Firework Anxiety Dogs And Cats: Natural Tips For Your Pets - Smellacloud

Firework Anxiety Dogs And Cats: Natural Tips For Your Pets - Smellacloud

Help, my little pooch is scared of fireworks!

It could be Bonfire night or New years eve, that makes you sparkle with joy, The big beautiful firework shows, good company, bubbly and some good snacks. But for our most loved and trusted pooches these days can be their worst nightmare.

A little bang here and a big flash there. Colours speed into the air and explode with a big bang. We haven’t even started on the big firecrackers.

For any animal this can be super intimidating. Their instinct tells them that there is danger, especially on nights like New Years Eve, they really feel the heat. No wonder they feel super lost, anxious and panicked.

Fire works and pets: How to calm them down

As you might already know, the sense of cats and dogs are way stronger than us humans. They can see way better (especially in the dark), their hearing is stronger and their sense of smell is super strong. Firework makes their senses overstimulated which results in them feeling unsafe and not at ease.

Unfortunately, we can not take away their anxiety, but we can reduce the triggers and be the best role model ourselves in these situations. Dogs are super sensitive to their owners energie. If you have a negative reaction to fireworks, your dog will follow this behavior and get the gratification that this is something to be scared of. So don’t flinch or give any sort of reaction to the bangs and just carry on with what you were doing.

There are also other things you can do to make the fireworks less intense, so your little buddy doesn’t get triggered as much. Let’s talk about it!

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Essential oils and firework anxiety

There are two good reasons why essential oils are great for treating firework anxiety. First of all, the smell of this relaxing oil sends a signal to the brain that everything is okay! The coast is clear, you don’t have to be vigilant. The muscles will naturally feel relaxed, without any scary additives that will paralyze your little pooch.

Next to this fireworks create a super strong scent. You know the drill, when it’s midnight, you go and wish your neighbours a happy new year and the streets smell of fireworks. This scent is undeniable. The smell of fireworks will enter any well ventilated house and we may not smell it as much as our pooches do, but it’s very strong for them. This scent to them means danger..

By misting essential oils you can override the scent of fireworks, so your pooch doesn’t panic as much.

The number one relaxing oil that is safe for pets is lavender. This fresh floral scent has been proven to give relaxation, easing anxiety and a good night’s sleep. Our unique blend Relax is also a pleasant option for our pooches.

BEWARE! Never use essential oils directly onto the skin or fur of animals. You can mix a drop of lavender oil with a Skintox oil and rub this into your hands. Give your pet a good old stroke and spread the love with the relaxing oil and let the lavender work it’s magic!

Great tips to help out your best buddy

  • Of course our first tip is to turn on your Smellacloud and add some relaxing oils like lavender. This doesn’t only soothe and calm your baby but it also takes away the scent of the fireworks outside.
  • Make sure they have a place to go like a bench or a bed where you can cover them in blankets so the noise doesn’t get to them.
  • Turn on some tv or put on some music, so the emphasis won’t be on the noises of the fireworks.
  • Close the curtains to keep out the flashes.
  • Stay calm yourself and pretend the fireworks aren’t even there.
  • Give your pooch some good snacks that will last them for a while so they can focus on chewing and not the fireworks.
  • When you have to take the dog uit for a little wee, make sure they are secured to a good leash. When dogs are anxious they do tend to want to flee.
  • Make sure you have the leash wrapped around your wrist very tightly.
  • Make sure your dog can release its energy during the day. Go for a big boy/girl walk.
  • Keep your cats inside!

Is your pet extremely scared and are you having a hard time finding the right solution? Don’t hesitate to call an expert on these things. They can help you out with the preparations for next year.