How do essential oil diffusers help you relax?

Oil Diffuser

Whether it’s helping you get better sleep, aiding congestion or helping reduce symptoms of anxiety, there are many reasons why essential oil diffusers can improve your overall wellbeing. 

So, how do essential oil diffusers help you relax? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

Here are just a few of the ways using an oil diffuser can help you relax and contribute to a healthy living environment:

Better sleep

Getting enough sleep is absolutely essential when it comes to maintaining wellbeing and good health. In fact, studies have repeatedly shown a direct link between a regular lack of sleep and depression. If you struggle nodding off at night, using an oil diffuser can help.

Many essential oils are known to aid sleep and relaxation:

  • Lavender helps soothe symptoms of anxiety and offers a light sedative effect.
  • Bergamot can help regulate your heart rate, helping you nod off even when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Sandalwood also offers light sedative benefits and can also help calm physical anxiety symptoms.

While some people apply essential oils topically, the best way to use essential oils to aid sleep is by inhaling them using an oil diffuser.

The diffuser’s essential oils will be misted into your room while you relax for bed, allowing you to become progressively more drowsy and relaxed, and helping you get a good night’s sleep. 

Soothe anxiety symptoms

Aside from helping you nod off, an oil diffuser can also help soothe symptoms of anxiety. The benefits of aromatherapy in treating anxiety are widely established, with various studies proving that inhaling essential oils such as lavender can actually reduce anxiety without producing withdrawal symptoms linked to various other medications. 

Other essential oils that help anxiety include:

  • Valerian oil is an ancient essential oil, often used in traditional herbal medicine to treat anxiety and depression.
  • Jasmine is a known mood regulator, making it perfect for use to calm anxiety. It’s also known to have natural aphrodisiac properties, meaning it can also be used to soothe any anxiety during intimacy. 
  • Chamomile is another stress-busting essential oil; it’s also one of the essential oils with the most pleasant scents, making it ideal for diffusing throughout your home.

Using an oil diffuser, you can fill your home with anxiety-soothing essential aromas and create a calm, relaxing home environment. If you suffer from social anxiety, you can also use an oil diffuser before a big event, which can help calm your nerves and help prevent panic attacks.

Using an oil diffuser vs. applying essential oils to the skin

If you’re interested in using essential oils, you may have heard that you can get the same benefits by simply applying the essential oils topically to the skin.

While this is an option, here’s why using an oil diffuser is a much more effective method if your goal is relaxation:

  • Using an oil diffuser is the quickest way to get the essential oils working. When you use an oil diffuser, you’re technically inhaling the essential oils. This sends the oils directly to your lungs, brain and internal body. If you’re looking for fast relief for anxiety or stress, an oil diffuser is the best route.
  • Topical application = limited results. While applying essential oils to the skin can work, your results are going to be limited. You might benefit from the aromas, but a lot of the product will penetrate into the skin, leaving you with less to inhale.

There are instances where essential oils can be applied topically - for example, when treating pain on the outer body. However, for relaxation purposes, it’s much more effective to use an oil diffuser.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers

So, how do you pick the best oil diffuser and start reaping the benefits of essential oils?

At Smellacloud, we’ve got six different oil diffusers to pick from (and in lots of different colours and styles!) Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced aromatherapist, we’ve got something for everyone:

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Beginners

If you’re new to the essential oils game, we’d recommend our Serenity Diffuser. With three timing options for diffusion (1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours) and two different sprays (light and mist) you can explore aromatherapy at your own pace. 
Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Minimalists

Want an oil diffuser but don’t want to disrupt the colour pattern in your home? Or maybe you’re looking for an oil diffuser that just looks chic and stylish? For the aesthetic-conscious, we’d recommend our Unity Diffuser 2.0 - you can find this model in jet-black, making it perfect for sliding into the background in your home. 

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Sleep

If you want to improve your sleep quality, we’d recommend our Nimbus 2.0 Aroma Diffuser. While this oil diffuser only has a capacity of 200ml, you can still get a whopping 8 hours of aromatherapy with this model. This diffuser works by releasing aromas at 3-minute intervals, making it perfect for helping you sleep.


Can I mix essential oils when using an oil diffuser?

Yes! In fact, some studies even suggest that using a blend of essential oils is the best way to reap the maximum benefits. 

How many essential oils can you mix together in a diffuser?

As many as you like! As a wise woman once said, “the limit does not exist!” You can use as many essential oils as you wish to at one time.