De-Stress Herbal Tea


What is De-Stress Herbal Tea

De-stress herbal tea uses a combination of herbal ingredients to create a relaxing ritual in the morning, afternoon, or night. This is essential for people dealing with stress to practice relaxation techniques, such as getting regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and consuming a healthy diet. With our herbal tea formulas, you can discover a new approach to help tame stress at any time of the day.

Our herbal tea is packed with high-quality ingredients from around the world. We have partnerships with local farmers to ensure our tea is fair-trade, vegan, and priced fairly.

No Stimulants
Unlike traditional herbal tea, such as green tea, black tea, and white tea, our herbal tea does not have theine. Theine is a natural stimulant similar to the caffeine found in coffee.

Caffeine and theine have the same chemical makeup; however, the concentrations are considerably different.

Caffeine in coffee will accelerate your heart and raise blood pressure. There is also a coffee high that is followed by a low or crash in mood. Think of this as the adult equivalent to a sugar rush and crash from childhood.

Theine in tea is a result of oxidized polyphenols, which gives it a stimulant effect. Even though you will ingest less theine in a cup of tea than caffeine in coffee, the release is much slower in the body, giving a prolonged sense of alertness.

Since our de-stress herbal lacks the stimulant commonly found in coffee and tea, it makes for the perfect mood regulator, energy booster, and stress regulator.

Key Ingredients & Health Benefits

Aniseed - Rich source of vitamins, effective remedy for respiratory problems such as tickly cough and stuck mucus (especially for people with asthma). It has an antibacterial effect and ensures good digestion.
Chamomile - Helps against insomnia and sedation. Also helps with irritable bowels, reduces excess gases, and reduces menstrual cramps.
Chicory Herb - Improves nutrient absorption, food digestion, and better bowel movements.
Cornflower - Reduces physical and mental fatigue.
Elderflower - Anti-inflammatory, moisture-wicking, and expectorant. Also helps to prevent flu and boosts immunity.
Goldenrod - Stimulates your kidneys to pass urine better and reduce kidney stones. Also has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and an antiseptic effect.
Fennel - Anti-inflammatory properties, refreshes breath, and has several fibers that can contribute to a healthy intestinal flora to calm your intestines and stomach.
Juniper Berries - Work very well for your digestion, fights against cramps and flatulence, and prevents kidney and bladder stones. Also fights acne and oily skin with its blood purifying properties.
Lavender - Makes us calm and relaxed.
Lemon balm - Has a relaxing and medicinal effect, helps against nervousness and sleep disorders.
Licorice - Soothes a ticklish cough and mucus build-up. Also known to relieve menstrual pain, stomach cramps, breast tenderness, nausea, heartburn, and flatulence.
Linden Blossom - Helps against restlessness, nerves, anxiety and irritability. It relieves stress-related ailments such as headache, high blood pressure, and stomach pain.
Marigold - Medicinal properties, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and used against stomach cramps, painful periods and inflammation. Also great for healing, repairing, and moisturizing the skin.
Nettle - Packed with vitamin C and minerals. Contains antioxidants to help remove waste products that damage your cells as well as helping to make you less susceptible to viruses.
Peppermint - Improves concentration and clears your head. The fresh taste helps against bad breath. Rich in antioxidants and aids in digestion.
Rose Blossom - Natural source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports your immune system and fights the signs of aging. It also aids in the production of collagen, a protein essential for your skin and hair.
Sage - improves digestion and prevents belching. It has a relaxing and soothing effect, contains natural antioxidants, and ensures that your liver can do its job even better.
St. John’s Wort - Helps with balance, calms the mind, and ensures that you do not get lost in your own thoughts, has a positive effect on depressive complaints.
Star Anise - Contains substances that fight infections, such as the flu and colds. It contains a lot of antibacterial substances like vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and iron.
Tulsi - Known to fight your physical and psychological stress. Improves your memory and your cognitive functions.
Valerian - Represents mental balance and has a very calming effect.

Tips for Choosing

Our de-stress herbal tea is formulated with all-natural ingredients and combined purposefully to provide unique benefits. To help you find the right tea for you, here’s a close look at our herbal tea formulas:

Breathe Freely - Helps to open your airways and fight against the flu, sore throats, itchy coughs, and bad breath.

Chicory root

Flower Splendor - Perfect for balancing the mind and body, especially for people who suffer from dizziness or fatigue.

Rose Blossom

Herbal Couryard - For a boost of energy from fresh delicious herbs and antibacterial properties to fight flus.


Purify - Add more energy and help your buddy recover, also helpful for managing weight.

Linden blossom
Chicory Herb

Sweet Dreams - Gentle blend of herbs to optimize relaxation, especially for people who struggle with insomnia.

St. John's Wort
Lemon balm

Star Mix - Flavorful licorice-based herbal tea to combat smelly breathe, bad skin, and menstrual cramps.

Star Anise
Juniper Berries

De-Stress Program

At Smellacloud, we’re here to support your holistic lifestyle and have a 14-day program to help you de-stress from your daily activities.

The program is designed to help you improve health and wellness, such as:

Feeling more energized
Improving weight loss (a few pounds)
Internally cleansing your body
Promoting radiant skin
Improving self-cleaning and self-healing abilities
Reducing stress
Increasing sleep quality
Improving digestion
Boosting the immune system

The 14-day De-Stress Program is simple. All you have to do is:

Drink at least 3 cups of tea per day (1 cup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
Drink 1 glass of water after each cup of tea (recommended)
Choose healthy foods for breakfast, healthy snacks in between
Try to eat every meal quietly
Exercise (at least 20 min)
Visit nature, take a walk in the forest or park

If you’re serious about improving your health, purifying your body, and feeling good everyday start the de-stress program.

Smellacloud Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you change your mind and no longer want your purchase, you have 30-days to return it to us unopened and undamaged. Please see our Return Policy for more information.


If you have any questions or need help finding the right herbal tea for you, our customer support team is happy to help.

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        De-Stress tea Flower splendor

        Herbal tea for balance of body and mind 100% organic tea, thein free 50gr. Time for a RESET! With our De-Stress Flower Splendor program we will balance our mind and body. ...

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        De-stress tea Breathe freely

        This herbal tea formula opens your airways and helps you fight against a nasty flu and an itchy cough, sore throat, bad breath, flu and tightness, 100% organic tea without theine...

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        De-stress tea Star mix

        This herbal tea formula will help battle bad skin, menstrual pain, bad breath, bacteria, inflammation and viruses. 100% organic tea without caffeine 50gr. Time for a RESET! With our De-Stress Star...

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        De-Stress tea Purify

        Herbal tea formula for more energy and a full recovery of the body. 100% organic tea without theine 50gr. Time for a RESET! With our De-Stress pure program we will restore...

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        De-stress tea Herbal courtyard

        A boost of delicious fresh herbs! Balance your mind and body. This combination of herbs has a relaxing effect but also has antibacterial properties, gives strength and energy. 100% organic tea...

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        De-stress tea Sweet Dreams

        Herbal tea formula for optimal relaxation 100% organic tea without tea 50gr. Time for a RESET! With our De-Stress program we will balance our body, relax our mind and ensure that...

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