How to Use Essential Oils to Enhance Your Mood

How to Use Essential Oils to Enhance Your Mood

The list of essential oil benefits is truly endless, which is a big reason essential oils are such an important thing to incorporate into our lifestyles. There are essential oils for hair growth stimulation, essential oils for pregnancy, essential oils for headaches, essential oils that can improve or shift your mood, and so much more. Some essential oil diffuser blends have relaxing benefits, others can give you energy, and there are even oils that help reduce anxiety. Whatever benefit you are personally seeking, you first need to know how to use essential oils specifically for mood enhancements. Let this be your guide on how to use essential oils to improve the way you feel.

Choosing the Smellacloud Diffuser

When you are making purchases to start taking advantage of the amazing essential oil benefits, the best place to start is with the purchase of a reliable diffuser. Essential oil diffusers are easy to use, and a nice steppingstone into experiencing the benefits of essential oils without getting overwhelmed by mixing essential oils for topical use or ingestion (which both also have fantastic perks but arent the best starting place for most individuals). Searching for best essential oil diffuser UKis likely going to result in countless items, making it difficult to know which product will be right for you.

First and foremost, it’s important to think about how large the space you plan to keep your new diffuser in is. The size of a room has a large impact on the diffuser you should choose. As an example, our Nimbus diffuser works best in a room no more than 35m2, which is a small-medium sized diffuser. For larger spaces, a 400 ML diffuser like the Unity diffuser , or perhaps even a 500 ML diffuser, may be necessary. The size of diffuser you purchase is entirely dependent on the size of the space you plan to keep it in and how long you want the diffuser to run! At Smellacloud we offer various sizes to fit your space perfectly. 

The next component of selecting the perfect Smellacloud diffuser to start your essential oil journey is a bit more exciting than room size or run time its your own personal style, YAY ! Your Smellacloud diffuser will certainly bring you tremendous joy when you start diffusing essential oil combinations, but the way your diffuser looks should also spark joy. There are Smellacloud diffusers in all shapes, colours, and styles you can choose from: wooden designs, beautiful colours, and unique styles. Once you know the size you need, you can have some fun with our Smellacloud diffuser selection.

Essential oils

Essential Oils

Now that you know how to pick the perfect diffuser for your space and preferences, the real magic begins: choosing the essential oils that will promote the mood enhancing benefits you’re looking for. If you are seeking calming essential oils, a blend of lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and orange essential oil is amazing. Another great essential oil blend for relaxation is lavender and ylang ylang essential oil. Don't feel like blending? We also have our own ready made blends available in store! Try Floral Beauty or Relax, it's truly amazing! 

Diffusing the right essential oils can also be extremely energizing if you have the right blends. Eucalyptus essential oil paired with rosemary essential oil can be a fantastic energy boost (and they smell fantastic together). An alternate, more citrus-based, energizing blend is the combination of lemon and peppermint essential oil. Our happiness essential oil blend is also brilliant if you want so more positive energy in your life!

One of the most amazing aspects of essential oils being diffused for mood enhancements, beyond the way they make you feel, is the fact that there are many different combinations that provide similar benefits, so you can find the right blend for you and your personal scent preferences.


What have we learned today?

Now you know where to begin when it comes to diffusing essential oils! You start out by picking a suitable Smellacloud diffuser for your space. Don't just look at the size but also the style. That diffuser needs to look cute in your living room! 

Of course you can pick an essential oil just for the scent. We all love a lovely smelling home. But when it comes to boosting your mood, check out our blend oils or blend tips for essential oils. Want to start sleeping better? Check out our blends here.