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    How many drops of essential oil should I add to my diffuser?

    If you are trying out an oil that’s new for you, we advise starting out with 5-7 drops per 200ml water. 

    From there on you can choose to add more or less next time. It’s all up to personal preference and every single oil is different (some are stronger and require fewer drops than others).

    1ml oil contains 10-15 drops, depending on the thickness of the oil. 

    To make the math a bit easier we always say it’s 10 drops.

    So 1 drop = 0.1ml.

    Can I use the oils internally?

    We do not recommend it. Pure essential oils are an extremely concentrated and powerful product from nature.

    How do I clean my diffuser?

    Carefully pour out any remaining water from the water tank (make sure the air outlet is pointing towards the ceiling). Using a cotton pad, clean the inside of the water tank with lukewarm water. In the water tank you’ll find a little circle, this is the sensor. Clean the sensor carefully with a q-tip.

    Are you using your Smellacloud diffuser daily? 

    Then we recommend you clean it at least once every week.

    Can I add other kinds of oils to my Smellacloud diffuser?

     We do not recommend this. Our essential oils have been tested and proved safe for your diffusers. Other kinds of oils could potentially cause damage.

    Where do the Smellacloud essential oils come from and are they 100% natural?

     The natural sources are imported from countries where they grow natively. These natural sources (such as flowers, woods and spices) are then distilled and bottled on an oil farm in the Netherlands. These oils are 100% pure and natural!

    To learn more about our essential oils, go here.

    Does the diffuser need to be plugged in or does it have a battery

    All Smellacloud diffusers need to be plugged in in order to work. They all come with a 1,5m cord.

    Does the diffuser automatically turn off when it runs out of water?

     Yes. When it runs out it turns off automatically.

    Can I use the diffuser without any oils?

     Just water?Yes, you can! 

    If you wish to use the diffuser as a humidifier, you can just add water

    The essential oils are for scent and aromatherapy. 

    Does the diffuser produce cold or warm mist?

    Cold. The cold water turns into mist by means of high frequency vibrations, causing a cold mist. So no hot steam!

    Can I use essential oils around pets?

    You should never use pure essential oils directly on your pet (don’t apply it to their skin and don’t feed it to them), but it’s completely safe to use an aroma diffuser around them. 

    However, you should know that animals have a different sense of smell than we do. Cats hate the scent of citrus, cinnamon and tea tree. If you should choose to use these oils in your house, make sure your cat has the opportunity to leave the room on its own accord. The oils are not damaging or dangerous for cats, but they simply don’t like the smell. 

    As the owner of your pet, you should be able to tell if your pet dislikes a certain scent by looking at this behavior and body language. Please respect your pet and don’t use a certain oil they don’t like when they’re in the room. By using essential oils in the correct way, it can benefit your pet as well as you.

    Can I use essential oils around my baby?

    If you choose to evaporate essential oils using a Smellacloud diffuser, it’s completely safe around your baby. They can benefit from the effects as well! We advice to wait until your baby is at least three months old and slowly introduce essential oils by starting with just 1 drop of oil in the diffuser and gradually building it up from there.

    Don't use eucalyptus or cinnamon until your child is 3 years old. These specific oils are very heavy for their young lungs.

    Don’t apply pure essential oil on your baby’s skin

    Their skin is very sensitive and might react to the strength of the pure oil. Always keep in mind that you should use essential oils with common sense. Store your essential oils out of reach of babies and children. If you do wish to apply it to their skin, make sure to mix it with base oils such as coconut oil or almond oil.

    Can you help me choose the right essential oil for me?

    We understand that it’s difficult to judge a scent based on text, without getting to smell the physical product first. That's why we advice to start with single oils. With single oils it's easier to tell if you're going to like it. Orange oil really smells like an orange peel and lemon oil really smells like a lemon peel. The oils come directly from their natural source, so you can predict what they smell like, and whether you’ll like it or not. 

    Our pre-blends are a bit more difficult to predict. 

    We try our best to explain their scent on the product page, so make sure to read through that. It’ll tell you what essential oils the blend consists of, so you can determine whether you’ll like it or not. If you’re new to essential oils and you want to try a pre-blend, we’d recommend starting out with Fresh Breeze, Harmony, and 1001 Nights. These are amongst our best sellers.

    What do you want to achieve with the oils? 

    Every oil has its own effects and benefits, so you’ll have to find the right match for your needs. You’ll find this information on the product page of every oil.

    For example, lavender oil makes us feel relaxed and calm and improves your night rest. Therefore it’s the perfect oil for the bedroom. 

    Peppermint oil is refreshing and makes us more focused, so it’s easier to concentrate. This oil would be perfect in your home office. 

    Feeling a bit under the weather? Oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree will help you clear your airways and come with antibacterial properties.

    Use your Smellacloud consciously and choose the right oil for the right moment!

    If you have any more questions, you can ask us anything here.

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