The Complete Guide to Valentine's Day Essential Oil Gifts in 2022

The Complete Guide to Valentine's Day Essential Oil Gifts in 2022

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift to give your sweetheart?

About 64% of men give women flowers to show their affection. Following the crowd, year after year can start to smell kind of stale

Step outside of the box and give your love something with a longer-lasting scent. Essential oils smell amazing, plus they carry a number of exciting health benefits.

Read on to learn about the best Valentine's Day essential oil gifts to give this year.

Sexy Oils

Some essential oil ingredients actually fire up your love life by boosting libido. If you'd like to spice things up in the bedroom, give your lover this gift that will drive them wild.

Put a few drops into water and spray your linens to set the mood. Or, make a sexy massage oil using your favourite essential oil mixed into coconut oil so you can really rev things up.

Which oils boost libido?

Ylang Ylang

This herbaceous oil works as a potent libido booster by increasing testosterone levels. For men suffering from low testosterone, this will help put them in the mood and stimulate an erection. For women, this hormone increases energy, mood, and sex drive.


Spice up your evening with the scent of cinnamon oil. Gifting her this sexy essential oil brings warm notes to the air and boosts blood circulation throughout the body with its compound linalool.

This means a heightened sensation for arousal. Your partner may also use this gift to feel a little sexier through their appearance. Add a drop of cinnamon oil to a mixture of cocoa butter and honey to make all-natural lip plumper!


Jasmine oil represents sexual purity. Give it to your lover to tell them that you want them in the most beautiful way.

This oil acts s a phytoestrogen to balance hormones in the body. It also increases the release of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for bonding with another person.

Relaxing Essential Oils

Maybe you hope to make this Valentine's Day less about what you want and more about what they need. Choose from plenty of options for essential oils that offer a soothing effect.

You might even surprise them with an at-home spa using the oil. Place a couple of drops of relaxing oil into a hot tub of water and sprinkle rose petals on top for the ultimate experience!

Valentine's Day essential oils


Activate the parasympathetic nervous system with this delicate scent. By doing so, you trigger the body's rest and digest response.

It naturally slows the breathing and heart rate, bringing you into a complete state of calm. For a fun activity before the bath, you two might even make your own lavender soap together with the essential oil.


The fresh, citrusy scent of lemon oil also works well for a Valentine's Day spa ritual. This aroma effectively calms nerves and decreases stress.

It also boosts feelings of happiness. As an added bonus, its antimicrobial properties will leave them feeling extra clean after the bath.


Looking for a less common and more luxurious scent? Opt for bergamot essential oil.

With hints of floral and lime, it creates a fresh bathtime aroma. This oil also reduces anxiety and boosts mood when inhaled.

Beauty-Boosting Oils

Essential oils not only improve the mood of those who smell them. When used properly, some can also enhance beauty. Though your love cannot possibly look any more beautiful, help them feel radiant!

Never apply essential oils directly to the skin, even when using them for skincare purposes. Using an appropriate carrier oil will help ensure satisfying results.

Which essential oils create a beauty-boosting V-Day gift?

Tea Tree 

Tea tree oil will keep your loved one feeling beautiful during their skincare routine. With a clean scent, it battles microbes and soothes inflammation.

This makes the tea tree a great oil to use when fighting stubborn acne or patches of psoriasis. While you can actually put tea tree directly onto the skin, you may suggest that your partner protects their sensitive skin by mixing it with grapeseed oil to apply after cleansing.


Give eucalyptus oil as another exceptional self-care gift. Eucalyptus soothes the skin from redness and gives it a healthy glow. 

Add it to grapeseed oil to create an effective after wash moisturiser with a clean and delicate scent. Adding a couple of drops to the bathtub also offers effective stress relief with its skincare benefits.

Peppermint Oil

The fresh scent of peppermint cools the skin and increases blood flow to the area of application. This can help your lover enhance the beauty in a number of ways.

As with cinnamon oil, adding a drop of peppermint to honey and coconut oil creates luxurious lip plumper. Mixing peppermint oil into almond oil and adding it to the scalp stimulates hair growth for more luscious locks.

Aroma Diffusers

While you can use your pure essential oils in a number of ways, do not overlook the benefits of an aroma diffuser. These gadgets distribute your favourite essential oils into the air evenly and consistently.

This allows you to fill an entire room with the mood you wish to set. With this gift, they can drop in a single oil, their favourite oil blend, or they can create their own mixture of oils.

You can choose a diffuser that fits your loved one's style and personality. They come in unique shapes and colours.

Tea Options to Consider

Does the person you love enjoy tea? Give them their favourite herbs to sip as they enjoy the aroma of their best oils!

Tea relaxes the body and mind. It also offers health benefits depending on the herbs! Find a cute teacup that speaks to them and fill it with chocolates, so they get a little bit of everything.

They Will Love Valentine's Day Essential Oil

Give the gift of essential oils and everything that goes along with them to show somebody special that you care. They will love getting Valentine's Day essential oil this year! 

We offer high-quality products with the purest ingredients. If you're not sure which oils to choose, give them a gift card to our e-shop!