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    Everything about Essential Oil

    Essential oil

    Let’s start out with an important fact: essential oils are a gift from mother nature which can be very powerful and concentrated. It is important to not underestimate the power of essential oils. It takes an inside amount of ripe orange peels to fill up a bottle of orange oil! There really is more to that little bottle of oil than meets the eye. That’s why we should always use essential oils with some common sense. But when you use it the right way, it’s very pleasant and a healthy natural product. Now that we know that, we can start looking on how to use essential oils so that it’s a pleasant experience for you and everyone around you.

    Are your essential oils safe?

    Although ‘’natural’’ is healthy for you, nature can be extremely powerful. Even in your garden there will undoubtedly be some plants and bushes that you should not consume because they are poisonous. Every essential oil has a certain amount of toxicity, some higher or lower than others. For example, the toxicity of a tangerine, lavender or orange oil is nil, while others such as eucalyptus or cinnamon are much stronger. In your Smellacloud diffuser they are 100% safe, when used in the right amount. Because of the use of atomization with water, the oil and fragrance is distributed subtly in your living environment.

    Eucalyptus, cinnamon and peppermint are essential oils that should not be used in a small space for children. Therefore we do not recommend these for a nursery or a small children's room. These essential oils contain powerful ingredients that are too strong and not pleasant for babies and children. We do offer other finer oils that are more suitable for your little ones. Read our blog about children and essential oils for a more detailed advice.

    If you want to apply the essential oils to your skin, you always need to mix it with a Skintox oil first. However, do keep in mind that citrus oils can make your skin burn more quickly whilst being in the sun. So, you always have to be vigilant with your skin. Do not use lemon, bergamot, orange, tangerine or lime oil on the skin 12 hours prior to going out in the sun.

    Why do essential oils contain dipentene/limonene and why are there warning signs on the essential oils bottles?

    This kind of substance naturally occurs in citrus oil and is extracted from the peel. It also occurs in the oil of most flowers and seeds. Limonene is found in many kinds of plants, especially D-Limonene. Any pure essential oil can naturally contain dipentene and limonene, this is inevitable but also natural. With your Smellacloud the essential oil is mixed with water and will be vaporized throughout your space in a subtle way. This will bring you all the benefits and powers of essential oils and it’s completely harmless. 

    Pure essential oils are provided with warning symbols because it’s a highly concentrated product. Essential oils are useful and pleasant when used in small amounts, but can be toxic in large quantities. When you drink a cup of coffee it contains a certain amount of caffeine. A few cups are okay, but if you would drink large quantities, you might have to visit the hospital. Same goes for the use of essential oil!

    In addition to the warning labels, since January 1, 2015, the warning signs are required by law on every bottle of pure essential oil. This was introduced because it’s an extremely concentrated product that must be handled with care.

    It also includes a sign for people who have allergies. Virtually all essential oils contain allergens. This is because essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful and can therefore cause an allergic reaction. If you are allergic, please handle with caution. Do not rub pure oil on your skin or eyes. When applying to the skin always mix it with a Skintox oil such as almond or grapeseed oil.

    Can I use essential oils orally?

    We can be very short and sweet about this: don’t do it. Consuming essential oils can be really dangerous. You do not know the toxicity of an essential oil and it can be too crushing on your esophagus and your stomach. In addition to this, most essential oils have an antibacterial effect. And where do you need anti bacteria the most? Exactly, in your gut! And why would you consume essential oils? Did you know that if you consume them, they leave your body after 8 hours? While if you put them on your skin (mixed with Skintox), they stay in your system for 24 hours? Our skin is our largest organ! Do not consume essential oils. Essential oil mixed with a Skintox oil is a great idea!

    Essential oil in the synthetic cosmetics industry

    As for an example in the development of perfume, shampoo, body lotion, fabric softener, small substances of essential oils are regularly used to enhance the fragrance experience. The dipentene/limonene substance is frequently used for this purpose. 
    Limonene is a commonly used fragrance and a flavouring agent. D-limonene has a characteristic orange scent, L-limonene has a lemony scent. Limonene is also often added to cleaning detergents for a citrus scent and because it’s able to break down grease. When it is used in this particular way, dipentene/limonene can be harmful by inhalation and if it’s absorbed through the skin. It can also irritate the skin and the eyes and can cause allergies including rashes and itching.

    How many drops of essential oil do I need to put into my Smellacloud?

    If you are an adult, we advise you to start out with 5 tot 7 drops of oil on 200ml of water. You can always add more or less to adjust it to your personal wishes. Do you want more of a scent experience? You just need to add more drops to the water. Do you think the scent is too strong? Next time simply add less drops to the water. 1ml oil contains 10 to 15 drops depending on the oil. To make it more convenient, I always say 10 drops because this is easier to calculate. 1 drop = 0,1ml.

    Guidelines based on 200ml water in your Smellacloud.

    Babies:Up to 3 months: Do not use

    Up to 1 year: 1 drop


    2-4 years: 2 drops

    4-8 years: 3 drops

    8-12 years: 4 drops


    12+ years: 5 tot 10 drops

    Pregnant women: 5 drops

    How much should essential oil should i add into a plantbased oil?(Skintox oil)

    Mix 1 tablespoon of Skintox oil (5ml) with 2 drops of essential oil. 

    Do you want to make a whole bottle straight away? You can mix a bottle of Skintox (100ml) with 50 drops of essential oil.

    What essential oil should you pick?

    Follow your nose! You need to pick an oil that you love the smell of. For example, eucalyptus can refresh you but also offer relaxation as it’s used in saunas and it can remind you of that. Or you can use Lavender because it reminds you of that wonderful holiday in France.

    Chakra oils are also great to mix with. If you suffer from emotions, use the Solar Plexus. Are you a bit of a control freak and you need to let go a little bit? Use the Sacral Chakra oil as it’s highly recommended to let your hair down. Do you spend a lot of time inside of your head worrying? Create a Smellacloud scent with the Third Eye chakra oil

    What are the benefits of Lavender oil?

    Lavendel is the essential oil 101. If you don't know what to get, try lavender oil. A major amount of books and researches have been published about lavender oil. But we mainly advise to use this particular oil for peace, relaxation, when having trouble to sleep, stress and acne and eczema prone skin.

    Which essential oils are poisonous?

    There are no toxic oils in our range, but we do like to inform you as extensively as we possibly can about essential oils. It is useful for you to know that the following oils are toxic: absinthe, tansy, mugworth,boldo,goose foot, calamus, horseradish, mustard, thuja, wintergreen/evergreen, seven-tree.

    Children and mummies

    Nothing is more fun than to share a Smellacloud moment with your little one(s). When you use essential oil with common sense, it can also be a pleasant experience for your child. The oils are diluted in the Smellacloud which makes it safe for children. It has therefore become very popular in a nursery. We recommend that you start using essential oils when your child is at least 3 months old before introducing the little one to a Smellacloud. You can start out with one drop of oil.

    Smellacloud also offers relief for women who are experiencing pregnancy. Before, during and after childbirth, misting essential oils can bring you relaxation, relief and strength. 

    etherische olie

    Which essential oil is pleasant during your pregnancy?

    There are many different opinions about the use of aromatherapy during pregnancy. Some people advise not use some essential oils, some say it’s fine to use from conceiving to delivery. As always, the truth lies in the middle and it’s always up to you. 

    In any case, an aroma diffuser is the safest way to essential oils during your pregnancy. When you use it in this way, the oils can not reach your child through the placenta and you can enjoy a wonderful Smellacloud.

    You can vaporize all essential oils, we recommend a maximum of 5 drops for pregnant women.

    Essential oils can reduce pregnancy ailments. The lemon or peppermint essential oil can relieve your nausea. If you are having trouble sleeping, put a few drops of lavender oil in your aroma diffuser next to your bed. Are you feeling down? You can use bergamot, tangerine or orange to cheer yourself up again!

    Being pregnant can cause fatigue and loss of energy. Pine, rosemary, lemon and fresh breeze in a Smellacloud can give you the energy boost that you need.

    Which essential oil is pleasant for children?

    In your Smellacloud:

    Our favourite essential oils for children are lavender, tangerine, lemon and vanilla. Also our own seasonal blends spring breeze, summer breeze and our blends happiness and relaxation are nice for the little ones and are definitely favourites. Put 1 to 3 drops of essential oil in the aroma diffuser

    If your child is having trouble sleeping, you can use lavendel, orange or our relaxation blend for a good night sleep. Does your child have a cold? Add some drops of pine, silver fir, forest walk, coniferous forest, tea tree, cipres or morning daisy into a Smellacloud. Lavender has the power of relaxation and is good for cramps and can be relieving for the respiratory system.

    Do not use peppermint, eucalyptus, fresh breeze or cinnamon for babies or children under the age of 3. These essential oils can be too powerful for the little ones and do not have a pleasant effect on them.

    Do you still want to use cinnamon? Try our seasonal blend ‘Autumn Sun’, it’s a delightful oil. Cinnamon is a part of the blend but not the main ingredient which makes it less powerful. This is easier to bear for the little ones. Mixing up orange with vanilla and 1 or 2 drops of cinnamon is also a lovely option.

    Mixing tip:

    A drop of orange and a drop of vanilla is also highly recommended

    On the skin:

    We advise you to wait until your child is at the age of six and up before you use essentials oils on their skin. Always mix it with a teaspoon of Skintox oil. (This also applies to adults)

    Which essential oil is pleasant during labour?

    Giving birth is a top sport! Essential oils can help you out brilliantly. If you are experiencing anxiety to give birth, punt in some drops of bergamot in your aroma diffuser. Are you having a hard time letting go? Use jasmine oil or Sacral Chakra oil in a Smellacloud.

    Are you very tense, add 5 drops of lavender oil in an aroma diffuser. The more relaxed you are, the smoother your labour will be. When you have welcomed your baby, add a few drops of lavender oils for four weeks in your Smellacloud. Research has shown that this can prevent postnatal depression for women.

    Can the partner be of any help during labour?

    Yes! Tip tip tip! Massage the lower back of your partner during the labour. Mix 1 teaspoon of Skintox with 2 drops of sage essential oil and start treating her! Sage is known for inducing labour and it has a relaxing aroma.

    Can your partner use an energy boost? A compress with peppermint is an excellent solution. Fill a bowl with cold water and mix 2 drops of peppermint oil. Dip a washcloth in some water, wring it out and place it on her forehead. This cools downs, gives energy and makes her more focused. Best partner in the world!

    Which essential oil is pleasant for babies?

    In your Smellacloud:

    An aroma diffuser can be used for babies from 3 months and upwards. If your baby is having trouble sleeping add 1 drop of lavender oil into an aroma diffuser. With colds you can add a drop of pine.

    If your baby is having trouble sleeping, lavender, orange and relaxation can help towards a good night sleep. Does your baby have a cold? Add some pine, silver fir, forest walk, coniferous forest, tea tree, cipres or morning daisy to your Smellacloud. Lavender has the power of relaxation and is also good for cramps and can be relieving for the respiratory system.

    Do not use peppermint, eucalyptus, fresh breeze or cinnamon for babies or children under the age of 3. These oils are too powerful for the little ones and do not have pleasant effect on them.

    On the skin:

    For babies and children under the age of six, we strongly advise not to use essential oils on the skin. The young skin is super sensitive and one bottle of essential oil can contain a whole flowerfield of ingredients! Too powerful and concentrated! You can use our Skintox oil in its pure form for the babies skin. Almond Oil and grapeseed oil gives a soft and nourishing touch to the skin.

    Do essential oils affect my fertility?

    Essential oils and aromatherapy are great ways for relaxing, but it has no direct effect on fertility.

    We do often see that infertility in women is caused by stress. Essential oil can help you reduce the stress. Let’s relax, relax, relax!

    Use relaxing essential oils in a Smellacloud to relax as much as possible. If you want to reduce stress lavender, tangerine, orange, rosewood, sandalwood, 1001 nights or sacral chakra are the perfect oils to use.

    The sacral chakra blend has a good effect on your reproductive system. When this chakra is not balanced or closed, it can cause a blockage.

    Try this out:

    Mix in 1 teaspoon of Skintox almond oil and 2 drops of the sacral chakra essential oil and massage it on your lower abdomen.

    A few drops of our 1001 nights blend in a Smellacloud can work wonders in the bedroom!


    Nature is built so beautifully and has so many powers, why shouldn’t we use them for our own health?

    For centuries nature has been a helping hand to cure or combat diseases and ailments like plants, flowers, seeds and herbs.

    A fact of life is that the environment of nature does wonders for people.

    Are you unable to go outside for a nice fresh walk in the forest?

    With your Smellacloud you can literally atomie the forces of nature into your desired living space.

    Which essential oil reliefs the respiratory system?

    Fresh essential oils that originate from trees have a positive effect on the respiratory system. Think about all those walks in the forest or in the mountains. It’s super healthy for you! Back in the days many different types of pine trees were used for medicinal purposes.

    The essential oils silver fir, pine tree, forest walk, cipres and coniferous forest have the strongest effect in an aroma diffuser when enduring a cold, cough, bronchitis and a sore throat. Lemon, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus and fresh breeze relief asthma and have a positive liberating effect on your airways.

    Tea tree oil strengthens your immune system and helps to fight off viruses.

    Mixing tip!

    It’s lovely and refreshing to mix it up with some lemon oil in your Smellacloud.

    What essential oil can relieve asthma symptoms?

    Lemon, rosemary, peppermint and fresh breeze have a relieving effect towards asthma. Coniferous forest, pine tree, silver fir, cipres and forest walk and our concentration blend clear out the airways and makes it easier to breathe. Tea tree supports the purification of the air. 

    Eucalyptus is also a pleasant essential oil when enduring respiratory problems. Predominantly, it’s very healthy for asthma patients to regularly visit the sauna. By misting eucalyptus (or our fresh breeze blend) you create a spa feel in your own home.

    For that optimal spa experience, you should try our fresh breeze or concentration blend! Highly recommended!

    Asthma is known to worsen when someone is experiencing anxiety or stress. That’s why lavender is a perfect option to use when you are having an asthma attack.

    A Smellacloud humidifies the air. Dry air can be particularly unpleasant for the respiratory system. This kind of air also contains substances that are filled with bacteria. All of the above named essential oils have the power to clear the air in any desired space. Asthma complaints can worsen when the air quality isn’t up to standard.

    Mixing tip for people with asthma!

    3 drops of lavender

    3 drops of lemon

    3 drops of fresh breeze

    1 drop of tea tree

    Which essential oil has an antibacterial effect?

    These essential oils have the strongest antibacterial effect: geranium (bourbon),cinnamon, sage and a concentration of tea tree.

    Which essential oil can support your immune system?

    Can your immune system use a boost? Fill up your Smellacloud with water and a few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus or lemon. Or make a lovely combination of those three essential oils! You can mix them to your own taste!

         What essential oil helps relieve flu symptoms?

    There are many different essential oils that can help you recover from the flu. Mainly eucalyptus and tea tree are perfect to fight off the virus. Lemon also can give you a boost for your immune system. Cinnamon is a very powerful oil that can help with the flu and respiratory diseases. The scent of cinnamon can be strong. This can be mixed with a few drops of orange in the Smellacloud. This is super yummy! Would you rather you a premade blend? Our seasonal blend autumn sun, concentration and freshbreeze are a good option! 

    If you are craving refreshment you can add fresh breeze, forest walk, pine tree, rosemary or coniferous forest into your Smellacloud. Are you experiencing muscle strain during the flu? Then rosemary is the best choice as this relaxes the muscles.

    Mixing tip for muscle strains:

    1 teaspoon Skintox plant based oil of your choice

    2 drops of rosemary essential oil

    Which essential oil is good to use against headaches?

    Peppermint refreshes and relieves your headache. Essential oils are hardly used pure on the skin (lavender and tea tree are the exception), but if you have a headache this is a good solution: carefully add 1 drop peppermint on your fingertips and apply this to your temples. Careful on the eyes! You will experience some relief from your headache. 

    Lavender is also a very good essential oil for headaches. It doesn’t only give pain relief but also offers relaxation. Headaches are mostly a stress related complaint. If you want to relax palo santo (holy wood), sandalwood and our blends harmony, relaxation, spring breeze, floral splendor, ying and yang are very pleasant to use in your Smellacloud.


    Add 3 drops of lavender oil and 2 drops of peppermint oil on a paper towel or handkerchief. Hold this under your nose and take 3 deep breaths (through your nose). Take a short break and repeat it 3 times. Keep your towel close so you can repeat every now and then.

    Which essential oil can I use against hay fever?

    Hay Fever is an allergic reaction. This kind of reaction is caused by allergens in the air. In this case hayfever is usually connected to pollen. Without even noticing these pollen are coming into your house ( through open doors, windows, shoes that are been taken into the house or your own clothes)

    The pollen spreads easily when there is not a lot of humidity in the air and can cause irritation to your respiratory system, eyes, throat and skin. Hay Fever can cause an itchy skin, eyes and throat. It does really feel like a cold with a runny nose. This mostly occurs in hay fever season, but you can get hay fever any time of the year.m

    A Smellacloud can help towards your hay fever. Using essential oils like coniferous forest, tea tree eucalyptus ,pine tree, silver fir, fresh breeze ,holy wood(palo santol) lavender and forest walk have a calming, relieving, antibacterial and an antiseptic effect on the respiratory system. Be careful with using floral based oils when you are suffering from hay fever.

    What essential oil can help with a cold?

    Fill up your Smellacloud with tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, pine tree, silver fir or cinnamon. These oils will refresh and relieve your airways. Fresh breeze, concentrate, holy wood (santo palo), forest walk or coniferous forest are also ideal to atomize for your cold. Are you suffering from a bad cough? Try the cipres oil, it works soothing and calming. 

    Tip: Steam with eucalyptus!
    Fill a bowl with hot water (boil the water first), add 3 to 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, place the bowl on something stable, hang your face above the bowl of water, place a towel over your head, shoulders and the bowl, now you can breathe easily! This will loosen it all up! Get rid of that runny nose and bacteria! In addition to this you can also add a drop of tea tree, lemon or cipres.

    Which essential oil can relieve nausea?

    Do you feel nauseous? Add some drops of peppermint and or lemon into your Smellacloud. This can help relieve the nauseous feeling.

    Do essential oils affect my hormonal balance?

    Sage essential oil can affect your hormonal balance. Sage helps you to regulate your hormones. influences your estrogen and relieves menstrual and menopause complaints like hot flushes.

    Do you love to have a glass of wine? Then be careful with using sage as this combination can cause nightmares!

    Which essential oil can help with panic and anxiety?

    Bergamot has a positive effect on depressions, anxiety, stress, ADHD and insomnia.

    Mixing tip for calmness!
    Bergamot mixed with lavender smells delicious in a Smellacloud and gives a calm and collective feel. Also tangerine, sandalwood, lavender, vanille and our blends relaxation, harmony, spring breeze, floral splendor, yin and yang are relaxing oils.

    Which essential oil can bring some relief to depression?

    Basil, grapefruit, bergamot and spring breeze work uplifting when it comes to depression, lethargic and mental fatigue.

    Lime, morning, daisy and summer breeze refresh and stimulate the tired mind. Rosemary has a herby and fresh scent that stimulates our central nerve system.

    When you are physically and mentally exhausted, rosemary can give you back that power. Holy wood (palo santo), sandalwood and yang takes away tension and creates a meditative atmosphere.

    Also oils like orange, tangerine and our happiness blend can help to make you see the brighter side of things in life! They make you feel happy! 

    Is there an overview of well known ailments and the relief essential oils bring to them?

    Yes we do!

    Panic or Anxiety: lavender, bergamot, relaxation,spring breeze, yang or floral splendor

    Depression: bergamot, grapefruit, tangerine, orange and happiness.

    The flu: eucalyptus, tea tree, forest walk, rosemarin, coniferous forest or fresh breeze.

    A bad cough: cinnamon, eucalyptus or cipres.

    Nausea: lemon or peppermint

    Headache: peppermint or lavender

    Sore throat: cinnamon or eucalyptus

    PMS/hot flushes: sage, floral splendor

    Insomnia: lavendel, orange or relaxation

    Stress:lavendel, bergamot, orange, yin,yang, holy wood (santo palo), floral splendor, spring breeze and 1001 nights.

    Which essential oil works as an anti inflammatory?

    The best essential oil that works as an anti-inflammatory is the Roman or Blue chamomile.Blue chamomile also carries the actual blue colour. Roman chamomile is suited for adults and children. Blue chamomile is only suited for adults. There is also a Morrocan variety to chamomile but this is only used in an aroma diffuser. 

    Essential oils and nerve pain

    If you are suffering from nerve pains, you can make massage oil from cedarwood and geraniums. Cedarwood has an antispasmodic effect and geraniums (bourbon) is good for blood circulation, offers pain relief and relaxation.

    Mindfulness en selflove

    A lot of people endure stress in their day to day life. But did you know that if you experience a lot of stress, your ability to smell and taste becomes less and your sight could deteriorate? You can also get physical complaints like headaches and stomach ache. Panic attacks are also a symptom of a lot of stress and it can change your breathing. Other stress related complaints are: constantly feeling a lump in your throat, dizziness, feeling unstable and the disability to concentrate. Did you know that stress can also cause your hair to fall out and even bald spots? Stress even has the ability to interfere with your menstrual cycle or to even stop it completely. 

    Your body and soul are connected to each other, one on one.

    Pleasant scents in your living space can enhance the atmosphere in a positive way. Scents have an effect on us, they respond to our state of mind through our subconsciousness. By smelling pleasant scents the brains get a signal to say that everything is okay! 

    Through our nose we communicate with parts of our brains (the limbic system) that save our memories and emotions.

    A Smellacloud moment, for you, why?

    We believe that relaxation is a superpower that makes people happier. Are you relaxed and do you take good care of yourself? You will probably be happy, sweet, creative, solution-oriented, positive and patient. When you are relaxed, it brings a smile to your face. Fill yourself with love and you will have more love to share with others. Smile and the world will smile back at you!

    Create a daily magical Smellacloud moment for yourself and choose a happier life. Treat and pamper yourself! It’s you time! Smellacloud time! 

    Which essential oil gives you a warm feeling inside?

    A warming essential oil is definitely cinnamon. Actually a lot of spices like cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg are warming. Our seasonal blends autumn sun and winter fairytale are highly recommended. Do you feel lonely and need a bit of warmth? Add some silver fir into your aroma diffuser. This essential helps whilst feeling lonely. 

    Do you need some you-time? A Smellacloud moment, relaxation?

    Floral oils and sweet fruit oils can offer relaxation. That is one nice benchmark! Think about oils like lavender, rosewood, geraniums and our blends, relaxation, happiness, spring breeze, harmony and floral splendor but also orange and tangerine. The tangy sour fruit oils like lemon, bergamot and summer breeze give your more of an energy boost!

    Which essential oil gives you a better nights sleep?

    The best essential oil for insomnia is lavender oil. Scientific research has shown that lavender oil can make you fall into a deeper sleep and to feel well rested. Essential oils like roman chamomile, bergamot, orange and our blends relaxation and harmony can contribute to a better night rest.

    Which essential oil is nice to use during meditation and yoga?

    Relax and connect with your dear self. Together with the power of essential oil you can strengthen and support your goals. To support your meditation or yoga I can highly recommend the oils, holy wood, sandalwood, lavender, rosewood and our blend meditation.

    What essential oil helps with your concentration and a natural flow?

    Create a Smellacloud from essential oils like rosemarin, lemon, peppermint, fresh breeze, forest walk or basil to help you concentrate. For centuries rosemary has been used to be more alert and focused. Shakespeare wrote in his play from Hamlet about the benefits of Rosemary when it comes to concentration and stimulating the memory. These essential oils do not only help you focus but they also give you energy when it comes to suffering from exhaustion. Our blend concentration has been especially created for ( the name already gives it away a bit right?) Concentration!

    We also advise to use palo santo (holy wood), this essential oil creates an environment of peace and tranquility. When you are relaxed your energy is distributed in a better way. Which makes you concentrate more and it makes room for more creativity. That is why our meditation oil is pleasant to vaporize whilst studying or working. It gives you the concentration and focus that you need to stay in touch with your body and soul. It’s a good way to release tension, to heal and mostly to relax!

    What can Chakra oils do for you?

    Our chakra oils can support you getting in touch with your inner self. Your chakra are energy fields in your body. Throughout events in your life you can create a blockage subconsciously. Every chakra oil has its own energy field. Your chakras are close to your soul, spirit and subconsciousness. If your chakras are well balanced, you will often feel good and have a good flow in life. 

    What can zodiac/horoscope oils do for you?

    Use this to empower and emphasize your characteristics in a positive way. These starsign blends suit your personality and have the power to get the best out of you!

    Horoscoop Oliën

    Body & care

    Relax your skin with the powers of nature! Welcome essential oils and Skin tox oils into your beauty regime. Give your body and skin rest, let it breathe, create a glow and discover your natural beauty.

    When it comes to mixing essential oil with basic oil for your skin, what are the right ratios?

    If you want to use essential oils for your skin, always mix it with a Skintox plant based oil like almond oil, arganoil, grape seed oil or jojoba oil. A teaspoon of Skintox oil can be mixed with two drops of essential oil.  

    We like to think in teaspoons! One teaspoon is 5ml.

    So 1 teaspoon of Skintox oil is always mixed with 2 drops of essential oil. That is 2,5% en the right amount for an Adult.

    In 2 teaspoons, or 10ml Skintox oil you mix:

    For babies from 6 months and up: 1 dropFor toddlers: 1 dropFor children 4-12 years: 2 drops

    For teenagers: 3 drops

    For mums and dads: 4 drops

    The following oils are not recommended to be used on the skin:

    Cinnamon, peppermint and eucalyptus can have an unpleasant and tingling effect.

    The following oils are not recommended to be used 12 hours prior going into the sun:

    Lemon, bergamot, orange,tangerine or lime oil.

    For adults you can use the following dosis:

    For on the skin:

    In 1 teaspoon Skintox oil (5ml) you can mix 2 drops of essential oil.

    Can your immune system use a boost? 

    You should rather not use pure essential oils in your bath. As you might have learned in chemistry class, water and oil doesn’t mix! The drops will keep floating in your bath water. If you put in a strong essential oil in your bathwater, you can experience a lot of irritation on your skin. You need something that emulsifies. A natural bath oil, shower cream,sea salt, honey or full fat milk.

    Do you want to take an aromatherapy bath?
    To take a relaxing bath, you mix a hand of sea salt with a few drops of essential oil. You are better off buying dead sea salt.

    The ratio is always:
    1 tablespoon of seasalt + 2 drops of essential oil. You can use up to 10 drops of essential oil in a aromatherapy bath for adults.
    Make sure you always run the bath to the top and add the blend at the end. Otherwise the scent can vaporite quite fast.
    Orange, rosewood, lavender, relaxation, harmony, spring breeze, floral splendor, yin and yang are wonderful oils for a relaxing bath.

    Perk yourself up with some eucalyptus, pine tree, tea tree, lemongrass, morning daisy, forest walk, fresh breeze. concentration or coniferous forest.
    It’s best not to use peppermint oil in the bath as this takes away some heat.

    Oh! One more last thing! If you have a plastic bath, please be vigilant with essential oils that are coloured. If you have a plastic bath, this can cause coloration in the tub. That would be a major shame. (Citrus oils are often yellow or orange)

    Essential oils are divine for your feet!

    Dipping and relaxing your feet in essential oils, relaxation for your feet and mind. 

    Rosemary can help you out with tired feet, cipres can help with sweaty feet, lemon freshens them up and lavender helps to restore the feet. Fill a bowl of warm water, mix a small amount of sea salt and 2 to 5 drops of essential oils! Enjoy!

    Also a lovely natural bath oil, showercream, honey or full fat milk can be used to mix.

    Rub in your feet with one of our Skintox oils with two drops of lavender or harmony essential oil.Hmmm, smells good and makes you sleep well!


    2 drops of Skintox oil of choice

    4 drops of essential oil of choice

    Want to make soap from essential oils?

    Lovely! Lemongrass, lavender, orange or tangerine are amazing to mix. You can also make a combination of these scents. They are a match made in heaven! Lemon, grapefruit, orange and our blend summerbreeze are super good for degreasing. Eucalyptus, tea tree and the grove works are good for deep cleaning and are lovely to use as a natural soap!

    How much essential oil do you use?

    If your soap is in a liquid form you need to check the amount that you have produced. If you have 5ml of soap and use two drops of essential oil, you can’t really go wrong with that!

    Take care of your skin with essential oils. 

    Essential oils are an actual treat for your skin. Rosewood, lavender, sandalwood, yang or floral splendor softens and soothes the skin. 

    Mix in 3 drops of Skintox plant based oil (almond oil or grapeseed oil for example) with 4 drops of essential oil and massage this on your skin after taking a shower.

    Lavender, lemon and tea tree have a cleansing and healing effect and help with acne and spots. Rosewood is a perfect oil for the aging skin. It doesn't only smell lovely and rosey but it also helps with scarring and wrinkles. Floral splendor is a lovely combination of floral oils like rosewood, geraniums, canaga and lavandin. The essential oil rockrose that has been incorporated into our Yin blend does wonders for wrinkly skin.

    Did you know that orange oil helps against a cellulite? Also sandalwood is a good skincare oil for a greasy skin, inflammation to the skin or a cracked skin. Tea tree is also often used to help repair the skin.

    Is there an overview of skin problems and what essential oils can do to relieve them?

    Yes! We have listed the most common skin problems and which essential oils can help you out:

    Skin rash:

    When you are experiencing a rash like, flaky skin, blistering, spots, bumps and redness lavender oil can work wonders. Mix 1 tablespoon of Skintox with 2 drops of lavender oil and apply this to the rash.


    When you have an itchy skin you can use peppermint or tea tree oil as it soothes the skin.Mix 1 tablespoon of Skintox plant based oil like grapeseed or almond oil, with 2 drops of peppermint or tea tree oil. You can also use a drop of each.

    Tip: Make a stash and pop this into your fridge. The cold will give it extra relief on your itchy skin. When you are planning on doing this, do not use the Skintox jojoba oil as this will solidify in the fridge!


    When you have spots, you can use 1 drop of tea tree oil and apply it directly on the troubled area. Do you have more? Add some drops of tea tree oil on a que tip and touch up your spots. Do this every morning and night for the best results.


    They are different kinds of eczema. Some kinds are genetic and others can be hard to treat. But you can also get eczema because you are allergic to certain kinds of foods or ingredients. It can also be caused due to stress. The essential oils lavender and geranium (bourbon) have a healing effect towards eczema.

    Mix 1 tablespoon of the Skintox with 2 drops of lavender or geranium oil and massage this into the eczema area. Do this twice a day.


    When you have hives you will experience a lot of red itching bumps on your skin. The cause of hives is usually hard to retract. Stress, heat, nutrition,medicine or insect could cause the red bumps.

    Mix 1 tablespoon of Skintox with 2 drops of peppermint or tea tree oil. You can also use a drop of each.

    Tip: Make a stash and pop this into your fridge. The cold will give it extra relief on your itchy skin. When you are planning on doing this, do not use the Skintox jojoba oil as this will solidify in the fridge!

    Love for your pets

    On the skin:

    Just like humans, it is not suited to use pure essential oil on a pet. You always need to mix the oil with a plant based oil like Skintox grapeseed oil.

    Does your dog or cat have a rash or eczema? Massage some Skintox almond oil onto the troubled area.

    In your Smellacloud:

    Atomizing your Smellacloud can be delightfully relaxing and healthy for your pets. They will experience the same effect as you do yourself. You will notice your cat or dog will snuggle up closely to the Smellacloud. However, our pets can not communicate verbally with us when it comes to which scent they prefer and what it does to them. That’s why you always have to be vigilant when using a scent in your Smellacloud for your pet. Our pets can communicate in a non-verbal manner and show us what they think is pleasant.

    Cats are not a big fan of citrus oils, cinnamon and tea tree essential oils. But also in this case, every cat is unique. You know your cat best, so always watch out for your cat's behavior. Always make sure that your pet has the ability to leave the room where the Smellacloud is situated if they feel discomfort.

    The best essential oil for pets is tea tree oil. This oil combats fleas and ticks.

    Make a mix with Skintox oil:

    1 teaspoon of skintox plant based oil

    2 drops of tea tree essential oil

    Massage this in the neck of your dog every other day

    The essential oil will go into their bloodstream and this will make it less tasty and appealing for a flea or a tick.

    Some dogs experience a lot of knots in their fur.

    Rub some Skintox argan oil or one of the other plant based Skin tox oils frequently on to their fur. This makes it easier to brush through the knots.

    Is your pet anxious or not sleeping well? Add two drops of lavender in their bed or create a lovely Smellacloud.

    Use essential oil for firework anxiety

    Does your dog have major anxiety for fireworks or other hard noises? Fill a spray bottle with water and add three drops of lavender, yin or relaxation. Shake it well and spray it into their bed. You can also use it in your aroma diffuser. Another option is to cover your hands with Skintox oil and a few drops of lavender and soothe your dog by stroking it. Let the power of your soothing, warm love and the scent of lavender do its work!


    We all like to make an effort to create a lovely atmosphere at home. With a beautiful Smellacloud on your side table it will really finish off your interior. 

    You will spread a lovely (natural) scent in your space which will make your visitors feel 

    welcomed and relaxed. 

    In addition to this. the Smellacloud also blows some humidity into the room, to prevent dry air from coming into the house. 

    Did you also know that it can be very beautiful for you and your plants?

    Maintaining the humidity in the house is something you definitely shouldn't underestimate!

    Does essential oil purify the air?

    Essential oils from trees such as silver fir, pine coarse, tea tree and coniferous forest have an antibacterial and antiviral effect. Just think of a hike in the Alps. Great for your airways. That is why we have these unique essential oils for your Fragrance Cloud. The best essential oil to purify the air in the house is pine coarse. Our purifying blend is also highly recommended.

    Love for your plants

    Plants also do contain essential oils to attract or repel insects. So why not use essential oils for your plants? It’s also a great solution to combat chemical pesticides. If you suffer from aphids, put a few drops of tea tree in water and spray it on to your plants. Tea tree helps fight against all kinds of parasites and nasty bugs.

    Peppermint is also effective against pests on your plants. 

    Which essential oil helps against dust mites?

    Do you suffer from dust mites? Tea tree and peppermint are wonderful oils for all kinds of annoying bugs and parasites. Take a generous amount of baking soda and add 10 drops of tea tree or peppermint. Sprinkle this over your rug or mattress. Leave it to marinate for an hour and then just vacuum it up. You can also fill a plant spritzer with water and add 50 drops of tea tree or peppermint. Shake it well before use as oil and water do not mix very well. Or create a delicious Smellacloud of tea tree and peppermint.

    Washing with essential oil is amazing!

    Aromatherapy really got a name for herself in the Netherlands because of laundry detergent. Mandy laundry detergent and fabric softener contain essential oils. But if you want to wash more eco-friendly, you can buy a neutral detergent and add essential oil to your liking. Add a few drops of fresh breeze,lavender, eucalyptus for floral splendor to each wash in your detergent or fabric softener. Be careful to not choose any ‘’coloured’’ essential oils. (citrus oils are often yellow or orange) to avoid staining.

    Bye bye pesticides! 

    Insects and vermin are part of this beautiful nature. Without these animals there wouldn’t even be nature! So we should certainly be grateful to them. However, we do often find them a bit exciting, don’t we? We especially feel this way, when they have found their way into our house. Most of us wouldn’t be happy about that! 

    There are all kinds of chemical products for sale that can help you with getting rid of them (kill them). This is obviously not suitable for the Smellacloud spirit! Why would we kill and opt for unnatural products in our own living environment? If the insect dies, it might not be healthy for yourself either. That is some food for thought right?

    There are other options to get rid of unwanted pests in your house in a natural way, so you don’t have to kill them. This sounds so much better! Again a win-win situation by just using your Smellacloud!

    Which essential oil can you use to repel insects and vermin?

    Mosquitoes hate citrus oils. So if you are suffering from mosquitos, choose orange, lemon, lemongrass or one of our blends, happiness, summer breeze or morning daisy. They also do not take a liking to lavender, rosemary and sacred wood. Our fresh breeze and concentration blends are also recommended against mosquitoes.

    Amazing tip!

    Place your Smellacloud in your bedroom and fill it with a few drops of essential oil (choose any of the above)

    Turn on your Smellacloud at least an before going to bed, turn off the lights in your bedroom, open your bedroom door slightly (so that the mosquitos can leave the room) and when you go to sleep your room will smell wonderful and the aromas of the ethereal oil and the mosquitoes will have left the room.

    Voila! A good night sleep for you, toodles

    A relaxing mix for a good night sleep and against mosquitoes:

    5 drops of orange

    3 drops of lavender

    Another tip!

    Take your Smellacloud with you on holiday, so that you can enjoy a mosquito-free night's sleep during your holiday.

    Another tip!

    Are you sitting outside on your terrace? Take your Smellacloud outside! You can use an extension cord to make this happen. You will get there in the end;)!

    Love for your plants?

    Have you been stung by an insect?

    Put one drop of 1 lavender or tea tree essential oil on to the bite.

    Essential oils can not be used in its pure form on the skin, except for lavender and tea tree. You can use 1 drop of this pure essential oil on your skin. This is also suitable for children.

    Essential oil against fruit flies, blowflies and spiders.

    You can scare away fruit flies with peppermint and lavender. Create a Smellacloud where the fruit flies are located.

    Blowflies and spiders are also no fans of these essential oils.

    Essential oil against silverfish / pericarp

    Silverfish / pericarp find their food on the basis of scents, so you can repel them in a natural way with any essential oil. Note these bugs are quite persistent. You will have to create your Smellacloud consistently every day for 1 to 2 months. Persevere! Hang in there!


    Which essential oil is good for your muscles post-exercise?

    A sports massage with essential oils can be a good preparation for an optimal sport performance.

    Make your own massage oil with essential oils.


    2 tablespoons Skintox (jojoba or 1 of the other plant based oils)

    4 drops of essential oil (rosemary, pine, eucalyptus or one of our blends fresh breeze and concentration)

    Massage your muscles with this lovely mix.

    Rosemary stimulates the muscles, eucalyptus stimulates the blood flow and peppermint helps with injuries. But essential oils such as fresh breeze, concentration, lemon and morning daisy in an aroma diffuser can also help as a mental preparation for exercise.

    Do you suffer from muscle pain?

    Using a compress with rosemary or Scots pine is very nice. These essential oils promote circulation.

    Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, add 5 drops of essential oil and stir it up. Dip a cloth in the water and wring it out a little. Put it on the spot where you are sore and combine it with a hot pack or heated pit bag.

    Losing weight with essential oil?? :D!

    You can not lose weight by using essential oil! That would be magic! However, you can use Smellacloud to reduce your appetite. Peppermint helps against craving sweets. Be careful whilst atomizing tangerine as this can stimulate your appetite.

    Do you have any questions?

    Please contact us here:

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