How to Calm a Fussy Baby With Essential Oils

How to Calm a Fussy Baby With Essential Oils

Ever considered using essential oils to soothe your baby?

Essential oils are a buzzing topic among consumers today as more and more people find them helpful on various occasions. Some of the most popular uses of essential oil are for relaxation and stress reduction.

However, did you know that you can extend the benefit of essential oils to babies? Research shows that applying essential oils for babies can soothe and calm babies. Specifically, aromatherapy can reduce crying and promote sleep.

Keep reading to find out how you can calm a fussy baby with essential oils!

Must-Have Essential Oils for Babies

There are many reasons why babies feel fussy. For instance, they might be experiencing anxiety. Fortunately, various studies found that essential oils offer many benefits, including calming fussy babies.

Essential oils are plant extracts made by pressing or steaming plants. The most used and appreciated essential oil is lavender.

If your baby is suffering from any form of emotional distress, lavender oil can help. Lavender contains compounds that can relax the body, calming the mind in the process. This is also why lavender oil is effective in soothing a baby to sleep.

Lavender oil is also a natural pain reliever. Thus, it can soothe teething problems, colic, and other pains that are bothering your baby. Therefore, if you’re looking for how to calm a fussy baby or how to soothe a baby to sleep, this is it!

Other safe essential oils for babies include those extracted from orange, tangerine, bergamot, palmarosa, grapefruit, rosemary, cedarwood, and ginger. In addition, extracts from lemongrass, sandalwood, and pine tree are also advisable.

How You Can Use Essential Oils to Calm Fussy Babies

Now that you have these essential oils for babies; it’s time to reap the benefits they offer. The most common and safe way is to mix it with water and mist it using a Smellacloud diffuser.


Using a Smellacloud diffuser

Smellacloud is a water-based vaporiser, which is the safest way to use essential oils, especially around babies. All you have to do is add a few drops of your chosen essential oil on top of the water and press 'mist'.

These cute looking diffusers are safe to use in the nursery, just make just to slowly introduce the oils into your baby's life. Start with adding just one drop and build it up gradually over the years. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable a little Smellacloud looks in the baby room? 


Spraying essential oil

Another way to calm a fussy baby using essential oils is by spraying some before the baby sleeps. This helps spread the aroma of the essential oil inside the room.

As a result, the baby will inhale a calming scent that can lull them to sleep. However, make sure not to spray on the pillow as your baby can accidentally ingest these.

Mix a few drops of lavender oil with some water to create your own natural soothing spray. Optionally, you can add some pure alcohol to extend the shelf life, so you can keep using it until you run out without it having it go off.

Essential oils for babies

Safety Precautions to Observe When Using Essential Oils

It’s important to remember that diluting essential oils is a must. Never apply undiluted essential oils as they can harm the baby’s skin. It’s also not safe to use essential oils for babies three months old and below, so wait until after they hit the 3 month mark before you start using essential oils around the little one.

Moreover, digesting essential oil can bring respiratory-related harm. As such, ensure that you keep the oil bottles away from the baby’s reach.

It’s also vital that you follow the exact instructions when using aroma diffusers. If your baby has asthma or is at risk of developing one, opt for other methods aside from using diffusers.

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