Which room diffuser is best?

Which room diffuser is best?

If you’re a home scent enthusiast, a room diffuser is perhaps the best way to enjoy long-lasting scents in your home, without having to use a plug-in air freshener or an aerosol. But what does a room diffuser actually do, and which room diffuser is best for me?

In this blog, we’re going to go over the different types of room diffusers you can buy for your home, the benefits of using room diffusers, and how to use your diffuser like a certified aromatherapy pro. So, let’s get started!

What is a room diffuser?

Also known as an oil diffuser, a room diffuser is a tool used for aromatherapy purposes, and is used to diffuse - or ‘mist’ - essential oils into air. Room diffusers can be used for wellness-based aromatherapy purposes or simply as a natural and effective way to give your home a pleasant scent. 

What are the benefits of using a room diffuser?

So, are room diffusers worth the money? From masking unpleasant odours to preventing mould, room diffusers can come in handy in every area of your home, making for an affordable domestic investment:

Mask cooking smells

If you’re often cooking up flavoursome meals, but aren’t so keen on the strong smells that linger afterwards, a room diffuser can be a great way to mask any residual smells coming from your kitchen. The smell of hot or burning oil can be one of the most disagreeable food-related scents in the home, but a blend of potent and pungent essential oils can render it non-existent. (With the help of a room diffuser, of course.)

Keep the bathroom fresh

Okay, we won’t go into detail about the link between bathrooms and unpleasant odours in the home. But keeping aroom aroma diffuser in your bathroom can make it a more pleasant experience for everybody, and can keep every room in your house smelling fresh and clean. 

Remove mould and bacteria

Many essential oils contain antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, making them perfect for getting rid of lingering bacteria in the air. If you want to reduce your chances of developing a viral cold this winter, use a room diffuser to mist antibacterial essential oils around your home. 

This is even more important if you live in a house with family or flatmates: germs and bacteria are part and parcel of communal living, but sharing a bathroom doesn’t mean you need to share their coughs and sneezes! The best antibacterial essential oils include eucalyptus and tea tree oil, although these do have quite strong scents. You can always add in a light, citrus oil to balance out the fragrance, without losing out on any germ-killing properties. 

In addition, many essential oils contain antifungal properties, which means that they can even help to get rid of mould in your property. Clove oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil and citrus oil can all help to rid your home of unwanted damp and mould when diffused regularly.  

Which room diffuser is best for me?

At SmellACloud, we have seven different electric aroma diffusers that can help transform your living space and improve your mental wellbeing. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ll have a room diffuser that meets your needs.

Best room diffuser for beginners

For newbies, we’d recommend our Smellacloud® original Close 2 nature 2.0 Diffuser. With a 200ml capacity, this diffuser is easy to use and can be bought in several different colours to match any bedroom or living room aesthetic. 

Best room diffuser for large spaces

If you want to scent a large space, our Serenity Diffusers are slightly more bulky in size and can make for a stunning centrepiece in any living area or bedroom. 

Best room diffuser for a rustic, authentic look

If you love nature and a rustic, wooden aesthetic in your home, our Unity Diffusers in dark wood and light wood make for that perfect amongst-nature aesthetic. Even better, these aroma diffusers come with a water capacity of 400ml, making them perfect for all the aromatherapy pros.

How to use a room diffuser

To get the most benefits from your electric aroma diffuser, we’d recommend the following tips and tricks for optimal use:

Location location location

Where you put your oil diffuser is going to play a large role in how it benefits you. If you want to use your diffuser for its anti-anxiety benefits, it’s a good idea to place it in a living area or bedroom, where you’ll get the most exposure to the aromas. However, if you’re wanting to simply scent your home, you can place a diffuser strategically on windowsills, in offices, or on tables in larger rooms. 

Get the timing right

Most room diffusers will come with variable timer settings; this means that you’ll be able to set up your diffuser to mist oils for varying lengths of time depending on your needs, such as 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or even 8 hours. It’s vital that you get the timing right: if you want to inhale essential oils deeply and experience an almost-instant relaxing effect, it’s better to choose a 1-hour timer setting and place the diffuser near you. If you want to simply scent your home, setting up your diffuser to mist for intermittent intervals for a longer period is best. 

Create custom oil mixes

Rather than simply adding all of your essential oils into your diffuser, it’s best to create custom blends to suit different moods. After all, all essential oils are different, and each of them offer different health and wellbeing benefits. You can create a sleep blend, an anti-stress blend, an antibacterial blend, or even simply a blend of your favourite scents. Once you get used to creating custom blends, you’ll never go back. 

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy having fresh fragrances in your home, room diffusers are effectively an upgraded version of an air freshener, or a digital version of pot pourri. With regular use, you can become a pro and create custom blends for every mood, while also enjoying the soothing, anti-stress, and anti-anxiety properties of essential oils.