Spice Up Your Laundry Days With Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Have you ever wondered why you feel so much at ease when you breathe in a peculiar fragrance? Are there memories you always seem drawn to because of how peculiar something scented that day? 

This is not surprising as our sense of smell is attached to many personal preferences. They determine how much you would love to eat a dish, plant or buy a flower, stay in a room, relieve a memory, revisit a place or even try to recreate memories.

The best experience is when you realise they are all-natural without chemically-induced after effects!

Besides adding essential oils to your favourite skincare routine, you can enjoy and make your laundry smell as great as you always feel whenever you apply them to your skin.

Essential oils introduce naturalness into everything we can smell, especially for folks who appear to react negatively to chemically scented detergents. 

Research shows that people who have sensitive skins or are sensitive to smell have stuck to using unscented laundry detergent as they would rather avoid adverse reactions from artificial fragrances. 

However, this hasn't worked out well for those whose innermost desire is to have their laundry smell great always.

Essential oils are 100% pure and natural as they are extracted from different sweet-smelling plants. The extracts from these plants contain essence and scents, making them enjoyable for their lovers.

They smell great, but they are also known for their popular and medicinal benefits in aromatherapy. You have nothing to lose as you get treated with pleasant scents while enjoying a cleaner, faster and great-smelling laundry process.

Scenarios Where You Need Essential Oils for Laundry

1) You should spice up your laundry days with essential oils if you have a family member who is asthmatic or who develops rashes or continuous sneezes after you use chemically scented detergents.

2) What do you do when a guest accidentally smears their shirt with oil? Act quickly by rubbing in a few drops of essential oil to the exact spot before tossing it into the washer!

3) Whenever you forget to wash your laundry, and you end up leaving it in the washing machine for too long, add some drops of tea tree or lemon essential oil, rewash, and you get to enjoy a lasting fresh smell!

4) Does your washing machine need some cleaning? Add some drops of essential oils to your cleaning kit to get a natural scent.

Examples of Essential Oils to Use in Laundry

Although there is a wide range of essential oils for different purposes, choosing the right variety for your laundry should be your personal preference. You should be considerate of the scents you love most. For example, lemongrass, grapefruit or orange essential oils are excellent options if you love citrus scents.

However, recognising that you may still be confused, here are examples of essential oils that are proven to help spice up your laundry days and make them more sensational and satisfying.

• Lemongrass Essential Oil

Besides being perfect for a soothing feel, using a lemongrass essential oil would be an excellent option if you want a bright, clean, and fresh scent in your laundry. The lemongrass smell is commonly used in perfumes and skincare products. Let's add a tweak to this, allow your kids to enjoy wearing fresh smelling clothes all day.

• Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is known for the calming and relaxing effects it gives after being applied to the skin. Adding the lavender essential oil to your wash process shouldn't be an exception if this is one of the feelings you would love to enjoy, even on your laundry days.

For a perfect sleep, it is highly recommended that you add some drops of lavender while washing your blankets and cleaning sheets.

• Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oils can act as disinfectants and also help to improve immunity since they have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. They always come in handy when you need to eliminate strong odours in the room.

Tip: If you know anyone battling with athletes' feet, the antifungal properties in the rosemary essential oil makes it an incredible choice!

• Tea Tree Essential Oil

The tea tree essential oil does an amazing job when you need to wash the sheets, towels and clothes of a sick person. It is effective for sanitising the home and also speeding up the recovery process due to its sweet smell.

Interestingly, if you need to get rid of mildew or mouldy scent after leaving your clothes in the washer for too long, adding a few dew drops of tea tree essential oil would do the trick!

• Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Adding drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your bed linen gives you a lasting feeling of fresh smell and soft texture. It especially comes in handy during the cold season.

This fresh and clean scent also helps clear the mind, if need be. You should give it a shot!

• Thyme Essential Oil

The thyme essential oil is very effective in cleaning up grime and dirt. Get yourself a couple of bottles if you desperately need a cleaning trick around your home.

• Peppermint Essential Oil

The peppermint essential oil is an incredible disinfectant with an irresistible and crisp scent. You can mix it with any essential oil for a more flexible feel. If you can't find peppermint oil, the spearmint essential oil will be a perfect substitute.

• Oregano Essential Oil

Is there someone vulnerable to illness? Then, using the Oregano essential oils would be so much appreciated. It has been used for years to disinfect and also reduce the risk of germs.

Safety Hacks When Using Essential Oils In Your Laundry Process

Essential oils are flammable, so you can either

  • Add some drops to the water inside the washing machine before washing
  • Add directly to your unscented detergent and shake well before use or
  • After your clothes are dry, you should let your dryer run for some more minutes after setting your dryer to a "no heat" level.
Did you learn more hacks in this article? Don't hesitate to check out our collection of over forty (40) essential oils at Smellacloud; we can't wait for you to try these tricks out!