restful sleep.

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    Close 2 Nature

    Simplicity meets style

    The Close 2 Nature diffuser is a very attractive diffuser with a small footprint and a faux-wood look to match the aesthetic of any home.

    Meet the original essential oil diffuser that kicked off Smellacloud’s story. Close 2 Nature is dedicated to aromatherapy enthusiasts that want to create a positive atmosphere with all-natural essential oils. Its multifunctional use can add humidity back into a stuffy room or release a continued smell to cover up bad odours. To maintain this diffuser, all you have to do is rinse out any residual oil and wipe it with a cloth. Choose your style - dark faux-wood, light faux-wood, electric blue, or granite green.

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    Close 2 Nature diffusor
    sakura diffusor


    Activate renewal and optimism

    Sakura is the prettiest diffuser, easy-to-clean, light faux-wood top, quiet ultrasonic model, cost-effective and unbeatable at creating relaxing smells.

    The Sakura diffuser is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom, representing a time of beauty, renewal, and optimism. You won’t need a zen garden to inspire a sense of calm and harmony, but having one only elevates your meditative practices. Its medium-sized water tank and ultrasonic diffuser are affordable and produce a subtle smell throughout the room. If you’re looking to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and increase happiness -- try relaxing with a Sakura diffuser!

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    Soft Juice

    Spread harmony in the air

    The Soft Juice diffuser is compact and adorable with a strong stream of mist that looks good on a shelf, beside a bed, or in the middle of a room.

    The Soft Juice diffuser is designed with a vintage flair. Its small-size water tank offers a short boost of mood-elevating aromatherapy. Release your favourite smells with an essential oil diffuser that complements the aesthetics of your home. Its simple design and rich dark faux-wood or light faux-wood make for the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

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    Soft Juice diffusor


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    About Smellacloud

    There’s plenty of conflicting info on the internet about the power of essential oils. Are essential oils good for your skin or a potential irritant? Is aromatherapy legit or just a pseudoscience? Do essential oils really have health benefits?

    At Smellacloud, we strive to provide sustainable, ethically-sourced products. We've also done our research to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and feel confident in your lifestyle choices.

    Why trust us

    All products are ethically sourced and use BPA-free, food-grade plastic to ensure you and your loved ones are perfectly safe. Unlike other companies that make implied claims that essential oils and aromatherapy can cure diseases like cancer. Instead, we focus on the therapeutic evidence of essential oils which can provide a range of mood-elevating effects and it’s connection to the overall wellness of a person’s mind, body, and spirit.

    We chose an ultrasonic sensor to produce an environmentally friendly mist in any enclosed space when it comes to essential oil diffusers. Nebulizers are another common type of essential oil diffuser, which diffuse oil by blowing compressed air that turns it into a mist. Although they produce a strong smell, they tend to be more expensive, create more noise, and release more particles in the air.

    We stand by all our essential oil diffusers because they:

    • Add humidity to the room where you’re using them
    • Produces a steady mist with a pleasant scent
    • Releases water with oil trapped inside
    • More cost-effective than other types of oil diffusers
    • Offer a range of style/design to choose from

    If you ever have a question about our products, you’re always welcome to connect with us.

    Who should get this

    Smellacloud does not rely on wishful thinking to mislead people toward changing their lifestyle. We're a young and driven company on a mission to spread aromatherapy's holistic benefits to the world.

    We believe firmly that relaxation leads to a happy, healthier life, and with our sustainable mission, we intend to help more people feel good, smell good, and be happy.

    Whether you're a busy mom who needs a better way to destress or an entrepreneur seeking peace of mind, Smellacloud is for all types of people who want to feel happier, live healthier, work smarter, and be more focused.

    How you save money

    Strategies like network marketing often require hidden monthly fees that often get passed on to you upon purchase. Why should you pay extra for expensive marketing, distribution, and franchises?

    Smellacloud is all about giving you the best quality products at a fair price. There’s no middleman to markup our prices or manipulative marketing that makes you feel pressured and uncomfortable.

    Instead, we work directly with the best material and manufacturers around the world to deliver the best essential oil diffusers for you and your home.

    How to maintain your diffuser

    Keeping your essential oil diffuser clean depends on the frequency of use. You should carefully remove any excess water from the tank before switching oils.

    If you are using your diffuser daily, then you should do a general cleaning every week.

    • Use a cotton pad to clean the inside of the water tank with lukewarm water
    • A few drops of white vinegar and clean water can be used for cleaning
    • Power on the diffuser and let it run for three to five minutes to clean the micro-tubes
    • In the water tank, you’ll find a little circle, this is the sensor. You can clean the sensor carefully with a q-tip
    • Let your diffuser dry

    If you’re wondering whether to use tap water or distilled water, here’s what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says: “it’s perfectly safe to use tap water in an ultrasonic humidifier.”

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