1001 night 100% Essential Oil 5ml original Smellacloud blend

1001 night 100% essential oil 5ml Can your love life use a boost? Are you out of balance and do you want to get more in touch with your physical self?...

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1001 night 100% essential oil 5ml

Can your love life use a boost? Are you out of balance and do you want to get more in touch with your physical self? This romantic fragrance opens all the gates to the subconscious and will give your love life a boost. In a fairylike, magical and seductive atmosphere, there is room for complete submission. The warming aroma of this 1001 night essential oil works relaxing and stimulates our imagination and our libido. The oil consists of a unique combination of sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli and gives a sweet, woody aroma.

Critters such as mosquitoes, flies and silver-fox creatures, silverfish hate this smell and will avoid your home. Our oils are 100% natural and therefore not harmful to humans or animals. The oil will not harm the insects, but will drive them away. Sounds like a win-win situation!

1001 night and your state of mind 

This oil offers a deep relaxation for mind and body. Unprecedented peace and tranquility descends and creates room for fantasy, openness and submission. The strong grounding smell brings us into deep contact with our primal instinct and our physical body. The smell increases libido, eroticises and stimulates a good night's sleep. Physical complaints such as insomnia, infections, nausea, clogged airways and a stuffy nose disappear when this oil evaporates. Also mental complaints such as restlessness, depression, anxiety and stress are controlled with this warm smell. Do you suffer from bacteria and fungi at home? Then this oil is also recommended.

Tip! Put a few drops on a cloth and put them in your wardrobe to prevent moths!

Essential oil is made from plants, plant roots, herbs, woods and flowers. Most essential oils consist of a composition of several substances. Essential oil is useful or pleasant in small quantities, but in large quantities it can be toxic. Think of a cup of coffee and the caffeine it contains. A few cups are tasty, but if you drink 100 cups a day, you have to go to the hospital.

Using drops of essential oils in an aroma diffuser or on a tissue causes no risk.

There are a number of things to pay extra attention to when using essential oil:

Direct contact with the skin and eyes should be avoided, this can cause irritation. For safe use on the skin we recommend mixing a few drops with one of our Skintox products.

Essential oils can be very toxic to aquatic organisms and can cause harmful effects in the long term.

Wear suitable gloves when using the oil and keep it out of the reach of children. In case of oral consumption, consult a doctor immediately. Pure essential oils naturally contain dipentene.

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