All You Need to Know About Electric Scent Diffusers 2022

All You Need to Know About Electric Scent Diffusers 2022

You may have seen electric scent diffusers advertised online or passed them by on the shelves in your local homeware store - but you might be wondering: what does an electric scent diffuser actually do? 

While often used for decorative and aesthetic purposes, electric scent diffusers are actually incredible tools for helping maintain both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Aromatherapy has long been documented as an alternative medicine, and studies have proven that essential oils do contain properties that can help to reduce anxiety, limit stress, and even prevent your body from catching viral illnesses. 

So, from ultrasonic diffusers to wooden diffusers, here’s all you need to know about electric scent diffusers 2022. 

What is an electric scent diffuser?

An electric scent diffuser is a gadget used to diffuse essential oils. Essential oils are liquid compounds that have been extracted from natural sources, and contain a number of wellbeing-enhancing properties when inhaled. 

You can also apply essential oils to the skin and body, but studies have shown that inhaling essential oils is the best way to enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits that they have to offer.

How do you use an electric scent diffuser?

So, how are you supposed to use an electric scent diffuser? You don’t have to be an expert in aromatherapy to use these tools to your benefit - all you need to do is pick some essential oils and let the diffuser do the rest of the work for you:

Scent your home

You don’t always need to use a diffuser for reasons related to your health or wellbeing - you can also just use a diffuser to create pleasant scents in your room and living space. Instead of using a chemical air freshener or a plug-in, simply diffuse your favourite essential oils. Although do note that certain essential oils have incredibly strong scents, and can be overpowering for some. You might prefer to opt for some lighter fragrances if you live in shared accommodation. 

Calm anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you can use your electric scent diffuser to inhale calming essential oils such as clary sage and lavender. Clary sage can help reduce how much cortisol (aka the stress hormone) your body produces, making it a great essential oil to throw into a calming blend. Oils such as lavender and chamomile are also known for their calming and soothing properties.

Clear bacteria

With winter closely approaching, we all know that coughs, sneezes, and sniffles will all soon become a regular feature in our households again - especially if you live with flatmates or numerous family members. The great thing about essential oils is that many are antibacterial and can help clear away any viral bacteria in the air. Eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and lemongrass oil are all known to contain antibacterial properties, so throw them together in a mix and protect yourself from your housemates’ sniffles. 

Why use an electric scent diffuser?

Aside from clearing bacteria, reducing anxiety, and giving your home an aromatic, pleasant scent, why else should you buy an electric scent diffuser? If those three reasons weren’t enough, here are just a few more ways a diffuser can benefit both you and your home:

Improve sleep

If your stressful life prevents you from nodding off naturally at night, a scent diffuser is the perfect way to help you get a better night’s beauty sleep. Scientific studies have found that inhaling essential oils before bedtime can significantly improve sleep quality, and can even be used to treat mild sleep disturbances. If you find it difficult to get some decent shut-eye, a scent diffuser is a great, natural way to nod off. 

Better focus

Did you know that essential oils can help improve your focus, productivity, and overall ability to concentrate? If you work at home and often find yourself endlessly distracted by the TV, your phone, or the fridge, inhaling essential oils during your working hours can ensure that all your tasks are completed to deadline - with some extra time to spare. 

Deter insects

As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, you might find that certain creepy crawlies begin creepy-crawling into your home to find shelter and mate. If you’re not a fan of bugs, flies, or certain eight-legged creatures, an oil diffuser can be a handy ally in keeping them at bay. To use your oil diffuser to deter insects, use essential oils such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and citrus oils. 

What type of electric scent diffuser should I buy? 

When it comes to choosing and buying an electric scent diffuser, there are two main types of model available on the UK market. You can either opt for a diffuser that functions via a nebulizer, or a diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse a blend of water and essential oils into the surrounding air.

Ultrasonic oil diffusers are, in our view, the best type of oil diffuser: as you have to mix your essential oils with water in order to diffuse them, you rarely end up wasting product, and you won’t end up going through endless bottles a month. Another reason we love ultrasonic diffusers is that they can moonlight as humidifiers: simply add the water (sans the oils) and mist it into the room, increasing humidity. 

Where should I put my electric scent diffuser?

For optimal health and wellbeing benefits, place your electric scent diffuser in your living room or bedroom. These will typically be the two places in your home that you frequent the most, meaning they’re likely to offer you the most benefit from the essential oils.

As mentioned above, be careful about diffusing strong scents in shared spaces in your home. Some essential oils can also cause allergic flare-ups, so be mindful of those you share a home with. If you ever create an ultra-strong oil mix, you can simply dilute it by adding more water (or other essential oils to counterbalance a particular scent.)