The Best Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser 2022

The Best Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser 2022

Aromatherapy is an ancient alternative medicine that has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, stress, sleep troubles, and even minor physical ailments and injuries. While ancient aromatherapy was practiced with a licensed aromatherapist, in 2022, the best way for you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy is by using an essential oil diffuser.

If you’re unfamiliar with these gadgets, an essential oil diffuser is used to diffuse essential oils into a living space, creating aromatic fragrances and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your own home. But some oil diffusers do more than that: depending on the technology of the model, certain diffusers can even double up as an air humidifier. 

But what’s the best humidifier essential oil diffuser, and where can you find one? Let’s take a look.

What is a humidifier essential oil diffuser?

A humidifier essential oil diffuser is a diffuser that can be used both as a diffuser of essential oils, and a humidifier for the air. How does this work? Basically, there are two main types of essential oil diffusers that you can buy in the UK. One works via a nebulizer, while the other type works via ultrasonic technology.

If you want your diffuser to double up as a humidifier, you need to opt for an ultrasonic oil diffuser. These models use water blends - and ultrasonic technology - to mist diluted essential oils into the air. While the essential oils are diluted, you can still enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that aromatherapy offers, while saving on essential oils and making them last longer. 

How can I use an oil diffuser as a humidifier?

If you’re dealing with dry air - and the dry skin that goes along with it - you can turn an ultrasonic oil diffuser into a humidifier, without adding any extra parts to the diffuser itself. 

To turn your diffuser into humidifier mode, all you need to do is fill the water tank up and launch the diffuser, without adding any essential oils. This will mean that the diffuser mists water into the air, increasing the humidity of your living space. Using a humidifier can help prevent conditions linked to dry air, including increased susceptibility to illness, dry and flaky skin, sensitive skin, blocked noses, coughs, and dry throats. 

Where to Buy the Best Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser 2022

At SmellACloud, we only sell ultrasonic essential oil diffusers: we find that these are the easiest to use, the most economical when it comes to essential oils, and of course, the extra bonus of being able to turn them into humidifiers. Here are some of our most popular ultrasonic diffusers:

Unity Diffusers 2.0 - 400 ML matte black

Equipped with a 400ml water capacity, our matte black Unity Diffuser makes for a stunning centrepiece in any home. Diffuse oils until you run out of your oil blend with this model’s continual ‘on’ switch. Being a gorgeous matte black, this diffuser also blends into any home colour theme; pop it on your dressing room table or coffee table and let it become a conversation-starter with friends.  

Serenity Diffuser Smellacloud original 500ml 

Our diffuser with the largest water capacity, the Serenity Diffuser by SmellACloud can contain up to 500ml of any custom essential oil and water blend; its large capacity makes it a perfect solution if you’re dealing with a lack of humidity in your home or living space. You can opt for the Serenity Diffuser in three gorgeous colours - or why not grab all three? 

Smellacloud® original Close 2 nature 2.0 Diffuser 200 ML

Ideal for beginners, the SmellACloud Original Close 2 Nature comes with a 200ml water capacity, and can be bought in three different colours. This diffuser comes with four different timer settings, with the possibility of diffusing for 2, 4, or 8 hours, with the 8 hour setting diffusing at 3-minute intervals. Perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. 

Benefits of using essential oils and diffusers together

Aside from working as a humidifier, a diffuser can also offer the following health and wellbeing benefits:

Better sleep

Diffusing essential oils has been proven to drastically improve sleeping habits amongst adults, with lavender and chamomile being two of the most sleep-friendly essential oils for room diffusing. If you find it challenging to nod off at night, or if you live in a loud neighbourhood, an essential oil diffuser can help you get some decent kip. 

Anti-anxiety benefits 

Inhaling essential oils has proven to offer many anti-anxiety benefits, with essential oils such as clary sage and lavender being two of the most potent oils used to help reduce stress, improve anxiety symptoms and promote inner serenity and calm. If you’re having a tough day or feeling overwhelmed with negative feelings, just 15 minutes of inhaling essential oils can put you back on track and help to reduce both physical and emotional symptoms linked to anxiety. 

Keep your home fresh

Aside from providing aromatic odours for your home, oil diffusers can even purify the air in your home and remove any lingering bacteria or germs. This can prevent cold transmission, especially if you’re sharing a home with other people. Some essential oils also contain antifungal properties, meaning that their presence can prevent the formulation of mould and damp. 

Focus and productivity

While we might associate aromatherapy with relaxing and meditation, inhaling essential oils can actually improve your focus when carrying out work or academic duties. This is because many essential oils help to clear the mind and reduce intrusive thoughts; this can make it easier for you to focus on your daily tasks and any work that you might have to do.

Repel insects 

If you’re not a fan of insects, many essential oils are known for their insect-repelling properties, including tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, and eucalyptus oil. By diffusing these odours around your home, you’re less likely to encounter bugs, flies, spiders, and other roaming insects that might seek shelter in your home or bedroom.