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    Smellacloud Herbal De-Stress Tea

    Feeling stressed? Try Herbal Tea!

    We are in a constant battle against the world’s greatest enemy, stress.

    With our 100% theine-free herbal tea, we intend to win this war𑁋are you with us?

    1. Herbal Tea Formula

    Herbal tea has a healthy reputation with certain herbs used to treat specific ailments. 

    At Smellacloud, we’ve sourced high-quality herbal ingredients such as nettle, sage, linden blossom, tulsi, chicory herb, chamomile, and more to create a range of flavorful infusions for you to enjoy.

    If you’re looking for a specific de-stress experience, we’ve categorized our herbal teas to help you find exactly what you need:


    Breathe Freely

    Sweet dreams

    Smellacloud Herbal Tea Formula
    Fair Trade + Vegan Tea

    2. Fair Trade + Vegan

    Most of the world’s tea production takes place at large plantations. 

    To ensure our herbal tea has quality ingredients, we partner with local farmers worldwide who are fair-trade and vegan.

    These relationships also help us remove the middleman to keep costs affordable while assisting communities in earning a fair wage. 

    Fair Trade + Vegan Tea

    3. No Stimulants

    Traditional herbal tea contains a stimulant called theine, which is similar to the caffeine found in coffee.

    Fortunately, you won’t find that in any of our teas.

    We use herbal ingredients like chamomile or jasmine to provide flavorful tea without causing any unstable energy levels.

    Herbal Tea No Stimulants
    Herbal Tea Against Stress

    4. Stress Management

    Drinking herbal tea is known to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

    Cortisol is typically released to support your body as it deals with different kinds of stress. However, too much can cause more harm than help. 

    That’s why we believe herbal tea can play a vital role in managing stress, improving focus, and fighting the unwanted symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    Herbal Tea Against Stress

    5. Weight Control & Detox

    As a low-calorie drink, herbal tea is the perfect alternative for all the sugary choices we see advertised to us daily.

    It’s also known to boost your metabolism, detoxify your body, improve weight loss, and fight body fat. 

    While we can’t guarantee our herbal tea will get you a shredded beach bod, we can promise a healthier alternative to improve your overall health.

    Natural Tea for Weight Control & Detox
    De-stress Program Tea

    6. De-Stress Program

    If you’re serious about improving your health, purifying your body, and feeling good everyday𑁋start the de-stress program.

    Here’s how it works: 

    - Drink at least 3 cups of tea per day (1 cup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

    - Drink 1 glass of water after each cup of tea (recommended)

    - Choose healthy foods for breakfast, healthy snacks in between.

    - Try to eat every meal quietly

    - Exercise (at least 20 min)

    - Visit nature, take a walk in the forest or park

    Do this for 14 days and watch as you start each new day with positive energy and happier thoughts.

    De-stress Program Tea

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