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    Lavender Essential Oil

    “I put lavender essential oil in the bedroom at night and it definitely relaxes me into a nice deep sleep!”

    The smell of lavender

    Known for its delicate purple hues and soothing floral scent, lavender is the perfect plant for calm and balance. Discover the source and story behind four types of lavender essential oils.

    100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

    Meet the original pure lavender essential oil from Smellacloud - enjoyed by more than 30,000 people around the world.

    For those who love a touch of spicy and fresh, floral and soft in their daily lives.

    Helps your body and mind stay relaxed and calm

    Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a cotton ball and place it in closets and drawers to scent linens and repel moths

    Grown in South France

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    lavender oil 100%
    lavender oil 100%

    English Lavender Essential Oil

    Meet the most popular and hardiest garden of lavender on the planet. If you prefer a soft and sweet smell, you’ll enjoy English lavender essential oil.

    Sweet and floral aroma

    Perfect for reducing stress and anxiety after a long day

    Contains almost no camphor and easily blends with other essential oils

    Grown in England

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    Let the sweet garden smell of lavender essential oil fill you full of joy and wash away your worries



    Fair Trade


    Cleaning effect

    100% Organic

    100% natural &

    High-Alpine Lavender

    Growing high up in the French alps is a robust lavender with a soft and soothing aroma. Explore this aromatic lavender essential oil to freshen up your home.

    Believed to help with sinus and snoring issues

    Subtle aroma so perfect for producing bedtime zzz’s

    Lavender grown in high altitudes contain more esters, such as linalyl acetate, which enhances its soothing effect

    Grown in France

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    lavender oil 100%
    lavender oil 100%

    Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

    One of the first things you will discover about this essential oil is a pronounced and assertive aroma. For this reason, Bulgarian lavender is commonly used in perfumery and preferred for its enhanced medicinal properties.

    Higher concentrations of linalool and linalyl acetate amplify therapeutic properties

    Widely known to reduce stress, relieve depression, and realign the immune system

    Number one choice for calming blends and for diffusing during meditation and massage

    Grown in Bulgaria

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    Fair prices

    Giving you a quality product, without a middleman’s markups, lets you save money and allow us to sleep easy.

    Sustainably sourced

    We ethically source all essential oils and keep close relationships with our farmers and producers.


    We’re both kid- and pet-friendly ⎯ that makes us safe for you and all your loved ones.


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    Facts and research on lavender essential oil

    What is the difference between all the lavender essential oils?

    Lavender essential oil is shown to have properties that benefit health. Here's a look at some of the research:

    Although there’s currently a lack of large-scale clinical research to verify lavender’s effects on people with anxiety, some studies show that the essential oil may have an anti-anxiety effect.

    A study published in Physiology & Behavior in 2005 tested lavender’s anxiety-reducing effect on 200 people waiting for dental treatment. They found that breathing in the scent of lavender boh reduced feelings of anxiety and improved mood.

    In another study, there’s some evidence that ingesting lavender oil may help to alleviate anxiety. A report published in Phytomedicine in 2012 analyzed 15 previously published clinical trials. They concluded that dietary supplements containing lavender oil may have some therapeutic properties which can help patients struggling with anxiety and/or stress.

    Depression & Insomnia
    The effect of lavender on mood is thought to be due to its influence on the body’s limbic system. In some cases, scientists have reported that lavender can reduce depression and improve the quality of sleep and pain.

    In 2013, scientists published a study in Journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine on lavender’s therapeutic and curative properties. After reviewing a combination of animal and human studies, they state that lavender oil may be an effective medicament in the treatment of several neurological disorders. One study they reviewed involved forty-eight adult outpatients suffering from mild-to-moderate depression who had a better and earlier improvement due to the antidepressive effect of lavender.

    Does lavender essential oil have any side effects?

    While lavender essential oil is thought to be likely safe for most people, some side effects may include:

    • Constipation when consumed orally;
    • headache;
    • increased appetite; or
    • skin irritation when used topically.

    Lavender oil can also be ingested in pill form, or used as steam for aromatherapy. Even though lavender oil is relatively safe, it can cause discomfort for some. Stop using the oil if you experience any negative side effects.

    It is important to consult with a medical doctor to see whether aromatherapy may be helpful and safe if you have a specific health condition.

    Can lavender essential oil cure baldness?

    Lavender essential oil gained attention in haircare communities for stimulating hair growth. A 2016 study used lavender essential oil on mice which made them grow more hair. They tested the application of oil in different concentrations which resulted in mice growing thicker hair faster than normal.

    While this has yet to be shown to work on humans, some people believe adding lavender oil to mascara can make lashes grow thicker and faster. The belief here is that the tiny mites that live on and feast on eyelashes will be inhibited and that using lavender will kill the mites ⎯ allowing lashes to grow faster. However, this is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

    What is steam distillation?

    Hardcore science explanation
    Steam distillation is the common method used for essential oil extraction. This process takes advantage of the volatility of a compound to evaporate when heated with steam and the hydrophobicity (“water-fearing”) properties of a compound into an oil phase during condensation.

    Easy-to-understand explanation
    Steam distillation uses dry steam to pass through lavender’s flowering tips to convert the beneficial properties of lavender into an essential oil. After the steam passes through the flower, it is then cooled so that it can turn back into liquid oil and bottled for you to enjoy.

    To learn more about our high-quality essential oils, read this.

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