Benefits Of Wood Essential Oil Diffusers 2022

Benefits Of Wood Essential Oil Diffusers 2022

For a truly authentic oil diffuser experience, there’s nothing better than using a wooden diffuser. Perfect for adding a rustic feel to your home or bedroom, a wooden oil diffuser can enhance your living space and allow you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy in a soothing - and aesthetically pleasing - environment. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of essential oil diffusers, and why a wooden diffuser is the perfect addition to any aspiring meditative home, bedroom, or living space.

What is a wooden oil diffuser?

A wooden oil diffuser is just like any other oil diffuser, but made with wood rather than plastic (or any other material.) A wooden diffuser mists essential oils into the air just like any other model, but its appearance does help to add an authentic touch to the aromatherapy experience. This is especially true if you’re a fan of earthy-scented essential oils like sandalwood or cedarwood.  

Why opt for a wooden oil diffuser?

A wooden oil diffuser helps to add that little rustic touch to your flat or home; if you love cosy fireplaces, autumn colours, and hot chocolate, a wooden diffuser is probably ideal for you. A wood diffuser is also a great option if your home’s colour theme won’t allow for a diffuser in a brighter, or more eye-catching colour. 

Benefits of using a wooden essential oil diffuser

While you might be motivated to buy a wooden diffuser for aesthetic reasons, don’t forget the wide range of health and wellbeing benefits that you’ll enjoy too. From easing menstrual cramps to improving your mood, a wooden diffuser does more than simply look pretty:

Enhanced mood

Essential oils are known mood enhancers; while essential oils don’t act as stimulants, they do provide soothing and mind-clearing effects which can help improve your mood and diminish negative feelings or intrusive thoughts.

Stronger immunity 

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat everything from mild physical ailments to coughs and colds; this is because many essential oils contain both antibacterial and antioxidant properties which can boost your body’s wound-healing capacities and speed up recovery. Inhaling antioxidant-rich essential oils is a great way to boost your immune system, especially as we move into the colder months and people come down with coughs and sniffles. 

Safer aromatherapy practice

Using a wooden diffuser is much safer than using candles to practice aromatherapy, especially if you want to enjoy a rustic, wooden aesthetic at the same time (candles and wood do not mix inside.) Candles present major fire hazards, while oil diffusers are pretty much risk-free. If you live with children or even simply share your home with others, using a diffuser is a much more considerate way to explore aromatherapy. 

Pain relief 

While applying essential oils topically is the best way to treat physical injuries and ailments, diffusing essential oils can also contribute to a quicker recovery and some light pain relief when you’re dealing with an injury. If you’re dealing with muscle tension which is exacerbating the injury, essential oil diffusion can also help you to relax, which can prevent you from tensing your muscles and aggravating your injury further.

Helps you breathe easier

If you’re feeling congested, diffusing essential oils such as peppermint oil can help to clear your airways and make it easier for you to breathe through your nose. In addition, if your congestion is linked to a common cold, the wooden diffuser can help you get over it more quickly, as the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of the essential oils will enhance your immune system and speed up the healing process. 

Manage cravings

Recent studies have even shown that inhaling essential oils can help those who are on weight loss journeys suppress their appetite. While a healthy diet is important for anyone - even those trying to shift some extra lbs - having a natural way to help yourself manage cravings is a major plus for anyone trying to see tangible results in a weight loss programme. 

Can ease menstrual cramps

If you’re a woman, you might be interested to know that certain essential oils have also been known to relieve period cramps and other menstrual pains. Lavender oil and cinnamon oil are both known to help ease menstrual tensions in the body, and while a topical application might be more effective, diffusing oils can still nonetheless help you to relax and not overthink the pain that your body is in. Some essential oils can also even reduce hormonal mood swings, overall making *that* time of the month just that little bit easier. 

How to use a wooden oil diffuser

So, what’s the best way to get some good use out of a wooden oil diffuser? Here’s how we’d use a wooden diffuser at our place:

Create a centrepiece

A wooden diffuser is more than just an aromatherapy gadget, instead it’s a bit like a vase: while it does perform a useful job, it also works as something of an aesthetic feature. You can use a wooden oil diffuser to create a centrepiece in your home; why not colour-match some beautiful flowers in autumn colours and really lean into the authentic, rustic feel. 

Keep it in sight

While some aromatherapy diffusers can be stored away on windowsills or in cabinets, a wooden oil diffuser is meant to be seen. If you don’t have the space to create a centrepiece, you can always place it somewhere visible, like on your bedroom desk or in the middle of your dinner table. Don’t forget to keep it somewhere where you’ll be able to access the benefit of the aromas: always keep a diffuser in the rooms you frequent the most in your home.

Create earthy oil blends

To really lean into the rustic feel of your wooden oil diffuser, create some custom earthy blends that you can enjoy with it. Essential oils such as patchouli, rose, cedarwood, sandalwood, and cade are all gorgeous, earthy scents that would perfectly compliment a wooden diffuser.