5 Monday affirmations when you need a pick me up

5 Monday affirmations when you need a pick me up

Looking for Monday affirmations to get you out of a funk? The start of the week can be daunting, right? (Yeah, just a lil bit!). You’re waving goodbye to the freedom of the weekend and gearing up to confront the days ahead. If you can (unfortunately) relate, it can help to put some positive intentions in place. Because Mondays can also be the day for embracing fresh starts and new beginnings! Need to boost your motivation with some willpower affirmations? How about raising your self-esteem with some self care affirmation? Or maybe you just want a totally kick-ass week? Well, bb, grab a pen! You’ll want to scribble these down…

But wait! What even are positive affirmations?

Let’s give you the lowdown. Simply put, affirmations are phrases you repeat to yourself. Until your brain (the subconscious bit of it) starts to believe them. Saying these out loud can interrupt negative self-talk. If you’ve never tried it before, the idea can seem a little awkward. Telling yourself how awesome you are for the first time will likely feel totally bizarre. We get it. If you’re not a fan of talking out loud, don’t sweat it. You can repeat them in your head or write them down and place them in your pocket.

Do they even work, though?

Hmmm…maybe you’re still wondering if positive affirmations are a load of mumbo-jumbo? Well, think again. We wouldn’t blame you for doubting their superpowers, but the rumours are true! Affirmations are low-key, life-changing. And there’s a load of neuroscience behind them. The research shows they can decrease stress, improve your health and change your mindset. If you want to find out more, we recommend reading up on self-affirmation theory (Steele, 1988). There you have it. The experts have spoken! 

Now we’ve got the basics down, let’s get to the good stuff…

We’ve paired 5 amazing essential oils with our Monday affirmations. Let’s go!

1.Feeling tired?

Sometimes, no matter how early you go to bed, you still wake up feeling tired af. Sound familiar? Even when you manage to get your 8 hours in, your eyes feel heavy as you look back longingly at your bed. Maybe it’s your time of the month? Maybe it’s because the mornings are still dark? Or it could just be those Monday blues kicking in? We all experience tiredness from time to time. But when that alarm goes off, we’ve got to face the day (anyway we can). So, for those of you in desperate need of an energy boost, try this fatigue-fighting one-liner:

“The more energy I require, the more energy my body provides.”

Twin-up this killer affirmation with our 100% Lemon Essential Oil. Lemon has been used for centuries to increase energy, stimulate the mind, and promote alertness. So if you’re feeling sleepy at your desk this morning, pop a few drops into your aroma diffuser. Your tired brain will thank you!

2.Struggling to concentrate?

Yes, there’s an affirmation for that too! We’ve all been there. It’s the day before your deadline. You’re onto your second cup of coffee already. Your laptop has been open for nearly two hours. And yet, your Google doc is still blank, and you’re stuck in some Wiki-hole, figuring out the origins of the royal family (why, tho?) If this happens on the reg, know that it’s actually more than likely you’ve got an A-type personality. Basically, if you are the queen of procrastination, you’re probably also a perfectionist. 

So, the next time you’re feeling particularly distracted, try some willpower affirmations to crush that to-do list. Repeat after me:

“I choose to let go of overthinking, and JUST DO IT!”

Couple this with a few drops of our Concentration blend. A mix of cedar atlas, eucalyptus citriodora and cloves, this fresh scent keeps your mind sharp. The cedar will help you breathe calmly, the eucalyptus promotes clear thinking, and the clove opens your mind up to new ideas. 


Ok, so you've got some big projects coming up, and you need all the courage you can muster? Just last week, you were channelling Lizzo (Ya-ya-ee). No one could get in the way of your outgoing (can’t-touch-this) energy. Yet, today you’re searching for the Beyonce in you. Like, where is she?! She’s in there. She just needs a little encouragement. We’ve got you! Repeat these powerful words:

“I deserve everything I want in life.”

Because you do! Match this self care affirmation with our Ecstasy Blend.  

This baby is loaded with jasmine, bergamot, geranium, palmarosa, vanilla and ylang-ylang. Grab a bottle to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of confidence and euphoria. 

3.Need to block out negative thoughts? 

Many of us get caught up in a loop of negative self-talk. Especially if we are tired or run down. A lot of the time, these thoughts aren’t even an accurate reflection of how we usually think about ourselves. They are fed by our subconscious. Basically, at some point in your life, someone told you (in a roundabout way) that you weren’t good enough, and it stuck. So now, when you have a moment of low energy or self-doubt, more negative thoughts pop up. 

Shut down those intrusive thought-gremlins and repeat the following: 

“I am enough.”

Pair this powerful self care affirmation with our Purify Blend. This simple mix of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Thyme will lower anxious feelings, combat fear and clear a racing mind. Breathe in this fresh and spicy scent to relinquish yourself from the expectations of others and go your own damn way! 

4.Want to start the week on a positive note? 

Not feeling particularly joyful today? You’re not alone. Monday’s suck. If you want to feel happier, the best way is to start with gratitude. Don’t believe us? Check the science. Experiencing gratitude activates feel-good chemicals in your body, like dopamine and serotonin. It makes sense, right? If you keep looking to the future, you’ll miss out on all the wonderful things you’ve already manifested for yourself. Write down the things you're grateful for, and you’ll be surprised at how many things you can list. 

But, just like a muscle, you’ve got to exercise your thankfulness on the reg, so repeat the following:

“I have everything I need to be happy right now.”

We recommend partnering this Monday affirmation up with our Happiness Blend. That’s right, we’ve got an essential oil mix dedicated to you to help you feel good about the day ahead. It’s an intoxicating combination of lavender, tangerine, palmarosa, orange and ylang-ylang. Fresh, floral and fruity, this one fights sadness with citrus and encourages a sense of peace with its rose-like notes.

If you’d like to know more about how essentials can improve your wellbeing, read: Out of Balance: What You Need to Know About Essential Oils for Chakra