5 Ways Air Oil Diffuser Will Help Your Wellness

Air Oil Diffuser

If you’re familiar with aromatherapy, you’ll already know that essential oils come with lots of benefits to your wellbeing, mental health and emotional wellness. Known for their calming, soothing and sleep-aiding properties, many rely on essential oils to aid their mental health and overall wellbeing.

But did you know that using an oil diffuser (rather than applying the oils directly to your skin) can be even more beneficial to your wellness? By inhaling the essential oils, your body absorbs even more benefits and can access the benefits of the essential oils much faster. 

Here are 5 ways an air oil diffuser can help improve your wellness, enhance your mood, and contribute positively to your mental health:

What is an air oil diffuser?

An air oil diffuser is a device used to diffuse the aromas of essential oils; they’re typically quite lightweight and not too cumbersome, so they can be used in your home, business or office. How they work is pretty simple: you’ll add some of your favourite essential oils to the air diffuser, choose a running time, and the device will diffuse the aromas for up to 8 hours.  

Benefits of using an oil diffuser for your wellbeing 

So, why use an air oil diffuser? Here are five ways that inhaling essential oils can better your mood and contribute positively to both your mental and physical health:

Improves sleep quality

We all know how important a good nights’ sleep is for our physical and emotional wellbeing: those who suffer from sleeping disorders typically report higher levels of irritability, stress, anxiety, illness and depression. But with the help of an air diffuser and the right essential oils, you can improve your sleep quality and reap the benefits of a good night’s rest. 

In various studies, outcomes showed that inhaling (aka diffusing) certain essential oils - in particular lavender and chamomile - helped participants suffering from mild sleep disturbances get a better night’s sleep. Not only did the essential oils improve sleep quality, they also helped calm and soothe anxiety before falling asleep. In many cases, sleep disturbances are rooted in anxiety and being unable to “switch off” your brain to rest - this is why essential oils are such a great natural remedy for mild to moderate sleep disorders. 

Soothe anxiety and lifts mood

Another way an air diffuser can enhance your wellbeing is by improving your mood, soothing anxiety, and combating symptoms linked to mild-to-moderate anxiety disorders. Lavender oil in particular has been shown to have many anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, making it a quick and affordable alternative to prescribed medication. 

Essential oils have also been shown to help balance and regulate mood swings; if you experience mood swings or hormonal disruptions (for example, during menstruation) you might find it helpful to inhale essential oils to help regulate any disruptions. 

Fights stress

Many essential oils contain stress-fighting properties and can help reduce the production of cortisol in the body. Stress hormones can cause oxidative damage to the body’s cells, making it not just problematic for your emotional wellbeing but also a negative impact on your skin and complexion. Free radical damage (oxidative stress) can age your skin and make your complexion dull and lacking glow, so it’s a good idea to try to keep stress under control. 

Improves concentration

According to various studies, diffusing essential oils while studying and working can actually improve your productivity, while enhancing your concentration and focus. With so many people now working from home and studying at home, this is the perfect opportunity to do better work, ace those exams, and get your work finished on time. 

Not only is enhanced focus and concentration great for your mental wellbeing, it’s also great for your self esteem; when you perform well at work or at school, you’re more likely to enjoy a positive self-image and feel confident. Increased confidence has been linked to everything from combatting anxiety to enjoying better success in your romantic relationships, so get diffusing those oils while you work and enjoy the full spectrum of benefits!

Improve air quality in your home

The air quality in your home is incredibly important; you might find yourself suffering from hay fever, allergies, and frequent sinus infections if the air in your home isn’t clean. If you want to improve the air in your living space, an air oil diffuser can actually clear the air and provide dehumidifying benefits during hot months. 

Certain essential oils have antibacterial properties that can clear harmful bacteria from the air and purify the air in your home, reducing the possibility of developing colds and catching other contagious diseases. Not only do they help clear bacteria, but oil diffusers can also help to keep your home cool during the warmer months; if your air oil diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser (aka it runs on water) you can keep it running on water alone (without adding essential oils) to dehumidify a humid space. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, incorporating an air diffuser into your home can help contribute positively to your wellness and emotional wellbeing; not only that, but it can actually help you personalise your home according to your own needs. Create custom blends of the essential oils that help you the most, and mist them for up to 8 hours at a time! 


Do air oil diffusers help with depression?

Inhaling essential oils has been proven to help those suffering with depression. Certain essential oils - such as jasmine, bergamot and orange - can help boost and regulate your mood, which can help those dealing with mild depression symptoms. 

Can air oil diffusers cure anxiety?  

While using an air oil diffuser can’t “cure” anxiety, it can certainly help anxiety sufferers better manage their symptoms. If you’re dealing with mild to moderate anxiety, inhaling essential oils can help combat symptoms and contribute to a more balanced emotional wellness. However, severe anxiety disorders will still need a medical opinion; if you have a severe anxiety disorder, you can still use essential oils, but you might need to supplement this with medication or counselling.