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    Aromatherapy is an alternative healing practice that uses the aromatic properties of essential oils to improve physical and psychological well-being. The essential oils contain extracts from plants, flowers, fruits, herbs, and bark. When dispersed into the air, the aromas help to bring the body into balance and known to provide an alternative cure for a variety of ailments and symptoms.


    The practice of aromatherapy has been around for about 80 years, however, it originated thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. Aromatherapy is often understood as massaging the skin with essential or aromatic oil. These oils can also be evaporated over a candle or with an aroma diffuser. Besides that, the essential oil can be added to a relaxing bath or even be used for fun DI

    What is aromatherapy with essential oils?

    To understand the effects of aromatherapy, let’s start with essential oils. Essential oils that are evaporated, via an aroma diffuser or a candle, or has been added to a bath, are absorbed through the skin and taken to the organs where they are activated. Once activated, it has the ability to affect your mind and spirit, leaving you to feel more relaxed and also help against a cold. When essential oils are taken orally this is a form of herbal medicine, not aromatherapy.

    Aromatherapy is known to be effective for reducing or eliminating stress, tiredness, tension, anxiety, and insomnia. If you consider the subconscious mind, scents are deeply connected to thoughts, feelings, and memories. When a familiar scent is in a room, they are linked to certain feelings or situations. This can have a positive or negative influence, which can be used to alter your mind, body, and spirit. Aromatic scents can also work on our subconscious mind to help to resolve any interruptions with the nervous system. This is how aromatherapy is able to bring balance back into the body and taps into its own self-healing powers.

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