Essential Oils


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the extracts of a plant, a true gift from nature, purified and prepared for you to experience its energy and power in your home.

Hidden inside many plantsūĎĀčwithin roots, seeds, flowers, and leavesūĎĀčare concentrated, highly-potent chemical compounds. These all-natural chemicals are infused with a carrier oil to create aromatic and therapeutic essential oils.

Discovered by our ancestors, the secrets of essential oils have been around for thousands of years. They were commonly used for curing diseases, ceremonial rituals, and scaring away evil spirits.

Today, the ancient traditions of essential oils have evolved into a modern practice called aromatherapy.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Activating the powers of essential oils through aromatherapy can be achieved by inhaling or applying it to your skin. 

The aromatic and therapeutic properties are deeply immersive and can interact with your body in many ways.

When applied to the skin, essentials have been known to improve skin conditions, help treat the common cold, and encourage healthy digestion.

When inhaling from an aroma diffuser, it has the ability to stimulate areas of your limbic system which is the area of your brain used for emotions, behavior, sense of smell, and long term memory. 

Since essential oils interact with both the mind and body, every experience is unique for different people. From a mood booster in the morning to a positive impact on your health and well-beingūĎĀčthe best way to understand how essential oils work for you is to give them a try.

Popular Types & Health Benefits

There are hundreds of essential oils in the world, each with its own unique aroma, experience, and potential health benefits.

Here are the most popular essential oils at Smellacloud along with the health claims and benefits associated with them:

* Bergamot: used to boost energy, elevate mood, and reduce stress‚Ä®
* Cinnamon: used to alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness‚Ä®
* Eucalyptus: used to treat ailments such as nasal congestion and asthma 

* Lemon: used to improve digestion, mood, energy, and more‚Ä®
* Lavender: used to relieve stress‚Ä®
* Orange: used to elevate mood and reduce stress‚Ä®
* Peppermint: used to boost energy and aids digestion‚Ä®
* Pine Tree: used to improve relaxation and purify a room‚Ä®
* Rosemary: used to enhance relaxation and boost alertness‚Ä®
* Rosewood: used to boost mood and improve focus‚Ä®
* Sandalwood: used to treat headaches, stomach aches, and inflammation‚Ä®
* Silver Fir: used to support a healthy respiratory system‚Ä®
* Tangerine: used to clear the mind and reduce nervous tension‚Ä®
* Tea Tree Oil: used to feel calm, boost the immune system and reduce stress‚Ä®
* Vanilla: used to improve relaxation and relieve mental tension

How to Choose the Right Essential Oils?

Many companies use words like ‚Äėorganic,‚Äô ‚Äėall-natural,‚Äô ‚Äėpure,‚Äô or ‚Äėmedical grade‚Äô to descript their essential oils. Without knowing the processes and techniques used for creating them, it‚Äôs impossible to know the truth.

Here at Smellacloud, we are 100% transparent about who we work with and where we source our essential oils. All essential oils come from a farmer in the Netherlands with more than 50+ years creating memorable smells, aromas, and experiences.

Our wish is to share the magic, joy, and benefits of aromatherapy with the world. Why? Because we believe that relaxation is the superpower to help you achieve what you want.

‚Ä®So, when it comes to choosing the right essentials for you, your home, and your familyūĎĀčask yourself these questions:

* What makes you feel deeply calm, rested, and relaxed?‚Ä®
* What childhood memories and smells add a smile when remembered? 

* What types of experiences do you want to have in your life?‚Ä®

As you search for your answers, there’s a world of essential oils for you to discover and explore.

Add Aromatherapy to Your Home

Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment using the aromas of concentrated essential oils to balance the body and provide alternative healing. It involves oil being evaporated over a candle, or with an aroma diffuser.

You can also add essential oils a bath or taken orally. However, taking essential oil orally is not recommended unless you have first consulted a doctor.

Aromatherapy can be particularly effective for symptoms associated with stress, fatigue, tension, anxiety, and insomnia.


If you have any questions about how to use essential oils or to find the right one for you, feel free to contact us.

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        Meditation 100% essential oil 5ml original Smellacloud blend

        Meditation 100% essential oil 5ml Do you ever have the feeling that your mind never stop spinning? Or that negative thoughts, insecurity, anger, impatience and indecision prevail? This delicious essential oil,...

        Magic Love 100% Essential Oil 5ml original Smellacloud blend

        Magic love 100% essential oil: 5 ml Are you struggling to get in the mood? Would you like to have more space for your own freedom? Do you find it hard to...

        £12.95 £8.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Sage 100% Essential Oil 5ml

        Sage 100% essential oil 5ml Do you suffer from heavy menstruation? Or perhaps you are experiencing menopause? Do you suffer from other female discomforts? Sage comes from the leaves of the...

        Rosemary 100% Essential Oil 5ml

        Rosemary 100% essential oil 5ml Are you not comfortable and do you need some positive energy, more balance and a boost for your memory and focus? We all know the smell...

        £13.95 £7.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Cedarwood 100% essential oil 5ml

        Cedarwood 100% essential oil 5mlIs your immune system weakened? Could you use some relaxation? Do you suffer from stress?This amazing essential oil of cedarwood has a soothing, antiseptic and purifying effect. Cedarwood...

        £9.95 £7.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Frankincense 100% essential oil 5 ml

        Incense (Frankincense) 100% essential oil 5 mlAre you looking for more peace and quiet? Are you looking for yourself and could you use some help to get to your center?Our essential...

        £11.95 £7.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Palmarosa 100% essential oil 5ml

        Palmarosa 100% Essential Oil 5mlDo you have trouble relaxing? Do you find it difficult to find peace? Trouble sleeping?Palmarosa oil is extracted from a grass species that grows in Asia. The...

        £12.95 £7.50 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Coniferous forest 100% essential oil 5ml original Smellacloud blend

        Coniferous forest 100% essential oil 5ml Are you in need of some release and relaxation? Are your muscles stiff or do you have difficulty breathing? With this wonderful composition of pine,...

        £12.95 £8.95 Read moreRead more

        Grapefruit 100% Essential Oil 5ml

        Grapefruit 100% essential oil 5ml Do you suffer from a winter dip, are you not comfortable with yourself and are you feeling lethargic? Do you need a boost and a boost...

        £8.95 £7.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Yang 100% essential oil 5ml original Smellacloud blend

        Yang 100% essential oil 5ml We all have male and female energy and if those are balanced, we experience inner peace and we can easily sense what is needed. We are...

        Ecstasy 100% essential oil: 5ml Smellacloud¬ģ Blend

        Ecstasy 100% essential oil: 5ml Smellacloud¬ģ Blend Are you ready for a boost? Do you need some bit of good courage and willpower? You may need a drop of ecstasy!Ecstasy is...

        £12.95 £8.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Cypress 100% essential oil 5ml

        Cypress 100% Essential Oil 5mlDo you feel like the walls around you are closing in? Are you in need of fresh air? The magical scent of nature and forest has a...

        Concentration 100% essential oil 5ml original Smellacloud blend

        Concentration 100% essentiel oil : 5ml Could you use a little boost? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you lose your focus quite quickly? It sounds like you need...

        £12.95 £8.95 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Silver fir 100% essential oil 5ml

        Silver fir 100% essential oil 5ml Do you have low energy? Do you feel unbalanced? Do you feel a flu coming up and are you in need of a boost? Our...

        £12.95 £8.95 Read moreRead more

        Holy wood (Palo Santo) 100% essential oil 5ml

        Holy wood (Palo Santo) 100% essential oil 5ml Do you feel restless, stressed out and tired? This is the oil that you evaporate after a hectic day or week. Holy wood...

        Ginger 100% essential oil 10ml

        Ginger 100% essential oil 5mlAre you looking for some refreshment? Are you not feeling well or are you a bit sick?Ginger is a natural medicine and is used in China, among other...

        Yin 100% essential oil 5 ml original Smellacloud blend

        Yin 100% essential oil 5 ml Want to be more in touch with your feminine side and the emotions in your body? Would you want to give your love life a...

        Purify 100% Essential Oil 5ml

          Purify 100% essential oil: 5 ml Do you feel like you’re stuck in your usual habits? Is your head working overtime? Do you find it hard to wind down? Is...