Why Should I Use a Wooden Oil Diffuser?

Why Should I Use a Wooden Oil Diffuser?

Essential oil therapy, popularly known as aromatherapy, is a well-known healing procedure that uses extracts gotten from plants to aid mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries because of its religious and healing purposes. Presently, there is far more recognition ascribed to aromatherapy than ever before. 

Diffusers require the essential oils to be diluted using water to create a smooth mist which is then dispersed into the atmosphere. They are created using plastic and need electricity to function; a better alternative to this is the natural wood diffuser which is quite different from the basic ones in the market. Purchasing a wooden oil diffuser is your best bet as it is more eco-friendly and less prone to causing accidents. Aromatherapy is scientifically proven to aid in relieving stress, headaches, anxiety, and tension.

What is a Diffuser?

Diffusing is the process of using essential oils; instead of applying your essential oils to the body directly, diffusers aid in using them aromatically. It works by dispersing the oil into the atmosphere allowing the aroma spread throughout the room. Popular for its therapeutic attributes, essential oil diffusing is best when inhaled. With a diffuser, you can convert a tensed environment to a more calm and serene one. 

What is a Wooden Diffuser?

Wooden diffusers are quite different from the varieties of diffusers available in the markets. They are natural substitutes to aromatherapy. There are numerous reasons why wooden oil diffusers should be your go-to oil diffusers for your essential oil therapy. They include:

Less Messy

Lots of diffusers need water to operate properly – by adding small amounts of water to the oils so they can be dispersed properly. The constant need to refill water in most diffusers gets tiring, but if you wish for an easy to operate diffuser with little to no stress, getting the wooden diffuser is ideal for you. 

It doesn’t require water to operate, which indicates no need for refilling or even cleaning from spills; this diffuser is a superb alternative for workspaces.

Safe and Less Prone to Accidents

An oil diffuser that requires water and electricity can be scary to use, especially if you have kids or pets. If your child mistakenly hits the steam diffuser and water gets on the cables and into the power outlets, that would result in a terrible accident. With wooden diffusers, there are zero chances for electricity mishap; making it the perfect substitute to keep in your home.

Ideal for Travelling

One great feature attached to using the wooden oil diffuser is the ability to add it to your luggage! 

If you are a big fan of diffusing, you can not afford to neglect it even if you are going on a trip for a few days. Because of the size of other types of diffusers, it is generally hard to fit them inside your luggage, but with the wooden diffuser, you are certain that your journey would be filled with a lot of diffusing.

Diffuses Every Essential Oil

Most diffusers are limited to the kind of essential oils they can disperse in the air without causing corrosion. Before using citrus essential oils, you need to tone it down with water, reducing the effectiveness and strength of its scent. However, you don’t need to dilute your oils before you diffuse; purchase a wooden diffuser now to get the best from your essential oils.

Silence Is Also Therapeutic

Because it doesn’t need water or electricity to function, there is no source to generate noise. You can perform aromatherapy in peace and silence, thereby giving you a better diffusing experience.

Classic Decor

The wooden diffuser adds a nice classic decor to your home or workspace. With numerous designs to choose from, you can never go wrong with a wooden oil diffuser decor. You can diffuse anytime and at anyplace you wish while using this diffuser; without messing with the aesthetics of the environment. Whether it is for daily or occasional use, wooden diffusers are beautiful additions to any surface. 

Long Durability is Guaranteed

Wooden diffusers are not created with extra compartments, which cause the device to be easy to maintain and sustain. As a result, it tends to last longer and perform better than the traditional diffusers. You don’t have to think about spoiled wires or water spillage, which can further cause problems to the diffusers. Your wooden diffuser will last a longer period with high-efficiency levels.

Easy Cleaning

The basic types of diffusers work with water which entails that they need regular cleaning after usage. Doing this can be quite tiring because of the build-up created from using water to operate. However, this can never be an issue with your wooden diffuser owing to the fact that the woods tend to absorb the oil while gently dispersing the scent gradually. If the particular scent used fades away, you could opt for another one, and that's all, voila!

Everything Natural!

Recently, civilization has eaten deep into the society that almost every device or item used is made out of plastics or harmful chemicals. The rate at which processed material rises is a good enough reason to opt for more natural and eco-friendly items. Wooden diffusers are handcrafted with passion and do not undergo rigorous processing and formation. Coupled with the fact that it is eco-friendly, you are also giving back to your society by patronising the local brands that create these diffusers. However, you need to be careful of the quality of essential oils you put into your wooden diffuser, so it doesn’t compromise your indoor air quality.


Every type of diffuser has its unique benefits; however, this is the best pick for you if you prefer a more natural, simple, and convenient diffuser. Make your space classy or stylish, take it on trips, enjoy peace and silence; the benefits of using wooden diffusers in your space are numerous and limitless!