How To Enjoy The Best Of Your Air Diffusers: 8 Simple Steps

How To Enjoy The Best Of Your Air Diffusers: 8 Simple Steps

Have you been seeing some cool-looking air diffusers in every home and store you visit and you are wondering what makes them special that people are so crazy about them? 

Although you are probably familiar with the most convenient way of using an essential oil which is by adding some droplets to your bath, clothes and towel, it is still not the best way to utilise essential oils except through a systematic dispersion.

An essential oil air diffuser is perfect for creating a homey and soothing environment because it humidifies the air and disperses oils with a light mist that smells amazing. 

Besides releasing fragrant vapours into your space, air diffusers are known to boost your focus level, relaxation and healing processes, which in turn, has a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit.

You can sporadically change the entire atmosphere of your home by simply making an air diffuser a part of your routine.

Still not sure? Well, you have all you need to know right here!

What Is An Air Diffuser?

An air diffuser is a small device that is utilised to disperse fragrance, essential oils, or other scented liquids into the air. Apart from spreading these essential oils, it also makes them smell stronger and last longer. 

An essential oil diffuser will be a terrific addition to your home if you have been hoping for a way to make your indoor air smell natural and relaxing. This way, you don't have to keep using scented candles or other artificial fragrances that may be unsafe for your home.

How Does An Air Diffuser Work?

An air diffuser is an electric device that uses ultrasonic pulses to blend the fragrance of essential oils with moisture from water, which helps in creating and circulating soft mists of your preferred scent. 

Tips For Using An Essential oil Air Diffuser

If you own an essential oil diffuser, you have probably already experienced the benefits of aromatherapy in your home, but how do you use an essential oil air diffuser to get the most out of these fantastic devices? 

Unfortunately, it is a little more tricky than the usual way of just adding essential oil to the diffuser and turning it on. 

Regardless of the model of air diffuser you have and what you are using it for, these simple steps are guaranteed to make you enjoy the best of your air diffuser. 

Let's get you started right away!

Step 1: Find An Ideal Location

Although finding a location to place your air diffuser sounds obvious, its effectiveness is dependent on the right spot. It is best to have it in an area where the essential oil can be easily diffused to you as they are best utilised when placed in strategic areas in your home.

Selecting a high shelf is ideal if you want the scent of the essential oil to spread to the whole room. The higher the height, the wider the scent spreads!

For an intense aromatherapy session, you can place the air diffuser where it is the closest to you. Regardless of the position you end up picking, ensure the air diffuser is placed on a flat surface to prevent spills.

Step 2: Turn Off The Fan

The next step is to turn off the fan. Most people get the wrong idea of turning on the fan for the easy dispersion of the essential oil. However, the reverse is the case here; for best use, it is better to turn off the fan and allow the diffuser oil to gradually spread.

Step 3: Add Some Water To The Air Diffuser

Interestingly, air diffusers contain water reservoirs that allow room for the addition of water (mostly clean tap water). There will be a water level line in the reservoir, if not, use a measuring cup to fill it up.

You should be conscious of the water level especially if you are new to air diffusers. Adding less amount of water produces a more concentrated fragrance, explore to find out which water level works best for you.

Step 4: Add A Few Drops of Your Most preferred Essential Oil

For a gradual buildup of effectiveness, start by adding 2-3 drops of the best essential oil for your preferred purpose. You may add more to increase the intensity.

While lavender essential oil boosts relaxation, there are countless numbers of essential oils for different purposes, you just have to know what works best for you.

Step 5: Cover The Diffuser

This is a small but paramount step that can't be ignored. Since you can't place the air diffuser beside a fan, pressure is needed for the dispersion of the oil.

Hence, to create a fine mist, you must correctly enclose the diffuser with its lid as this will increase the pressure and only allow the mist to pass through a tiny hole.

Step 6: Set A Timer

Just as the models of air diffusers vary, so are their features. Some of these air diffusers have unique features like a nightlight or a display of LED lights, and set timers that enable your oil diffusers to run for as many cycles as you want.

Step 7: Turn On Your Air Diffuser

Find a socket, plug in your diffuser and turn it on. The experience starts immediately, and it is best enjoyed when you sit back and relax! 

Step 8: Clean After Use

To prevent the buildup of dirt and residual oil, it is advised to clean up after use. 

  • You can do this by simply dabbing the inside of your basin with a damp cloth or towel.
  • Use a soft clean brush to rub the metal plate 
  • Leave to air dry.

Now that you recognise that essential oils aren't just sweet-smelling liquids but a necessity to influence your mind, mood and even healing process; Don't just wait till you have company coming over, treat yourself to one today! Create a spa-like experience by releasing these stress-relieving fragrances into your atmosphere.

At Smellacloud, we focus more on naturally influencing your happiness and well-being.