Special presents for mum

Special presents for mum

Looking for a special present for mum? It can be a real challenge to think outside the box. Especially when she says she’s already got everything she needs. But still, you want to find her a gift that says, “you are important - and I definitely gave this more thought than a quick search on Amazon Prime”.

And let’s be honest, we all secretly want to induce that “happy cry” response when we somehow just NAIL it! So what do you get your mum when she deserves the world? A Ferrari and a mansion in Beverly Hills isn’t quite in the budget. The truth is, there isn’t really a gift in the universe that can show your mum how much you appreciate her. But we’ve got a handful of thoughtful gifts in mind that she totally wouldn’t mind unwrapping this year! Here’s our very special list of personal gifts for mum to help you get inspired. We have pretty much everything you need to make sure she feels properly pampered.


Real talk: When you’re on the hunt for a unique gift for your mum, nothing says “I’ve had this planned for ages” like a not-on-the-shelf skincare product she wouldn’t usually treat herself to.

Level up her skincare game with Skintox

Everyone has their trusted skincare products, right? But you might not want to give her something she already buys herself. So, what about an all-natural base oil that will fit right into her beauty routine? This will be your mum’s go-to when she needs a carrier oil for her other lotions and potions. Or if she just wants to soak up the superpowers of her essential oil collection by mixing in a few drops.

Just Pure Goodness

Made with 100% goodness, you won’t find any nasties here. Just pure, cold-pressed oils - preserving all those raw ingredients and free-radical fighting antioxidants. It’s also completely vegan, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, so it will be safe and gentle on her skin. Only the best for mum. These moisturising oils absorb super-fast, too, leaving no greasy layers behind.

Almond Oil for the win

We think she’d love our Almond Oil. Packed full of healing vitamins A and E, this oil reduces inflammation, cellulitis, acne and blackheads.

De-Stress tea Flower splendor

An ideal gift for the wellness mum, with a desire to break her caffeine habits. She will relish the taste of a new herbal tea.

It’s back to nature, baby!

If your mum isn’t on the herbal tea wave already, let’s catch her up. She will love our De-Stress tea Flower splendor. It’s 100% theine-free, which mean it’s not in the slightest bit stimulating, only calming vibes here. It’s also organic, vegan and fair-trade, so she can sip away happily.

What’s in the blend?

This mix of nettle, sage, linden blossom, tulsi, chicory herb, and chamomile will help her finally wind down, breathe deeply, and (fingers crossed) relax. That’s all we really want, isn’t it, to remind our mums that taking time for self-care is ok. After all, life has been pretty full-on, so please, mum, put yourself first - today of all days!

Aromatherapy oils

If you’re still hunting for more personal gifts for mum, how about treating her to a few of her favourite essential oils?

Tap into her scent memory

Most people have experienced how a scent can evoke particular memories. More so than any other sense. Inhaling a familiar aroma has the power to hijack a stressed-out nervous system in an instant. The sweet citrusy notes of fresh oranges might transport her to those brighter mornings - oh, summer, we’re counting down the days!

The most powerful scents RN

Who doesn’t need a daily dose of “...and breathe”, right? Our Frankincense, aka “the king of oils”, is a nervine, so it directly affects the nervous system. This plant powerhouse offers a quick hit of calm. Decreasing your heart rate and reducing anxiety with its woody-yet-sweet aroma. If we were to get all-sciencey on you, we’d tell you that the olfactory system (smelling stuff) is hooked up to the amygdala (the emotional centre of your brain). But, simply put, smelling certain essential oils is a speedy way to boost your mood.Aroma diffusers

Aroma Diffusers

Why not treat her to an aroma diffuser? Her home will feel like a spa day, every day. It’s the special present for mum that keeps on giving.

Beautiful designs to choose from

Also, can we talk about how chic one of these would look in her living room?! Doubling them up as home decor is a no-brainer - considering they’re so pleasing on the eye (ahem, if we do say so ourselves). Inspired by stone, rivers and mountains, these will bring a welcome touch of nature to her space. Match one up to her surroundings with light wood, rose gold and green, or even a soft purple hue.

They are also really easy to use.

All she needs to do is fill up the tank with water, add a dash of her favourite essential oils, and a cloud of atomised bliss shall appear! And the bonus is? These diffusers act as humidifiers. Controlling moisture levels, reducing symptoms of dry throats and managing allergy triggers. And if your mum is trying to be environmentally conscious, these are BPA free and planet friendly too (who doesn’t love that?)

If you're still not sure which gifts to choose, how about a gift card to our e-shop?