Best Essential Oils for Canker Sores

Best Essential Oils for Canker Sores

Canker sores are miserable and a horrible drag all the time. They cause problems when eating and drinking. Canker sores are painful blisters that form inside the mouth and make it extremely difficult to talk or eat. It can occur at any point in time and becomes very difficult to treat because of their placement. Fortunately, few natural remedies can be useful in treating canker sores, of which essential oil therapy is included. Essential oils are very effective in tackling canker sores because of their anti-inflammatory properties, which help cool the wounds and increase the healing process. According to research, canker sores tend to go away on their own, but essential oils are your best bet to reduce the pain that comes with it and hasten the healing.

What are Canker Sores?

Cankers sores, also known as mouth sores, are small ulcers that form in the mouth due to numerous reasons. Genetic predisposition, stress, chemotherapy, anxiety, diet, spontaneous occurrence, and exercise can be genetic. Most times, canker sores are mistaken for cold sores, but cold sores are quite different because they occur on the lips and are contagious.

How Essential Oils Treat Canker Sores

The peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil are used to treat canker sores because they are naturally laced with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which help prevent infections. These oils have cooling effects which help soothe the wound and create relief. Essential oils are extracted from plants and have numerous health benefits. Every essential oil has its unique advantage, and a combination of oils with anti-inflammatory properties helps tackle canker sores. In terms of application, canker sores are best treated using topical means rather than aromatherapy. A highly recommended method of tackling canker sores using essential oils is infusing certain dosages into mouthwashes. The best essential oils for canker sores include:

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree from the tea tree found in Australia is one of the best essential oils used in treating canker sores; it has been used for ages by numerous individuals to cure ailments such as this. Tea tree oil also helps increase the work done by the white blood cells, which helps them fight against invaders and repel viruses. These benefits help make spot treatments easier and more effective; it is recommended that you apply two drops of this essential oil onto a cotton swab and then place it on the sore wound. It will hurt a little, but there should be no problem as long as you are gentle. However, if the pain is unbearable, it is advised that you dilute the essential oil first before applying it.

Peppermint Oil

This essential oil is popularly used because of its crispy and fresh scent. Over the years, peppermint essential oil has been proven to treat canker sores and prevent further occurrences effectively. Ensure that while you are using this oil, it is not ingested and is only applied to your mouth's affected area.

Other Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Sage Rinse

Sage can be found in the mint family and possesses a cooling and soothing effect which aims at relieving the sore wound formed in the mouth. To use the sage, toss about two spoons of sage into four ounces of boiling water. Allow it to steep for about fifteen minutes before letting it cool; pour it in your mouth and hold it for a minute before spitting it out. Rinse your mouth thoroughly using cold water after this, then repeat the same procedure couple of hours later to get good results.

Yoghurt Snack with Live Culture

Yoghurts that contain live culture are well known for improving the gut's health. Aside from that, it can also help rebalance the bacteria found in your mouth, which would, in turn, speed up the healing process of the canker sores. If you have canker sores, it won't hurt to take a couple of yoghurts in a day, plus its creamy nature makes it less susceptible to causing you pain as you eat.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil serves many purposes ranging from being applied on the skin to being used in the kitchen, such a wonderful ingredient! However, you might not know about coconut oil because it contains an extreme anti-inflammatory property that helps treat canker sores. Get your coconut oil dabbed in a cotton swab and apply over the sore area in your mouth; do this repeatedly throughout the day till the soreness subsides. It also has a cooling effect on the mouth sores, which further reduces the pain caused by it.

Lifestyle Tips for Canker Sores

We do basic things that aid in the formation of mouth sores; these lifestyles cause more harm than good and ought to be curbed in the best way possible. Some of them may include:

  •   Food choices: Certain foods trigger this ailment. You must monitor your feeding habit to detect the foods which can cause you to develop canker sores. Upon discovery, you must steer clear of these kinds of foods.
  •   Stress: Although not popularly known, stress causes a lot of unexpected illnesses, and canker sores are one of them. Both emotional and physical stress can tell on the body if endured for too long; ensure you get adequate rest to avoid further mouth ulcers.
  •   Oral Hygiene: Individuals with braces have a high risk of contracting canker sores and, as such, should practice good oral hygiene always. Everyone, in general, should endeavour to have good oral hygiene to prevent the occurrence of mouth sores.


Canker sores can be a pain in the butt, and the next time you experience them, you can try one of these remedies to tackle them. Essential oils are one of the best and safest means you can try to alleviate the pains associated with canker sores, and they are natural too! You can try out any essential oils or remedies listed in this article for the best results.