Healing Properties of Myrrh Essential Oil You Didn't Know

Healing Properties of Myrrh Essential Oil You Didn't Know

The health benefits associated with myrrh oil is ascribed to its antimicrobial, stomachic, expectorant, stimulant, astringent, antiseptic, tonic, anticatarrhal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Myrrh oil is obtained from resin in Egypt, and the resin is constantly used for making perfumes and incense, while the oil extracted is being used in Greece for healing injuries. It has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties during wars and clashes between tribes. Myrrh is a sap usually reddish-brown in colour, and it’s gotten from the thorny Commiphora Myrrha tree.  

There are, however, other benefits associated with the myrrh essential oil, including:

Works As An Antioxidant

Myrrh essential oil is a superb antioxidant that tackles oxidative damages. Oxidative damages contribute immensely to age-related diseases and swift ageing. You can inhale it directly from the atmosphere if you make use of essential oil diffusers to disperse its fragrance, or apply it to your body to enjoy these benefits.

Abolishment of Harmful Bacteria

During the ancient times, Egyptians used myrrh to preserve mummies; in addition to giving out a fresh scent, it also helped in slowing decay processes. Also, during biblical periods, myrrh essential oils coupled with frankincense was used in their place of worship to sanctify the atmosphere. Animal research conducted indicated that while myrrh kills harmful bacteria, it also helps in forming more white blood cells, which further eliminates bacteria.

Strengthens Oral Health

As a result of its antimicrobial substances, myrrh has been used occasionally to treat oral inflammations and even infections. Numerous naturally formulated mouthwashes are laced with myrrh oil as approved by the FDA. Several types of research have also shown that the constant use of myrrh essential oil has helped patients with gingivitis. It’s important to note myrrh products aren’t safe for oral consumption, as they can pose serious damage to your health.  

Improves Skin Health and Healing of Sores

The traditional and basic uses of myrrh have always been to treat infections and injuries. Some researchers have shown that the use of myrrh essential oil has helped immensely to reduce fungi infection in individuals because it also works as a fungicide. This benefit is also extended to other skin diseases like ringworm and even athlete's foot.

Eliminates Parasites

One is easily infected with parasites through many sources such as pets, contaminated water and even sexual activities. Studies have shown that the essential oil of myrrh fights against parasites and the inflammations obtained from it.

How Do I Use Myrrh Essential Oil?

Myrrh essential oil should be used according to the manufacturer’s prescription. Alternatively, you can apply the diluted version directly on your skin, or even use it for your oral health, but don’t consume it orally. Here are the basic guidelines;


The scent can be evenly distributed into the atmosphere by adding a few drops of myrrh essential oil to your diffuser. If you do not possess an oil diffuser, you can add a few drops of the oil into hot water while you inhale it or dab a few drops on a clean cloth and inhale from time to time.

Using It Topically

It is important to dilute the myrrh oil with other carrier oils such as almond, coconut, or jojoba oil.  This helps slow down the evaporation process, thereby creating a long-lasting effect.  Additionally, you can put a few drops of this essential oil in your lotion before application on the skin; some aromatherapy practitioners put myrrh oil in products they use for client’s massage. Ensure that you do not apply this oil on sensitive parts of your body like your ears and eyes, and always cleanse your hands thoroughly after contact with myrrh essential oil to prevent accidentally placing them in delicate body parts.


Myrrh oil can be easily infused or blended with other essential oils like lemon, lavender, citrus, and frankincense. You can mix frankincense with myrrh essential oil to create a powerful scent.  Research has also shown that this combination helps to improve the effectiveness of the mind while fighting off microbes and harmful bacteria.

Potential Risks Associated with Myrrh Oil

Like most essential oils, myrrh oil is concentrated and should be used in a moderate amount.  Ensure you do not diffuse it close to children or toddlers as it is not stipulated how safe it is for them to inhale. There are certain categories of individuals who should avoid using myrrh oil.  

  • People on Medication: Certain drugs are known as blood thinners, and it is not recommended to inhale myrrh while taking these drugs as it could reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • Individuals with Heart Issues: A large inhale of myrrh can affect your heart, so apply caution while inhaling to avoid heart issues, especially those with asthma.
  • Diabetes Patients: If you are currently on medication for diabetes, refrain from inhaling myrrh essential oil as it can cause low blood sugar levels and decrease the efficiency of your medication.

Uses of Myrrh Essential Oil in Your Home

Myrrh essential oil can be easily converted to suit your needs at home. 

  • Healing Foot Cream: When infused in creams, myrrh essential oil can serve as a moisturiser for cracked and rough feet. Due to its antiseptic and anti-fungal characteristics, you can also add it to your basic creams to treat fungal infections and clear up cracked heels. Alternatively, you can mix it with frankincense oil to make a moisturising beauty face cream.
  • Clearing Respiratory Issues: With myrrh essential oil, you can formulate a cream or mix it with a chest rub to ease cough and congestions built up in the chest. It relieves respiratory issues by clearing up mucus formed in the chest region.
  • For Meditating: In the comfort of your home, you can place your diffuser infused with myrrh oil on your bed stand, while you lay down and allow its fragrance envelop you. This will ultimately help you relax, unwind, and place you in a better mental state.