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    The essential truth about high-quality oils

    We have the best essential oils on the market with unbelievable prices, but how?

    This is the story behind how we make high-quality essential oils at the best price on the internet.

    1. Global Roots

    We obsess over the whereabouts of our essential oils, and you should be too!

    Check out exactly where we get some of the best ingredients for our essential oils: 

    Lavender from France

    Eucalyptus & Tea Tree from Australia

    Oranges and Bergamot from Italy

    Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

    Peppermint from Israel

    Rosewood from Brazil

    Holy Wood from Peru

    Transparency: where do our oils originate from?
    Smellacloud magic

    2. Extraction Magic

    All plant ingredients from our partnership with global farmers go to a little village in Veluwe, Netherlands.

    Here is where a group of wizards live and work their magic to produce wonderful concoctions in little glass bottles.

    Just kidding! This is where we distill and extract our essential oils then package them so they can be sent to your home. 

    Smellacloud magic

    3. No Middleman

    Are you familiar with the supply chain in the essential oil industry? It’s a long process with many steps that cause the price to inflate.

    At Smellacloud, we go straight to the source and remove the unnecessary markups to give you the best price for essential oils on the internet.

    Smellacloud essential oils
    Smellacloud essential oils

    4. All Natural

    Ever wonder how perfumes that contain essential oil have a strong smell that lasts a long time? It’s because of synthetic chemicals. 

    We decided when starting Smellacloud to stay away from chemicals and embrace the gifts from the natural world.

    In fact, the only chemical found in our essential oils is called d-limonene. This is a naturally occurring chemical produced from plants and flowers, found in every pure essential oil.

    Smellacloud essential oils

    5. Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is derived from the word aroma, which means fragrance or smell; and therapy, which means treatment.

    This ancient tradition goes back to pre-historic times when plants and herbs were being used for medicine and cosmetic purposes.

    Essential oils, such as those used in aromatherapy, require an aroma diffuser to release a cloud of health benefits.

    Aromatherapy with natural essential oils
    Health benefits of essential oils

    6. Health Benefits

    Essential oils can have a positive impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

    Although results may vary, essential oils are known to provide relief from numerous ailments like depression, indigestion, headache, insomnia, muscular pain, respiratory problems, skin ailments, swollen joints, urine associated complications, and more. 

    We recommend exploring the different attributes of each essential oil to find the effect, feeling, and experience for you.

    Health benefits of essential oils

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