Ylang ylang 100% essential oil 5ml

Ylang Ylang 100% Essential Oil 5mlDo you have lifeless hair, brittle nails or blemished skin? Having trouble relaxing? Ylang Ylang essential oil can help you out!Ylang ylang is also known by...


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Ylang Ylang 100% Essential Oil 5ml
Do you have lifeless hair, brittle nails or blemished skin? Having trouble relaxing? Ylang Ylang essential oil can help you out!

Ylang ylang is also known by its botanical name: Cananga odorata and is originally from Comoros. The name ylang ylang literally means "flower of flowers". The flowers grow on a tree that can grow up to 3 meters high.

Ylang ylang and your state of mind
The oil extracted from ylang ylang helps to relax the mind and open the heart.

Selfcare time! Relax.
Add some of the ylang ylang oil to your shampoo to restore strength to limp and lifeless hair. Add it to pre-boiled water and pat on the face to fight impurities on your skin. Massage some of the oil onto your nail bed for stronger nails. The list of possibilities is endless with this amazing, floral ylang ylang oil.

Tip! Mix a few drops with our one of our plant-based Skintox oils before you apply it to your skin and hair.

Essential oil is made from plants, plant roots, herbs, woods and flowers. Most essential oils consist of a composition of several substances. Essential oil is useful or pleasant in small quantities, but in large quantities it can be toxic. Think of a cup of coffee and the caffeine it contains. A few cups are tasty, but if you drink 100 cups a day, you have to go to the hospital.

Using drops of essential oils in an aroma diffuser or on a tissue causes no risk.

There are a number of things to pay extra attention to when using essential oil:

Direct contact with the skin and eyes should be avoided, this can cause irritation. For safe use on the skin we recommend mixing a few drops with one of our Skintox products.

Essential oils can be very toxic to aquatic organisms and can cause harmful effects in the long term.

Wear suitable gloves when using the oil and keep it out of the reach of children. In case of oral consumption, consult a doctor immediately. Pure essential oils naturally contain dipentene.

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