Restoring Sense of Smell: How Essential Oils Can Help

Restoring Sense of Smell: How Essential Oils Can Help

Have you lost your sense of smell and don't know what to do to get it back?

Because smell is one of the most important senses, it can be frustrating to lose your sense of smell. Many people don't realize that there are ways to quickly recover this important sense by working with essential oils. 

If you want to find out about restoring sense of smell by using essential oils, read on and we'll tell you what you need to know. 

Restoring Sense of Smell by Rebalancing the Brain

One of the most important ways for restoring a sense of smell with essential oils is by working with the brain's smell networks. Experts believe that functional dysfunction, which is a condition that makes the brain's two hemispheres not communicate in the right way, often makes people lose their smell. 

When there is an imbalance in the brain, it affects the human body in many different ways. Along with losing their sense of smell, people often experience other kinds of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms.

Once you understand the nature of your brain's imbalances, you can stimulate your sense of smell in order to activate the natural pathways. This will help to restore its balance. One easy way to do this is by using essential oils. 

For many people, this is all that's needed to trigger their sense. People who use essential oils in order to do this report feeling healthier and more at ease. 

The Relationship Between Smell and Experience

There is a strong relationship between what we smell and how we come to know the world. You've probably had the experience of taking in a certain smell at a moment when you're having an important life experience.

For example, maybe you've had a warm and memorable moment with somebody you care about while you were in a fragrance-filled garden. If this has ever happened to you, chances are that this certain smell will trigger a memory when you experience it again. 

It is also common for people to associate certain smells with childhood experiences. This is why seemingly random childhood memories can come to the surface of your mind when you come across a certain smell that you know from childhood. 

Scientists are discovering that there is a strong relationship between how humans process smells and their general well-being. The brain's primary smell pathways play an important role in social and sexual behaviour. 

These pathways are often thrown out of balance by difficult life experiences such as trauma. When these pathways are out of balance, it is common for people to lose their sense of smell. 


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Other Reasons Why People Lose Their Sense of Smell

In many situations, it is a short-term illness that causes people to lose their sense of smell. One of the most common illnesses that creates the loss of sense of smell is Covid-19. Though most people recover their smell within a few weeks, it takes some people much longer. 

The common cold and flu are two other illnesses that commonly make people lose their sense of smell. 

If you have lost your sense of smell because of one of these conditions, don't worry because it will eventually return. Thankfully, you can use essential oils such as ginger oil in order to speed up the process of recovering your sense of smell. 

Using Essential Oils for Smell Training

Essential oils are one of the best ways to recover your sense of smell. The best method to do this is through smell training. This involves strategically using essential oils to stimulate the different hemispheres in your brain. 

There are many different types of essential oils that are great to use for smell training. Some of the best kinds to use are rose, eucalyptusvanilla, frankincense, and cypress.

For whichever essential oil you choose, the process for smell training is the same. You should first rub the essential oil in the palm of your hands before raising your hands to your nose. Close your eyes and concentrate your full attention on the smell of the essential oil. 

You should do this for a minimum of twenty seconds. Keep in mind that during this process it's natural to notice strange aromas that don't jive with what you think you should be smelling. Don't let this distract you from being fully present with what you're smelling. 

It’s Important to Have Patience 

If you don't experience immediate results when doing smell training, don't get frustrated. For many people, it takes time to fully regain their sense of smell. The important thing is that you create a daily routine for working with essential oils and that you stick to it. 

It's also important that you create a sacred space for working with essential oils. In order to do this, find a space at home or in nature where you feel at ease and will not be disturbed.

Many people often choose to light a candle and set an intention before they open the bottle of essential oils that they're going to work with. It can also be a good idea to experiment with different essential oils when you're doing your smell training.

You'll eventually find certain oils that you connect with more than others. Once you know which oils are best for what you need, you can start to work with these preferred oils more often. 

Essential Oils Are a Helpful Way to Restore Your Sense of Smell

No matter what the cause is for losing your sense of smell, essential oils can help you to get it back. One of the most helpful methods for doing this is through smell training. 

Remember that it's important to experiment with using several different essential oils in order to find the ones that are best for you. If you need help in finding essential oils for restoring sense of smell, don't forget to check out the many high-quality essential oils we have for sale.