Smellacloud® original Close 2 nature 2.0 Diffuser 200 ML Green

Good for
  • Granite Green is so eye-catching you’ll want to make it the centrepiece in every room 
  • High-performing diffuser that disperses a steady mist with adjustable timer based on your needs
  • Known for helping people reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, improve sleep, feel relaxed, boost mood, and more
  • BPA-Free to ensure you and your loved ones are always safe 


Amanda V. ★★★★★ “Easy to use and looks very pretty at night when it's glowing. Lots of colours to choose from. Would highly recommend.”

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Wow! This Close 2 Nature 2.0 Aroma Diffuser really is something else! With her alluring, slightly vase-like shape and tall tip she will conquer the world (and your home)! Besides that, it looks fantastic in your living room as decoration.

Your Smellacloud diffuser can make you feel better with a simple press of a button! Improve your night rest, reduce stress and get into a better mood with our 100% natural essential oils.

    • Smellacloud fills your room with a lovely scent within just a few minutes
    • Use one or more Smellacloud essential oils so you can switch up the scent whenever you feel like it
    • Every Smellacloud has a built-in LED-light and a timer. It also works as a humidifier
    • We strongly advice you only use Smellacloud essential oils because these contain 100% natural ingredients. Our oils are safe to use and won’t damage your diffuser, so it’s covered under warranty.

Looking for a multifunctional diffuser? The Close 2 Nature 2.0 can not only be used to evaporate and spread essential oils to make your home smell good, it also serves as a humidifier to keep the humidity inside up. On top of that it also serves as a cute night light. The perfect shape and colour options to match any interior. The white top half gives off a serene feel while the printed or colored bottom radiates warmth and coziness.

The benefits of a Smellacloud

Are you suffering from a dry or aching throat, blocked nose, dry skin, headaches or sensitive eyes? Do you know that cold feeling, even though the heating is on? Are you experiencing dry air in your home or workspace?

You can eliminate all these complaints by introducing a Smellacloud into your life! It’s a humidifier, an aroma diffuser and a mood light, all in one! By filling it with water and adding a few drops of essential oil, you will not only humidify the room, you’ll also spread a pleasant fragrance. This eliminates all of the issues mentioned earlier. Additional to the fact that an aroma diffuser is beneficial to your own health, it’s also great for your plants!

Every room in your house is suitable for a Smellacloud. From the bedroom to the living room. Even the nursery! In the entrance hall to make sure guests are welcomed into your home properly, or in the bathroom to eliminate unwanted smells. Add one to your home office or study room to improve your focus and concentration, or create a calming atmosphere in your baby room.


You’ll find two buttons on the front of the Close 2 Nature 2.0 diffuser. The left button works the mist. By pressing it multiple times you rotate between the different timer settings: 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. The 8 hours setting works on a 3 minute interval, so the mist goes on and off automatically every 3 minutes for 8 hours. That way the diffuser can go on for 8 hours with its relatively small water tank of 200ml. The mist and the light can be used separately, you can use one of the other (or both) whenever you please. When used together, the light will turn off when the timer (or water) of the mist runs out, for environmentally conscious purposes.

In the water tank you’ll find an indication of the maximum water level. In the Close 2 Nature 2.0 diffuser this is a little yellow cap. Always make sure the water stays under this indication, to prevent any issues.

Safety and specifications

Width: 15cm
Water capacity: 200ml
Material: pp5 (BPA-free)
Wattage: 24v
Max operation time: 8 hours
Max room size: 35m²
Timer: 2 hour, 4 hours or 8 hours (8h setting works on a 3 minute interval).
Light: LED
Type: ultrasonic diffuser
Turns off automatically
Needs to be plugged in (comes with 1,5m cord)


As an entrepreneur an aroma diffuser is a valuable purchase. Your workspace will smell wonderful in no time and will be a pleasant spot to welcome your clients into. Think of a beauty salon, a spa, a gym or a hair salon. A waiting room for the GP or dentist or the reception of a hotel would also be a great place. A nice fragrance will help clients feel comfortable and at ease. That’s also why aroma diffusers are popular during yoga and meditation. Plus they’re great for nursing homes, retirement homes and daycares. These spaces usually aren’t very well ventilated and the heating is turned up high. Dry air and unpleasant smells are inevitable in these situations, so a Smellacloud could definitely help!

The right scent for the right atmosphere

With the help of an aroma diffuser and the right essential oil, every room will smell amazing. Scents can influence your emotions: you get a feeling of happiness, calm and serenity. Or you become more focused by inhaling a certain scent. Sense of smell is very personal so there is no ‘one scent fits all’ or ‘best oil’. Everyone has different preferences. Scent influences your subconsciousness and your mood. On top of that, essential oils have more benefits and effects. Read the effects of all our oils and how they affect your body and mind. That way you will make the perfect choice for you and your home. Our oils are 100% bio and pure and are therefore beneficial to your health.

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