Sadness and loneliness during the holidays: how to cope and cheer up

Sadness and loneliness during the holidays: how to cope and cheer up

Yay! It’s December! For many this is the most wonderful time of the year: cozy days, christmas lights, festive music, presents and family visits. Good stuff! But this period can also bring a lot of anxiety and gloomy feelings. Take extra good care of yourself and others during this festive period!

We have to realise.. December is a month full of incentives. Everyone is out Christmas shopping, discounts everywhere, people post their best picture on social media, the festive jingles are playing, everything is decorated, social expectations, countless traditions, everyone is so jolly, the days are getting shorter and darker.It’s wet and cold outside.. Do we need to go on?

This can cause a restless or nervous feeling or even a gloomy mood that makes you not feel like doing anything. But we really want you to also feel comfortable and enjoy this beautiful time.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

First of all, this is the most important thing to realise for yourself: perfection doesn’t exist! Nothing has to be perfect! Everything you see on social media is exaggerated or made nicer than it actually is. Don’t let this influence you and enjoy this festive season in your own way and that puts a smile on your face. It can’t get more perfect than that!

These essential oils will make you cheerful!

Cheering yourself up is easier said than done. But luckily there are ways to get it going! For example, did you know that there are essential oils that can put you in a better mood? They get rid of all the negative thoughts and trigger your brain in such a way that you get a happier mood! Good times!

Oils that you can use for your Smellacloud to get a good happiness boost are tangerine, bergamot, orange, lavender and of course our unique Smellacloud blend Happiness!


Unity diffuser dark wood

How to take care of yourself during the holidays

Are you taking good care of yourself? Both physically and mentally? You deserve that! You also deserve to smile every day! Here are some tips from our very own Smellacloud team to take good care of yourself, so you can get through the December month with a positive mindset.

  • Don't let yourself be influenced by social media, social pressure, expectations and an illusion of perfection.
  • Do something every day that makes you happy, whether that's drinking a cup of hot chocolate or playing a game. Treat yourself every day this month!
  • Take a moment to think about everything you have. Just a mindful moment! If you like to meditate, this is a good one, but if that's not your thing, you can also just make a list for yourself on where you write everything you are grateful for. They don't have to be big things!
  • Agree on a budget for yourself and don't go over it. Money can really put a damper on a lot of people this month! So prepare yourself well and stick to your budget too! A nice gift doesn't have to be expensive, your time is also incredibly valuable!
  • Drink a warm cup of caffeine-free herbal tea every day and make it a positive ritual. Think of things or people that make you smile. Put on some music that makes you feel good, grab a blanket and drink the tea quietly.
  • Mist one of the mentioned oils above in your Smellacloud every day. You can train your brain, just like your muscles! So if you train them every day to create a lucky substance, it will get easier!

Together we stand strong against loneliness during the holidays!

Although December is the month of good time, unfortunately that is not the case for far too many elderly people. They often no longer have a partner and the family is too busy with their own affairs. Maybe it's an idea to mean something to these people. Come up with a great initiative, surprise people in a nursing home with a visit or a beautiful bunch of flowers. Organize something to give these people a nice moment. That way you will also feel more fulfilled and happy and you have given these people an unforgettable surprise. That's a nice December memory!!