Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils

Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils

Did you know that the cleaning industry in the UK contributed £55.5 billion to the economy in 2018? The data also shows that 5% of the workforce from the UK is in this line of work.

That said, cleaning is essential for this country. Also, with the coming spring, more people are making cleaning their priority.

Level up your spring cleaning by adding a few other ways to freshen your home. Aside from using harsh chemicals, you can instead use essential oils to freshen up your home.

Do you want your home to look good and smell great? Read more to know how these oils can make your home look and feel like a home for royalties.

Understanding Aromatics

To start your spring cleaning checklist, buy all the essential cleaning products. While shopping, add some essential oils to your cart.

There are many oils in the market, so choose what you need. But if you feel like you need more than one, then get a bundle. It may become cheaper that way.

These oils will make cleaning easier and make your home feel brand new. Here are some of the best essential oils for spring.

It may be a lot, so specify where you can use these oils. Some may never be as appropriate to some parts of your home. But it can shock you how other oils are versatile.

Pillows and Mattresses

In cleaning, you should be thorough. Start by removing all your linens, pillow covers, and blankets. It also applies to your couches and throws pillows.

After that, deodorise your mattress and pillows. Get some baking soda and add a few lavender or lemon oil drops. Sprinkle the mixture onto your bare couch, bed and pillows.

Let it sit for a few minutes and vacuum it out. If you don't want some powder, you can opt for spray. For the mixture, you'll need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Lavender or Lemon Oil
  • Vodka or vinegar

Mix all ingredients well in the bottle, then spray it on. You don't have to make it damp. This mixture can also be suitable for curtains.

Kitchen and Essential Oils

Cleaning the kitchen is a lot of work. There are many things to clean, so use different types of essential oils here.

For appliances, use peppermint oil mixed with vinegar and water. You can place it in a bottle and spray it on your devices. Use a towel to wipe it all off.

If you don't want peppermint, use orange or lemon oil. Put a few drops of oil in a bottle and add water. Use this to remove grease from your appliances like an oven and microwave.

This mixture is also helpful in de-greasing the stove-top. Use baking soda, a few drops of lemon oil, and drops of water enough to make a paste.

Scrub this mixture on the greasiest part of the kitchen and wait for an hour. If the grease doesn't come off, repeat the process until satisfied.

For the trash can and garbage bins, put some paper at the bottom of the container. It can be old newspaper, tissue, or cotton balls. Then leave a couple of drops of purification oil in the paper, such as tea tree and lemon oil.

It will help to discard foul odour and disinfect it. Some people forget to clean trash cans, so start doing it now, too.

Countertops collect a ton of dust, so clean them with a mixture of water and essential oil. It can be lemon, peppermint, and tea tree oil. Spray the mixture on your countertops and use a cloth to wipe the surfaces.

Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom is home to many bacteria. It's surprising to see what areas in the bathroom should you clean more.

Clean the toilet bowl by using eucalyptus oil and baking soda. Put it all in the bowl and scrub. That alone is enough to fight bacteria and mildew forming.

For surfaces and other appliances, use the same mixture that you used in kitchen surfaces. Use baking soda and vinegar with lime oil in the tub and sink. Apply it on the surface, let it sit, and scrub.

Warm water and a handful of drops of oil will clean the shower curtains. Combine eucalyptus and tea tree oil into the mixture. Spray it on the curtain, or use the tub to soak. These cleaning hacks will save you time because they can clean both the curtains and tub.

Floor Cleaning Oils

The most spacious part of your home is the floor. Clean it by mixing warm water, distilled vinegar, and essential oils.

Use lemon oil to disinfect the entire house. Add about 15 to 20 drops of oils to 1 cup vinegar and warm water. Mop the floor with this mixture, and it will deodorise the place.

If you want the smell to be long-lasting, try to use some aroma diffusers in your home. These are oils placed in a diffuser to put fragrance in the air. It will make a massive difference because the feel of your home will be clean.

Spring essential oils

Laundry Essentials

In cleaning, you should never forget all the cloth and the linens. Spring cleaning will never be complete if you fail to wash all the covers and the fabrics in your home.

It's easy to throw all the fabrics into the washing machine, so don't skip this step. Add some vinegar and oil to your wash to make it smell new. Lavender, lemon, and purification oil can be your line of choices for washing.

You can mix two oils depending on your preference. Also, if you prefer deep cleaning, soak the fabrics in the tub with baking soda to remove dead skin cells.

Use Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning Now

Spring cleaning is the time to start anew after winter. This cleaning should be thorough with the help of some essential oils.

Essential oils will make your home smell and feel brand new. The oils will add fragrance and serve as a deep cleaning product.

We hope you'll use these cleaning tips for your spring cleaning.

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