The Most Popular Black Aroma Diffuser Products Today

The Most Popular Black Aroma Diffuser Products Today

If you’re a minimalist when it comes to your home decor, a black aroma diffuser is the best way you can scent your home without interrupting its laid-bare aesthetic. After all, black goes with everything - and some diffusers are so compact and minimalist too that they might just pass as home gadgets, rather than aromatherapy accessories.

So, what are the most popular black aroma diffuser products that you can buy today? In this article, we’re going to go over our favourite black oil diffusers, and explain why and how they’d make the perfect addition to even the most minimalist of homes. 

What is an aroma diffuser?

Used in aromatherapy practice, an aroma diffuser is a tool used to diffuse essential oils and disperse them into their surrounding environments. Aroma diffusers are pretty versatile; you can use them to scent your home, reduce your anxiety, improve your stress levels, aid your sleep schedule, and even remove bacteria from your home (but we’ll get onto that later.)

Why choose a black aroma diffuser?

Black aroma diffusers are best suited to minimalist flats and houses; if your home’s colour theme is black and white, monochrome, or even just one or two block colours, a black aroma diffuser can easily slide into the background without disrupting the overall aesthetic of your place. 

Black aroma diffusers are also just incredibly chic and sophisticated; there’s something about a black matte diffuser that just screams elegance. 

How can I use an aroma diffuser?

To get your money’s worth and obtain all the possible benefits from your aroma diffuser, here are our certified SmellACloud tips for diffusing like a pro:

Keep it central

If you want to have the opportunity to actually inhale all the essential oils that you’re diffusing - and all the benefits that come along with them - you need to keep your aroma diffuser close to you. This means placing it in the room where you sleep or the sitting room - rooms you’re likely to be in and spend time in when you’re at home.

Create personalised oil blends

Creating your own custom scents is one of the most enjoyable parts of learning to diffuse oils. You can create earthy blends for autumn, floral blends for spring, and even an antibacterial blend if you feel yourself coming down with a cold in the winter. 

Take it to work

If you have your own office at work, why not bring your black aroma diffuser to your desk? After all, the workplace can be a stressful environment, and oil diffusers are known to reduce stress, as well as help anxiety sufferers manage their symptoms. A black oil diffuser is perfect for the office: it’ll blend in seamlessly with the architecture of your office, while making a stunning conversation piece for you and your colleagues.

Just make sure to be wary of any allergies that your colleagues may have to any essential oils. You can also water your oil mixture down to keep the scent subtle when diffusing at work, so as to not bother your peers. 

What are the benefits of using an aroma diffuser?

Better mood

Many essential oils are touted as having anti-anxiety effects, and the science does seem to back it up. Lavender and ylang ylang are known to reduce stress, while lots of other essential oils help soothe and relax both the body and brain during periods of stress. Using your black aroma diffuser (either at work or at home) can help you improve your stress management and suffer fewer anxious thoughts throughout the day. 

Better sleep

We all work better after a good night’s sleep: unfortunately, many adults suffer from sleeping disorders, and many others are simply too stressed or overwhelmed with responsibilities to get an adequate night’s rest. Thankfully, essential oils can help get you snoozing in no time: studies have shown that a range of essential oils help improve sleep quality and aid the body in relaxing before bedtime. If getting to sleep is always a challenge, an aroma diffuser can help improve things.

Better focus

As we already mentioned, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your black aroma diffuser to work, so long as you have your own office where you can use it privately. And there’s even a good case for doing so: studies have shown that essential oils make your brain sharper and give you a more concentrated focus. The perfect excuse to enjoy your diffuser at your desk!

The best black aroma diffuser products today 

If you’re wondering where to find the best black aroma diffusers, look no further than SmellACloud. We currently offer 2 state-of-the-art black aroma diffusers, each with a different water capacity, different timer settings, and different aesthetic appeal:

Unity Diffusers 2.0 - 400 ML matte black

With a large 400ml water capacity, our matte black Unity Diffuser is a masterclass in elegance. Curved with a matte finish, this diffuser wouldn’t look out of place in either a penthouse office nor a compact minimalist flat. This diffuser comes with four timer settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and a continual ‘on’ button that will keep the diffuser going until the water in the tank runs out. Perfect for getting a good night’s sleep, or using its 1-hour timer setting to enjoy a meditative aromatherapy session. 

Serenity Diffuser

A more stylistic option, our 500ml Serenity Diffuser is perfect for diffusing in large rooms and wider open spaces; its ribbed, rose gold contouring and matte black finish also make it a perfect centrepiece in any sitting room. Like the Unity Diffuser, the Serenity diffuser comes with four timer settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and a continual ‘on’ button that will keep the diffuser going until the water in the tank runs out. With Serenity, you can also choose between light diffusion and misting, depending on whether you’re looking for a deeper meditation session or simply want to create aromatic odours in your home or workplace.