4 Best Wood Oil Diffusers of 2022

wood oil diffuser

As aromatherapy becomes ever-more popular, wooden oil diffusers are increasingly becoming the go-to diffuser for new and old fans alike.

Like other types of aroma diffusers, wood diffusers offer science-backed benefits to your emotional wellbeing, physical health and even your concentration levels.

At SmellACloud, we’ve got three different types of wooden oil diffusers for you to pick from - but which is best for you?

Let’s get reading and take a look. 

What is a wooden oil diffuser?

First of all, what is a wooden oil diffuser? A wooden oil diffuser is just like a regular aroma diffuser, but made using soft, light, or dark wood. Wooden diffusers can add an authentic, rustic look to your home, and offer the same health and wellbeing benefits as a regular diffuser. 

Benefits of using a wooden oil diffuser

Aroma diffusers aren't a fad - the benefits of aromatherapy are long-established and scientifically proven. Here are a few ways you can use an aroma diffuser to improve your wellbeing: 

Better sleep

Diffusing essential oil has been proven to improve sleep quality and help you nod off easier. Studies have shown that inhaling a mixture of essential oils is a safe, natural alternative to prescription drugs used to treat sleep disorders

Improved concentration

So many people now are working and studying at home - but home working doesn’t come without some downsides. While many enjoy the flexibility of remote working, it can also be difficult to concentrate when surrounded by family, flatmates, or home distractions.

This is where a wood diffuser comes in: diffusing essential oils can help you improve your concentration and even improve your cognitive brain function. By placing a wood essential oil diffuser in your study room or home office, you can increase your productivity and your focus. 

Reduced stress and anxiety

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, over 30% of women aged 16-24 report problems with anxiety and depression. While some cases might require medication and counselling, aromatherapy has long been a popular, natural method for combating stress and anxiety.

It’s science-backed, too. In fact, diffusing lavender oil is known to reduce anxiety symptoms by limiting the body’s natural “flight or fight” response to danger. Plus, unlike various other anti-anxiety medications, lavender oil soothes without causing sedative side-effects. If you’re suffering from anxiety or find yourself feeling stressed for no reason, diffusing essential oils can help you achieve calm and clarity. 

Choosing the best wooden oil diffusers

So, what are the best wooden oil diffusers? At SmellACloud, our wooden oil diffusers are all BPA-free and use ultrasonic technology to disperse the essential oils into the air. By using ultrasonic technology, the essential oils are misted using a water blend, ensuring minimal waste and extra humidifying properties.

We have three wooden oil diffusers, each with a different water capacity and a different wooden aesthetic:

Soft Juice Diffuser 

Our Soft Juice diffuser is one of our most popular wooden essential oil diffusers. With a capacity of 100ml, it’s compact enough for you to place anywhere in the home and enjoy the benefits of aroma diffusion all day long.

Our Soft Juice design mixes rustic with contemporary; the diffuser is made with light wood or dark wood, with both wooden models also equipped with a matte white head for ultimate aroma diffusion.

This wood diffuser comes with two modes of diffusion: mist and light, so you can customise your home aromatherapy experience based on your needs.

Smellacloud® original Close 2 nature 2.0

Our Close 2 Nature aroma diffuser is ideal for those looking for a custom diffusion experience. With a water capacity of 200ml

This wood diffuser comes with three different durations of diffusion: 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. If you opt for the 8 hour diffusion, the diffuser will release mist at 3-minute intervals. If you suffer from a sleep condition and want to try using aromatherapy to improve your sleep, the 8-hour function mode is perfect.

Like our Soft Juice wood diffuser, the design of our Close 2 Nature oil diffuser bridges contemporary functionality with a rustic look and feel. Depending on your tastes, you can choose between the light wood model and dark wood model.

Unity Diffusers in Light Wood and Dark Wood

With a 400ml capacity, our wooden Unity Diffusers are ideal for diffusing large spaces for longer periods of time. Made with light wood or dark wood, you can choose between two gorgeous, rustic aesthetics that will make your bedroom or living room feel like a home spa.

The Unity Diffusers come with four different diffusion durations: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or continual. The ‘continual’ option will keep your oil diffuser running until the water blend has been fully used up.

Nimbus 2.0 Diffuser in Light Wood

One of our best-selling wood oil diffusers, the Nimbus 2.0 brings the magic of aromatherapy to your home, office, or anywhere else you want to use it. With a vase-like shape and light wood detailing, this oil diffuser looks fantastic alongside flowers, decorative objects, or even as a centrepiece on your bedside table.

With the Nimbus 2.0, you can diffuse your essential oils for either 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours. Like the Close 2 Nature oil diffuser, the 8-hour mode will mist essential oils every 3 minutes, ensuring no waste of essential oils and ensuring that you get a light, refreshing aroma with every use.


How do you use a wood oil diffuser? 

All of our SmellACloud oil diffusers are simple to use. All you need to do is fill the water tank up to the yellow line situated on the inner brim of the diffuser. Once full, add some of your favourite essential oils and enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy!

What’s the difference between a wood oil diffuser and a regular diffuser?

There’s no difference in the technology between a wooden oil diffuser and a regular diffuser. Like our other diffusers, all our wooden models are BPA-free and function just like a normal aroma diffuser.