The Uses of Vanilla Essential Oil: A Complete Guide

The Uses of Vanilla Essential Oil: A Complete Guide

How has vanilla has influenced your life?

Cupcakes, sugar cookies, and vanilla bean ice cream; some of life's sweetest memories involve vanilla. If you need to add a little bit of sweetness to your life, try using vanilla oils. It's one of the most soothing types of essential oils, and it comes with a ton of health benefits.

We've created this short guide to help you have the best experience with your vanilla oils. Let us walk you through the best tips for welcoming vanilla into your life.

How should you be using vanilla essential oil? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Vanilla Essential Oil

What are the top benefits of vanilla essential oil? For one, it's the ultimate mood booster.

Vanilla is a great way to lift your spirits while still helping you stay grounded. You'll feel a sense of peace mixed with hope.

Vanilla is also an excellent deodorizer as well as an antibacterial essential oil.  That's right, this essential oil does a lot more than just smell great. It can help purify your hair, skin, and more.

Vanilla insights

Did you know that vanilla belongs to the orchid family? The vanilla beans are safely tucked away in long ponds, growing on a vine.

It's those seeds that create vanilla extract and vanilla oil. You'll find that vanilla has a welcoming and rich aroma. The top notes are best described as sweet and light.

Using Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils can enhance your life, but only if you use them wisely. When using vanilla oils, there are a few mistakes you'll want to avoid.

For instance, you'll want to avoid running your aroma diffuser all the time. It's excellent to purify your home and make it smell incredible. But you shouldn't breathe essential oils 24/7, you need fresh air too.

Use an aroma diffuser with a timer so that it'll go off at a predetermined time. Usually, an hour is a perfect time to transform your home's aroma. 

Vanilla essential oil

Aroma Diffuser Cleaning Tips

If you plan on defusing your essential oils, do yourself a favour by cleaning the diffuser first. Pour out any remaining water from the last time you've used it.

Using a cotton pad, gently soak up any water left behind in the tank. Find the sensor in the middle of the diffuser tank and wipe it down with the fresh q-tip.

If you're using your diffuser every day, you should be cleaning it at least once a week. The cleaner your diffuser is, the more incredible your essential oil experience will be

Only Choose the Best Essential Oils

You'll also want to avoid buying low-quality oils. When you buy vanilla oil, you need to make sure it's 100% pure essential oil. 

You can use your essential oils for a lot more than diffusing the air in your home. They also make great perfumes, dry shampoos, and moisturizers.  You can also add them to cleaning products.

Topical vs. Aromatic Applications

What do you want your vanilla oil to do for you? Take a moment to envision how you want the healing power of vanilla to make a difference in your life.

Sometimes an aromatic application will do the trick, while other times, a topical application is the best route. It'll all depend on the goal you're working towards accomplishing with the essential oil.

The clearer you can be on your objective, the more direct you can be with your approach. Over time, you'll find the perfect balance of which oils to use, when, and how.

Ease Tension

Are you looking for a holistic experience, one that soothes your mind and body? Then we suggest adding 1-2 drops of vanilla to your stomach, chest, or neck. You could also add a couple of drops to all 3 areas.

Wait a few minutes and notice how the vanilla oil works to ease any tension or anxiety you might be feeling. Combine the oils with a few patient breathing exercises, and you'll feel like a new person.

Blending Vanilla Oils for Diffusers

Creamy, delicious, and perfumed; vanilla's a delight to blend with other oils.

Applying the oils directly to your skin is an excellent example of a topical application. But what if you're looking for something that transforms the atmosphere in your home? In that case, an aromatic application would be the most soothing choice.

There are so many different recipes you can choose from for aromatic blends. Choosing the perfect blend is all about what type of mood you want to set.

Winter Mood Blend

Are you looking for a magical experience? One of our favourite diffuser recipes is winter spice. It'll create an uplifting atmosphere that's also warm and cosy.

Here's the blend you'll need:

Set your diffuser to 1 hour and watches the entire space begins to change. Soon your home will become a winter wonderland.

Passionate Romance Blend

If you want to set the mood for you and your partner, you have to try a romantic friend with vanilla oils. Heat things up with a passionate romance aroma.

Here's the blend you'll need:

The drop of orange is entirely optional. In fact, you can customize any of these blends to meet your heart's desire.

By adding in a little bit of orange, you'll be giving the passionate romance some extra zest. Just be careful to not add in too many orange oils, or it'll overpower the lavender.

Experience Vanilla on a Whole New Level

Are you ready to enjoy the savoury, warm, floral notes that vanilla has to offer? Take a moment to get quiet and envision how you'd like vanilla to play a role in your life.

You can have a small amount of vanilla with you to apply topically as needed throughout the day. You could also diffuse your oils to create an aromatic experience.  Let your heart decide.

Smellacloud is proud to only offer high-quality essential oils with pure, well-sourced ingredients. Take a moment to treat yourself to our vanilla essential oil today!