Top Rated Essential Diffusers To Make Your House Smell Fresh

Top Rated Essential Diffusers

Oil diffusers aren’t just great for aromatherapy purposes: they also make for fantastic, natural air fresheners! If you’re looking to create long-lasting, custom fragrance blends for your home, an oil diffuser is a must-have.

But what are the best essential oils to use to scent your home, and where can you find the best essential diffusers to get the job done? In this article, we’re going to go over the best essential oils you should use to scent your home, how to use an essential oil diffuser, and what scents to avoid if you’re expecting company.

So, let’s get started!

What are essential diffusers?

Put simply, essential diffusers are gadgets that mist and spritz essential oils into the air in your home or business; they’re typically powered by ultrasonic technology, and can run for either 1 hour, 3 hours, or even up to 8 hours at intervals. 

Not only do essential diffusers create pleasant aromatic odours in the home, they’re also known for their various health and wellness benefits, including anxiety-soothing, mood-regulating, sleep-improving, concentration-boosting, and depression-fighting. 

How do essential diffusers work?

Essential oil diffusers work via ultrasonic technology: put in simple terms, you’ll fill up the diffuser tank with a mix of water and some of your favourite essential oils. The diffuser will then use ultrasound vibrations to mist the water and oil mix into the air, creating lovely aromas that can be smelt all around your home.

Best diffuser oils to scent your home

So, what are the best essential oils to use if you’re going to be using them to scent your home? The ideal option is something fresh, sweet, light and not too overpowering. Here are our favourite essential oils for scenting a home:


Used in everything from soaps to hand wash, lavender is one of those universal scents that promotes tranquillity and relaxation. Perfect for use as a home fragrance, you can mix it up with some other essential oils to create a custom blend for your home.


Fresh, light and citrusy, lemon is an ideal home fragrance; it’s not too overpowering, so guests might not even know that you’re using an essential diffuser! Plus, lemon scents can even help rid the air in your home of bacteria - win-win!


Ideal for winter or autumn seasons, cinnamon is a gorgeous home fragrance best used during the colder months. If it feels too monotonous or overwhelming on its own, feel free to mix it with something fresh.


Proven to help concentration, peppermint is a light, fresh fragrance that works perfectly for the daytime. Given its focus-boosting powers, the best time to start diffusing peppermint is when you’re hard at work, either studying or working from home.


Perfect for both winter and summer seasons, sweet orange oil is a gorgeous fragrance to scent your home with. During the winter months, you can create a custom blend with cinnamon to get into the festive spirit. 

Essential oils to avoid for scenting your home

If you’re living with family, friends, or flatmates, there are certain - incredibly powerful and pungent - essential oils that you might want to avoid:

Ylang Ylang

While Ylang Ylang is known for its mood-boosting properties, it has one of the strongest smells of all the essential oils. You might want to limit your use of Ylang Ylang to 1 hour, or during an intensive aromatherapy session. 


Vetiver is an earthy, woody smell that is incredibly strong when diffused in small spaces. You should probably avoid this one if you’re expecting guests; despite its strong properties in calming and mood-balancing, it might have your guests reaching for their face masks.


Patchouli is another scent that you might want to avoid if you’re going to be diffusing essential oils in company. Incredibly strong and slightly woody and oriental, this scent can be overpowering, especially when diffused in small spaces.

Pro Tip: If you really enjoy certain strong essential oils and really want to diffuse them to scent your home, you can always dilute them down with other essential oils, or with lots of water. You’ll just want to be considerate of your family or housemates; if the blend is too strong for them, add fresh scents (like lemon or orange scents) to prevent it from becoming too overpowering.

Top Rated Essential Diffusers: Our Top Picks

Want to find the perfect essential diffuser and create gorgeous, customised oil blends for your home? Look no further than our top picks below: 

Serenity Diffuser Smellacloud original 500ml 

This essential diffuser won’t just make your home smell good, it’ll make it look amazing, too! With models in white, black, and gorgeous emerald green to choose from, you won’t interrupt the aesthetic balance of your home or bedroom with this diffuser – you’ll enhance it!

With a capacity of 500ml, this essential diffuser is perfect for diffusing scents in a larger flat or home; you can choose between three diffusion times: 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. If you’ve got guests coming over, create a light and fresh blend and launch your diffuser for 6 hours and enjoy some quality time with friends. 

Smellacloud® original Close 2 nature 2.0 Diffuser 200 ML 

New to the essential diffuser game? This oil diffuser is perfect for a beginner, with its easy-to-use water tank and the choice between a blue, sage, or wood-coloured exterior. With a capacity of 200ml, this diffuser is also ideal for those using their diffuser to scent their homes. With this model, the essential oil mix will spritz into the air intermittently, around every three minutes. Not only will this prevent the scents from overpowering your home, you’ll also save when it comes to buying replacement essential oils.  

The Bottom Line

When it comes to buying essential oils to fragrance your home, it’s a good idea to opt for light, sweet and fresh scents, especially if you’re living with other people. 

And if your fragrances ever become too strong, all you need to do is dilute your mixture with more water, or add lighter, fresher scents.