How to Make Your Meditation Diffuser Blend

How to Make Your Meditation Diffuser Blend

Undoubtedly, using your essential oils individually is bound to give you one of the best feelings you can ever experience while meditating, but you want to know what's better? Using a mixture of essential oils; this is bound to heighten the efficiency of each oil better. You might just create one of the world's finest scents.

The different types of diffuser blends and how to make them are listed below; you should try them out for starters and experiment as you go! Remember to get a quality diffuser before starting your DIY *wink*

Grounded Meditation Blend

Sandalwood and patchouli for meditation purposes are the basic essential oils that are well-known for having grounding properties. What's more? Adding bergamot essential oil which acts like a sedative that places your mind in a calm state further intensifies the effect of the mix. Concoct this blend by adding four drops, 3drops, and two drops of sandalwood, bergamot, and patchouli essential oil respectively.

Spiritual Meditation Blend

An amazing aromatherapy recipe to try out has to be the spiritual meditation blend. It is popularly known for mixing and combining the best oils known for mediating. The likes of Cedarwood oil elevates you to your higher self-state, and sandalwood helps in mending spiritually and emotionally inflicted wounds. Not forgetting the famous palo santo oil used for promoting a calm and soothing feeling. Make this diffuser blend by adding two drops, three drops, three drops of cedarwood, palo santo, and sandalwood oil, respectively.

Relaxation Meditation Blend

Because of lavender's characteristics in relaxation, it has been added to this mix! This essential oil therapy is known for promoting attentiveness and focus due to the attributes of Neroli oil. Coupled with ylang-ylang oil which calms the heart, this diffuser blend has got to be one of the best for meditation. Mixing these three essential oils for your blend makes it easy to focus while meditating. To achieve this mixture, pour three drops, three drops, and two drops of lavender, Neroli, ylang ylang essential oil in your diffuser.

Cleansing Meditation Blend

Frankincense essential oil calms the mind and body without giving you the sleepy effect, making it suitable for use in the mornings and midday. It is used for treating anxiety and calming one during tensed periods. As for sage, it aids in cleansing your body and mind, while vetiver oil help in keeping you focused on your mindfulness practice. The blend of this essential oil creates one of the most fulfilling experiences of meditating. Add two drops of frankincense, sage, and vetiver oil to create this meditation diffuser blend.

Clarity Diffuser Blend

If you find it tough to maintain focus on your better self or feel you hindered, a blend of cedarwood Virginian and Neroli would be super helpful in creating a spiritual guide to help you re-discover yourself and your purpose. Neroli promotes clarity of the mind by centering your body and mind on your spiritual self. Mix a drop of cedarwood Virginian oil with three drops of your Neroli oil to make the diffuser blend.

Support Meditation Blend

Yet another grounding oil that blends in perfect harmony with the Virginian cedarwood essential oils and sandalwood essential oil. This has got to be the best mixture for a support meditation session. Cop this blend by adding four drops of sandalwood oil, two drops of cistus oil, and four drops of Virginian cedarwood oil.

Positive Energy Meditation Blend

The ability of palo santo essential oil to eliminate unwanted and negative sentiment and thoughts makes it one of the best to be included in this blend. With the inclusion of Virginian cedarwood and juniper berry, aromatherapy would be bliss. To clear every negative energy in your environment and around you with this blend, mix three drops of palo santo oil, three drops of Virginian cedarwood oil and two drops of juniper berry oil.

How to Use Your Diffuser Blend for Meditation

Using your essential oils blend for meditation depends solely on your preference and intention. Your choice of blend and method for use can vary based on your mood or objective for the day. Boiling down to the methods of using your diffuser blend, they include:


This usage method is commonly used amongst both individuals new to meditation and those in on it for ages. With a diffuser, your oil blend is dispersed into the atmosphere evenly, creating an ambient environment for meditating.

Topical Application

Oils can be applied directly to the skin for meditation purposes, but they should be diluted properly first. Place a few drops of essential oil into your carrier oil and rub the diffuser blend on your skin. To get the best out of your meditation experience, it is advised to rub the diffuser blend on the basic pulse areas like your wrist, neck region, inner elbow, and knee region. Using your blend in this method will redirect your mind from any sore and uneasy feeling in your body while enhancing your focus on meditating.

Steam Diffuser

You can diffuse your essential oil blends easily in the comfort of your home through the steaming method. Your oil blend is diffused into the air in the form of a mist, either hot or cold. Adopt this method if you require a long-lasting scent for your environment; it is most ideal for lengthy periods of meditation. However, it is highly advised to abstain from inhaling essential oils for a longer period than intended, especially during sleeping activities.

Homemade Steam Diffuser

This diffuser is easier for meditation of short periods or intervals. It is easily accessible for anyone and doesn't cost a dime. Pour a jug of water into your pot and put it to boil, then add drops of your essential oil blends as it boils.

Candle Diffuser

Candle diffusers are formulated using different materials ranging from ceramics to glass, terracotta, metal, and even soapstone. It comes with a small hollow bowl meant for placing the candles. Once you light up your candle, it warms your diffuser blend and disperses the scent in the surroundings. Candle diffusers are also aesthetically-pleasing for those with require a subtle, classy look.