Working from Home stressing you out? Try the latest trend of Fragrance Zoning

Working from Home stressing you out? Try the latest trend of Fragrance Zoning


What is fragrance zoning?

It’s the ritual of scenting different rooms in the home, according to the activity or the time of the day. Essential oils can be used to create a mood — focus in the morning, energy in the afternoon and tranquility at night. Clever fragrance misting puts your day in order, helping you maintain a rhythm of productivity, rest and sleep. 

Over time, diffusing essential oils in the home can help us set up powerful scent-experience associations. The smells in a room can nudge our unconscious instincts  — think of soothing, pine-infused spa days, and the comforting smell of lavender on your pillow, for example.

With lots of us working from home — a lifestyle that is set to last — our rooms may now be a mixed-purpose. The living room might as well be an office, a gym and a space for downtime. Meanwhile, you may be home schooling in bedrooms. Using these spaces for multiple purposes, without taking the time to re-focus or switch-off, could lead to idleness or burnout!

That’s where fragrance zoning with your chosen toolkit of essential oils comes in. Creating sensory signals in each room, this fun practice helps you stick to positive routines.

What can essential oils do?

Improve concentration: If you have trouble staying focused, Rosemary will collect your thoughts, while Clary Sage lends positive energy, Cajeput brings decisiveness, and Lemongrass relieves stress. Why not try Morning Daisy and Meditation essential oil blends?    

Clear weariness: If you’re stuck on a problem, Cedar, Pine, Rosemary and Tea Tree will evoke a sense of peace, clarity and inner strength, while Eucalyptus promotes deep breathing. Give Forest Walk and Fresh Breeze essential oils a go!

Raise energy levels: Are you in an afternoon slump? Ginger stimulates play, the imagination and confidence, while Bergamot perks you up. Plus, uplifting citrus scents are beloved by both adults and children! Try Orange, Tangerine or Lemon for a zesty lift.

Relax and soothe: If you’re having trouble nodding off, Lavender is your go-to for sleep and the relief of anxiety. Palmarosa also helps in calming the mind, opening up suppressed emotions and soothing exhaustion. Or to get in touch with your sensual side, try Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang blends such as 1001 Night and Magic Love.

How can I scent my home?

An aroma diffuser is the easiest way to mist your essential oils in practically any room. You can also spritz your decor by mixing a scent spray! Just fill a 227ml spray bottle with distilled water and 30-40 drops of essential oil. Shake well before every use!

Kitchen: The minimalist white Sakura aroma diffuser is a sleek addition to your kitchen. You can also add essential oils to dryer balls, cleaning products and the head of your steam mop!

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Bedroom: The Nimbus 2.0 aroma diffuser comes in soft, muted shades that are perfect in this room. Boost the ambiance by spritzing essential oils on blankets, teddy bears and as fabric freshener. Essential oils mixed in a carrier oil make for decadent massages. 

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Living Room: The Unity aroma diffuser, which comes in wood-grained styles, sits well in this room. Essential oils can also be misted directly throughout the room, on dried or faux flowers, and on your throws and cushions.      

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Bathroom: Essential oils can be spritzed on towels (or even the inside of a loo roll!) for a pleasant burst of scent. Also try adding a few drops to your body lotion or bath water to enhance the experience.

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