Take Advantage Of Wooden Diffuser - Read These Top Tips

Take Advantage Of Wooden Diffuser - Read These Top Tips

Wooden diffusers are all the range - and it’s no surprise why. Wooden diffusers offer you an authentic, rustic aesthetic for your home, and are perfect for diffusing some of your favourite earthy essential oils this autumn and winter.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about why we love wooden diffusers, what they can do, and what the best room is to place your wooden diffuser for optimal results. Let’s get started!

What is a wooden oil diffuser?

A wooden oil diffuser is an aromatherapy device that allows you to diffuse essential oils in your home, bedroom, or workplace. Diffusing essential oils can drastically improve your wellbeing, whether it be by improving your sleep, reducing stress, improving your concentration or reducing symptoms of anxiety.

What’s the difference between a normal oil diffuser and a wooden oil diffuser?

A wood diffuser is just like a normal oil diffuser, but you may find that certain wooden models offer a richer, more eartheir odour when used to diffuse oils. That being said, the benefits of oil diffusion remain the same whether you use a wooden diffuser or a regular diffuser, so you don’t need to worry about losing out on any benefits for the sake of your favourite aesthetic. 

Benefits of using a wooden oil diffuser

Like any other diffuser, a wood essential oil diffuser allows you to access the wide spectrum of benefits that aromatherapy offers. From better sleep to reduced stress, diffusing essential oils with a wooden diffuser can improve your quality of life in the following ways:

Better shut-eye

With hectic lifestyles, kids to look after, and 24-hour internet access, it’s not a surprise that many adults in the UK don’t get enough sleep. The good news is, you can improve your sleep quality without having to go down the prescription medication route. Essential oils - such as jasmine and lavender - are both incredibly effective sleep-inducers, and can help bring you to a lightly sedative state before nodding off. If you’re struggling to get enough shut-eye, a wooden diffuser might be worth a try. 

Unique home accessory 

(Okay, so not entirely a wellness benefit.) But still, the great thing about wooden aroma diffusers is that they can double up as a unique piece of home furniture or a home accessory. This is especially great if your home already has a rustic vibe to it - and if not, give it one with a wooden diffuser! Wooden diffusers look great in bedrooms, living rooms, and can even make a statement in your dining room. 

Improve the air in your living space

Aside from offering a range of health and wellness benefits, wooden diffusers can also help purify the air in your home or bedroom, so you can protect yourself against colds, flus, and even COVID.

Where should I put a wooden diffuser?

Where you put your wooden diffuser is entirely up to you - but it’s a good idea to place it in a room that you use often. After all, the best way to enjoy all the benefits of oil diffusion is to be near your oil diffuser. 

You can place your wooden diffuser in your bedroom; this is the optimal location if you’re struggling with sleep and want to diffuse essential oils before bed. (P.S. - you don’t need to leave your diffuser running all night. Many of our SmellaCloud wooden oil diffusers offer interval diffusion, so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all night without overloading your system.)

You can also put your wooden diffuser in your living area. This is a good idea if your living room is in close proximity to your kitchen, and you want to conceal any odours that might waft through the house while you’re cooking. 

Wooden diffusers to suit every style

So, what kind of wooden oil diffuser is best for you? Here are our favourite wooden oil diffusers, from rustic aesthetics to beginner-friendly models:

Best wooden diffuser for a beginner

Just starting out with oil diffusers and aromatherapy? Our Smellacloud® original Close 2 nature 2.0 diffuser is ideal for a newbie, with a 200ml capacity and 3 different interval diffusion times: 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours (at intervals.) This diffuser is great for a bedroom, but could also add some charm to any communal living area.

Eye-catching decor

If you want an oil diffuser that grabs attention, our Unity Diffuser is sure to make an interesting centrepiece. With a gorgeous clove shape and a 400ml water capacity, you can buy this oil diffuser in either light wood or dark wood, making it the perfect rustic home accessory for this winter.

Perfect if you have flatmates

If you’re living in shared accommodation, you’ll probably want to use your oil diffuser in your room - some people may be allergic to certain essential oils, while others may simply find the scents overpowering. Luckily, our Soft Juice Diffuser is perfect for use in your bedroom: with a small 100ml water capacity, you’ll enjoy diffusing oils without bothering your family or your flatmates.